4 Victorian Accents Which Makes You Go WOW!


During the Victorian era, furniture and interior decoration was famously known for its excess of ornamentation. The era was also celebrated for its presentation and eclectic revival of historical styles, based on copying and reproduction of different styles. These styles were associated with the initiation of the Middle East and Asian influences in furniture and interior decoration.

artend1) Rustic Industrial Feel by Artrend Design Pte Ltd

The living room was the most significant area in a Victorian home and was the main spotlight for the homeowner. A bare room was considered to be of poor taste, so every surface was furnished with objects that reflected the owner‘s pursuits and wealth. In our modern Victorian series, Artrend Design has made less more…

By simply focusing more on the furniture and less on the accessories, Artrend Design have given this modern Victorian living room a facelift.


2. Opulent & Luxurious by Voila

The dining room area was the next most significant room in a Victorian home. The sideboards were mostly the focal point of the dining room and was always ornately decorated. However, Voila has taken the focus from the side ornaments to the main dining furniture. The dining chairs and table are craved to Victorian perfection, and the surplus of light also helps in bringing more focus to the ivory furniture.


3) Monochromic Colour Scheme by I-bridge Design Pte Ltd

The selection of colour on the walls in Victorian homes was said to be based on the usage of the room. Hallways and stairs walls are painted a dusky gray so as not to compete with the surrounding rooms. In the next design from I-bridge Design Pte Ltd, monochrome colours were used to illustrate the how well to play with colours that would normally be dismal on their own. Look at the effect of the brown and gray monochrome highlight.


4) Modern Victorian by New Nyew Design

In the Victorian era, the walls were designed with scored wet plaster. Scoring the walls made it look like blocks of stones. This method is still used today in wall decorations. New Nyew Design has made this last home eclectic in its wall and furniture design. I especially like the grainy design with the gray contrasts on the wall.


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