7 Gorgeous Apartments that put a fascinating twist on ceilings

Walls aren’t the only way to add an interesting touch to an apartment. These projects put a fascinating twist on ceilings you see everyday!
Image Courtesy of Urban Design House
This apartment ceiling uses indirect lighting to give an impression of floating surfaces below the ceiling, making the space under it more intimate.
Image Courtesy of Free Space Intent
This project uses the idea of pop-out space in the ceiling. The circular shape cut out and lit makes the room feel more inclusive. The people who would sit in the space would feel like they are part of a group.
ceiling 3
Image Courtesy of Square Room Interior
This apartment uses directionality in its ceiling by using linear lighting. This causes the space to look more elongated, directing the eye towards the end and making the space seem even longer.
ceiling 4
Image Courtesy of Rezt & Relax
This apartment uses a plain white ceiling with the only elements being the hanging lights. The hanging lights create an interesting composition in the room, making the space feel like it has different zones of mood.
ceiling 5
Image Courtesy of De Exclusive
This apartment usues the bold idea of art on ceiling. The chalky artwork adds interest to the apartment, directing the users eye upwards as well as throughout the space.
 Image Courtesy of The Orange Cube
This apartment uses a combination of different materials and lighting on the ceiling to define the space below it.
ceiling 6
Image Courtesy of Projectfile
The raw finished material of the ceiling gives a simple yet graceful feel to the apartment.

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