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| Address: 307 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427558

| Tel: 64408178

| Website: http://www.aartboxxinterior.com/

Aart Boxx Interior began with the philosophy to provide home renovation solutions & interior design ideas to make boring shoe Boxx houses Aartistic. That is how the company name is derived.

The outfit offers interior design and 3D drafting services. Our interior design projects range from HDB, Condominium, Landed Houses to Commercial Space. Always believing in interior design out of lifestyle; simplicity and functionality are the key words to our company vision.

“Transforming a box into your dream art is never too difficult.”

Aart Boxx Interior offers high standards of excellence in its creative and unique interior design services, and boasts a highly skilled and professional project team of interior designers who transforms the designs into reality at an affordable cost.

27 Responses

  1. We, Petra Hommer, Rainer Riegel are the ART BOX of Germany and creating unique furniture design and paintings in a furniture store Möbelland Neuberg. We like your style, compliment!

  2. I have spoken to a few IDs and Ivan was the only one who truly understood the concepts that we wanted and could picture our ideas. We like scandinavian designs and he was very nice and patient to give us constructive suggestions. We really appreciate that he understand our wants and need. Our feature walls was done up really well and 99% of our relative and friends who came over for house warming told us they love the walls too. After the renovations, the laminate came off our cabinets and he quickly got the contractors to fix the issues. He was very prompt when it came to the handover period. I have recommended Aart Boxx to friends and will continue to do so

  3. I engaged Ivan to renovate my place after meeting about 3 interior designer firms. He was the only one who listened to our wants and needs unlike the other IDs were pushing us on what they would like to do. The price was very reasonable too. I have no issue on the after sales service as everything was done near to perfection. I recommended Aart Boxx to another friend and it was done up very well too!

  4. I engaged Ivan after meeting about 2 to 3 IDs as he was very nice and responsible. He was very prompt and responsive throughout the renovation process. He was really very helpful when I decided to do up my TV console while I was travelling overseas. Not only that he has to rush, he has to help me with the selection of materials. I have recommended Ivan to some of my friends but not too sure if they have engaged his services.

  5. We found out about Aart Boxx through Facebook and selected Ivan for his friendly attitude. We suggested some designs we liked and Ivan also suggested some on his own. He was efficient and cooperative throughout the entire renovation process and even after the renovation was over he followed up with us. Overall we are satisfied with our ID and the way our house has turned out.

  6. We were recommended to Ivan by a friend and when we met him for the first time we realized he was a friend from poly! Ivan’s honesty and cooperativeness appealed to us throughout the renovation process. We liked that Ivan was helpful by telling us what to do and what not to do especially since we are first time home owners. We have recommended him to many of our friends who have already started projects with him.

  7. We shortlisted a few IDs and decided to engage with Ivan as we felt comfortable with him. Ivan’s cost structure planning and concept matched what we were looking for which helped throughout our renovation process. His follow up action was satisfactory as well and we have recommended Ivan to several of our friends.

  8. I saw Aartboxx’s posts on Facebook, liked their design and hence decided to give them a try. Our IDs James and Ivan were creative, resourceful, had a lot of their own ideas, paid attention to detail and gave a lot of useful suggestions throughout the entire renovation process. I really loved the library book shelf they did for us which came with a ladder and they also managed to do a cove lighting in the master bedroom. We found them affordable as well and they stuck to our budget.

  9. I found Aartboxx through my research online. I had specific designs in mind and after seeing the profiles on their website I felt Aartboxx matched what I was looking for. Our ID, Ivan, was engaging and friendly and gave us a lot of advice throughout the process. He was on par with what we were looking for and this 2 way communication made our renovation journey smoother.

  10. When we sat down for a chat with the ID and the ideas just kept flowing, the feeling that we got from Aart Boxx was positive. We felt like we could just share our ideas with Ivan and he would understand where we were coming from. He also contributed new ideas which we liked, and it felt like we clicked and had good chemistry. Ivan respected our budget and tried to work within it. I like the fact that he is easygoing. We have the kind of relationship where we can joke around with each other. He is open to ideas, responsive, and pays attention to details. He is also patient because sometimes we have difficulty expressing what we want, or can’t even pinpoint what is lacking, so he helped us with that.

  11. Aart Boxx was one of the interior designers which were recommended by Qanvast when we sent in a Quote Request through the platform. Out of all the IDs, my girlfriend and I are most comfortable around Katherine, the designer from Aart Boxx, because she was able to capture our ideas. When we shared our ideas with Catherine, she would tell us whether the ideas would be suitable for our home or not. We made quite a number of changes along the way but Katherine has been very accommodative towards our requests for such changes. She was also quick to rectify any defects.

  12. We are most impressed by how Katherine is always available and responsive to us. She was prompt in coming back to us with the design proposal, responsive to our queries, and was also quick to resolve minor issues that occurred during the renovation. Our discussion with her went both ways where we would share our ideas and Katherine would proactively share her point of view with us as well.

  13. It has been a wonderful experience having Aart Boxx as our interior designer! We’re very happy with Katherine’s service because she would take our ideas into consideration rather than enforcing her own ideas on us. If there were any issues, Katherine would convey the information to us promptly or even fix things on our behalf, which we are very appreciative of. Ivan, the company’s director, has also made trips down to our place just to give us more inputs on what we can do for our home. Aart Boxx’s service is awesome and the whole journey has been very pleasant. The renovation have exceeded our expectations and we will highly recommend Aart Boxx to others!

  14. I chanced upon Aart Boxx’s portfolio on Qanvast and was attracted to some of their designs. We talked to several other interior design companies too but it was mainly the chemistry we had with Joanne from Aart Boxx that made us engage them. The renovation went pretty smoothly and Joanne was quick to take action after we highlighted any issues to her.

  15. We found out about Aart Boxx through Qanvast. Our Interior Designer is Pauline Yeong and she is a joy to deal with right from the start. As we are based in Hong Kong, we were not able to meet up with any IDs in person until some months down the road, just prior to keys collection. Pauline was very prompt in her emails right from the start. Her diligence also provided us the assurance that we can have someone to count and rely on. Given our limited time in Singapore, Pauline helped to make the whole design project easier by short-listing many items on our behalf (e.g. tiles, colour of blinds, paint, etc). On hindsight, looking at the beautiful home that she created for us, there is no doubt that she captured our ideas entirely. Dream home? Definitely. Undeniably, there were slight hiccups along the way, but I must say these were sorted out by Pauline very quickly. We were thoroughly impressed by her quality checks, taking the initiative to handle many aspects that, to us, were clearly beyond the role and expectations of an interior designer. I must say, we felt really lucky to pick Pauline as our ID – very professional and definitely a talent in this field. Thanks, Pauline, for giving us that peace of mind in this renovation journey.

  16. We chanced upon Aart Boxx’s showroom since it’s located near our place and we immediately took a liking towards their designs after seeing the walls and materials that they use in their showroom. It was nice talking with Catherine, because she was honest in giving us her feedback. We told her the look that we wanted to achieve, and she would share his us her two cents on whether the ideas would be practical in the long run. Catherine was also upfront in giving us an option to do a cement screed with HDB, rather than having to pay more for them to do it. Our budget constraint was also taken into account as Catherine allowed us to engage our own subcontractors that we had.

  17. Bill was kind and helpful throughout the renovation. He has fresh ideas and his style matched what we were looking for. The 3D rendering was provided concurrently with the actual renovation itself, so it would be better if we could’ve gotten it sooner so that it can help us better visualize the designs prior to the renovation. Aart Boxx’s service is great and pricing is reasonable too. However, they are rather slow in getting back to us after the renovation as they are still some things pending from them.

  18. Bill is a good listener, is patient and puts his best foot forward in his work. There is nothing that we can fault them on their workmanship because their carpentry works are excellent. There have been several hiccups along the process so we’re still in the midst of sorting some things out. That aside, everything was pretty good and I would recommend Aart Boxx to other people.

  19. We approached Aart Boxx Interior through Qanvast after coming across some of their designs on the app. My husband and I were clear on the things that we wanted to do for our home so we more or less needed an interior designer who could execute things well according to our requests. We’re happy with how patient Ivan of Aart Boxx is, and he could keep up with all our requests and changes. Ivan managed to deliver what we wanted, and we will definitely recommend Aart Boxx to others as well.

  20. I went through Qanvast to look for interior designers and I contacted Aart Boxx directly after seeing some of their designs. It was a pretty good experience with Ivan and what’s most important is that I had a two-way communication with Ivan, which I think many interior designers lack of.

  21. The experience with Aart Boxx has been nice and pleasant. Ivan, really took our feedback into consideration and he was helpful throughout the entire journey. He understood our concept of wanting a lot of woody and rustic elements and he really tried to give us what we wanted. The outcome turned out very nice and we love the end result! Ivan gave us a few contacts for subcontractors too and they have been helpful as well.

  22. When we first started out our search for interior designers, the industrial theme was very popular so we did some searches through the Qanvast app and shortlisted a few portfolios that we liked. Aart Boxx Interior was among the 5 different ID firms which we were comparing, but Aart Boxx was the best in terms of achieving a balance between nice designs and reasonable costing. We enjoyed our discussion with the designer, Ivan, and we have good chemistry with him. It was an enjoyable experience as Ivan worked alongside us to create a space we have always wanted. We gave Ivan a pretty tight timeline to follow because we wanted the house to be done before our wedding, and Ivan was able to handover pretty much on time.

  23. It has been a good working experience with Ivan throughout the project. We had a lot of inputs as to how we wanted to design our space and Ivan was open to all our suggestions, and ultimately, helped us realize our dreams. We wanted to include a couple of unique carpentry points, and Ivan managed to pull them off entirely. Everything was done up to our expectations! Aart Boxx’s workmanship is outstanding and all issues were resolved in due time.

  24. It was through word-of-mouth that we got to know about Aart Boxx. As we do not specialize in interior design ourselves, we needed a strong designer who could give us their inputs and help us shape our ideas. Some of the ID firms simply agreed to what we shared, but Ivan on the other hand, was proactive in giving us more ideas on top of what we have shared. Ivan was attentive to our requests, and his response timing is very quick too. We were in quite a rush to move in but Ivan managed to finish the works on time. The timeline did overstretch a little beyond the deadline but that was alright as long as all the things are done nicely.

  25. Ivan is a very nice and accommodating designer. He has a good taste in design and had given me a lot of good advices along the way. I’m really satisfied with how good their workmanship is. Some of the things turned out wrong but Ivan recognized the mistakes and rectified them after I’ve pointed out the issues to him. I made several changes along the renovation, so it did take a bit longer for the renovation to be completed. My friends have been leaving compliments for my home and I’ve actually recommended Aart Boxx to them as well.

  26. I liked Aart Boxx’s portfolio when I was searching for design ideas on Qanvast and went to contact them directly. We felt comfortable talking to the interior designers from Aart Boxx, Katherine and Ivan. When we approached them, we had fragments of ideas of how we wanted our home to look like and it’s amazing how Katherine and Ivan managed to refine our ideas, and the end result turns out to exactly how we wanted it to be! Both of them accommodated to our requests and if there were ideas which are not practical, they would suggest alternatives on how we can achieve a similar look in a different way.

  27. We were comparing ID works on Qanvast that work within our budget and to our preferred house theme, and found Aartboxx receiving many positive feedback on their works. The IDs, Ivan and Joanne, were very open to listen to our preferences and work within our budget. They are also very accommodating to our schedules to have pre-reno discussion in late evenings. Aart Boxx is a very young but hardworking team as they worked closely with us to put our ideas into reality. Our renovation was conducted during the year-end peak so it has been quite challenging to coordinate works with the contractors. Having to coordinate so many sub-contractors, it’d have been better if Aart Boxx provided a more detailed project timeline specifying the activities to be due completed by each contractor during the given period. That’d help the owners to rectify the progress of the contractors, and improve communication if there is going to be an expected delay. Nevertheless, the renovation was completed on time so we are pleased with it.

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