Beaux Monde

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| Address: 63 Ubi Road 1, #01-52 Oxley Bizhub1, 408728

| Tel: 63465700

| Website:

We are Beaux Monde

Beaux Monde is a Professional interior design Company flanked by a team of creative, imaginative and artistic interior designers. They are all trained to develop and home renovation solutions that are practical, functional, attractive and most importantly, meet the needs and lifestyle of every home owner and business proprietor using the space.Our expertise includes space planning, interior/exterior designing, building addition/alteration and reconstruction.


Beaux Monde believes in communicating our interior design vision to you in a clear, dynamic and creative way so as to maintain the highest level of integrity when carrying out every phase of our design project. Our philosophy is to create uniquely appropriate interior design concepts that respond to the individuality and necessity of each home owner and client’s business. Without imposition of a pre-defined style, the singular personality of each project emerges through a process of discovery, listening, encouraging and guiding. We believe the essence of a good interior design incorporates sustainable and inclusive initiatives to ensure uniquely innovative, healthy and safe environments.

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