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| Address: No. 157 #02-00, Jalan Besar Singapore 208874

| Tel: 6298 0827 / 6298 0863

| Website:

Chapter One is an interior design firm based in Singapore. Founded by John Lau, his approach to interior design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry and differentiation. He is constantly seeking to find innovative interior design solution arising out of the constraints from negotiating clients’ home renovation needs.

16 Responses

  1. Dear John,

    Thank you so much for the great follow-up even after one year from the completion of my house renovation!

    Val and I really did not expect such great after sales service. You have really been the most helpful.

    We sincerely believe that we are very lucky to be able to engage you as our id. We really appreciate the advice that you have provided. You were experienced enough to inform us on the costs that will be involved in a renovation and even broke down all the costs for us to understand. We had our own ideas on how we want our house to be designed but you were able to advise us on the practicality of some of the ideas. As compared to the other Id that we went to, we found that our communication with you is 2-way and very effective. Most id just took our requirements and present it to us without giving us much feedback. We can see that you really put effort and pride in your work by preparing 2 designs for us to consider.

    We truly enjoy going home everyday and a lot of good feedback has been received by us on our home decor.

    Val and I would like to wish you and your wife all the best! Let’s stay in touch! Thanks again!!

    Val & Eric

  2. Had a very pleasant experience with chapter one interior design William kwan! Really thanks alot for the hard work!

  3. We have met up with a few IDs but felt that I could connect with Jonathan better than the rest. I wanted industrial style and Jonathan was really passionate in doing up that style. Initially we were leaning towards someone else but I decided to go with Jonathan instead. Jonathan is very easy to work with and delivers whatever he promises. I heard horror stories on renovation here and there and I hounded Jonathan quite a bit on my worries. Luckily, he managed to put up with it. We have recommended Chapter One to some of our friends.

  4. John is a friendly and easy person to talk with. He was upfront in telling us the budget that we should consider for our renovation needs, and he was also not pushy and will not merely try to inject his ideas on us. It was a two-way interaction between us and John where we would give him some ideas and he would advice us on the practicality of them. We actually went to talk to several other interior designers but John is definitely one of the more experienced person out of all we’ve encountered. When we told the other interior designers our brief, most of them gave us very typical ideas but John came up with not just one, but two proposals for us to choose from. We were impressed with one of his proposals which we thought was a fresh, new idea. The designs turn out great and my wife and I really like the dry kitchen area. Since I like to draw and design, I have had fun decorating the blackboard that we have at the dry kitchen during occasions like Christmas and for our baby shower. We have been living here for a year now and we have to say that it has been an enjoyable process working with John.

  5. I went through Renopedia to look for interior designers and started contacting a few companies whose designs appeal to me. One of them was Chapter One and the reason why I selected them out of all the interior designers was because I had good chemistry talking with John, and he seems very knowledgeable. We certainly like his designs and it’s also great that he will look after our budget. We went down to their showroom and we felt that what they are capable of doing in terms of design is close to what we had in mind. When it comes to the 3D drawings, John was also very prompt in getting back to us with it. He gave a lot of input as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do when we were discussing our ideas.

  6. It was a smooth renovation with Chapter One and I’m generally happy with their services. I first got to know them through a friend’s recommendation because I saw some pictures of my friend’s renovation that she had put up on Facebook. Besides Chapter One, I actually went to meet up with two other interior designers but I felt that Chapter One would suit us most based on our criterias. It was mainly the chemistry between us and John that we decided to work with them. John knew how to ask the right questions so we felt that he is very experienced. Our place is an old unit with an odd layout so it was challenging to find the right designs. John takes pride in his works and we like some unique ideas which he had proposed, which worked well for our home. For any issues that we faced during the renovation, John would find solutions to them.

  7. My wife and I mostly told Fadhil the designs that we like and he could come up with the concept for us. We told Fadhil that we like modern style and after seeing how unique his designs are from what he had proposed to us, we saw the potential in him. Fadhil is an easy person to work with and even after the renovation, he would come by promptly to do touch ups to the small defects which we have discovered. There was a delay in our renovation, but that was not their fault because our renovation was conducted during the festive season. Anyway, they have done a great job for our renovation and I have since recommended Chapter One to some of my friends.

  8. Din

    In the beginning, we actually wanted to engage a contractor for our renovation. Our friend then recommended Chapter One to us so we thought why not give it a try so we talked to them. After seeing Chapter One’s designs, we were convinced with what they can do for us so we decided to sign with them. When we talked to Fadhil, we felt comfortable around him and we felt that he is someone whom we can trust. Fadhil gave us a lot of unique designs and even though we had to pay more as compared to engaging a contractor, we felt that it’s money well-spent.

  9. My wife and I wanted to mash of industrial and scandinavian style but we could not really nail down the exact genre that we wanted. So when we showed John some of the designs that we like, he managed to come up with a design which suited our liking so we were really quite pleased with it. John has a great design sense and he also paid close attention to what we wanted. He came up with the concept which is not too conventional, whereby instead of using a sofa at home, he built a platform for us and proposed some furnitures on top of it for us to sit on. Initially, we might not have communicated clearly on the timeline but after ironing out to them that we had quite a tight timeline to follow, they picked up the pace and managed to deliver everything on time! He has also given us some useful contacts on where we can source for lightings and other things.

  10. KC

    We have recently just moved in to our new place which was renovated by Chapter One. We started our renovation discussion without any concrete ideas in mind, so we told them to propose some ideas to us. The ideas were pretty good. The experience with them was not bad and John, our interior designer, is always responsive to our messages and queries. The price was also reasonable. There has been some hiccups along the way, but it was not a big issue. For example, the painting or the skirting of the doors were not done properly but John would be very prompt to send his men to fix them, which is something we appreciated.

  11. Fadhil is my secondary schoolmate and I was actually surprised at how capable he is in interior designing! When we went to Chapter One’s showroom for the first time, we were impressed with how nice his previous projects were. Since he was a friend, it was definitely easy to talk to and work with him. It was good working with Fadhil because we see eye-to-eye on things and when we told him some of our ideas, he would give us valuable inputs as to what we should do and what we should not do. For our renovation, we were in a bit of a rush but they managed to deliver everything on time, all within a month’s time. I have also recommended Chapter One to my other friends, not just because Fadhil is a friend of mine, but because they had done a good job at doing up our place.

  12. I have a friend who previously engaged Chapter One for their services so he was the one who told me about them. After looking through some of Chapter One’s designs on their website, we scheduled a meetup with them and went down to their showroom for a discussion. John is a nice person and what he could propose to us suited our needs. Most of the idea generation came from John and he came up with the overall outlook for our place. His project management was also good where he worked well with all his staffs in coordinating the renovation works. The renovation was completed within a month and it impressed me how efficiently they got started on the works right after we have confirmed all the details.

  13. I saw Chapter One’s portfolio on Renopedia and since I like some of their past projects, I decided to talk to them. Jonathan’s service was very good and he gave me some nice design ideas that I like. The best part about Chapter One is that they would constantly give me updates along the renovation, so that I’m aware of what was happening. There were some things they’ve done initially which I wasn’t satisfied with, but Jonathan was quick to make the amendments so I’m really quite happy with their services.

  14. Since it was our first time doing a renovation, we were at a lost on how to find the right interior designer. We spoke to a few IDs but what they proposed to us were very standard and ordinary. My cousin then suggested us to check out Chapter One, because she has previously done her renovation with them. Seeing their past projects, the designs are nice and it’s not something that is too conventional. On top of the designs, their service is also very good. We were expecting to finish within one and a half month but due to some changes, I had to rush them and they finished everything within a month! I highly recommend Chapter One to other people who are looking into renovating their places soon.

  15. My friends who have engaged Chapter One’s for their services previously told me that their services are good and their pricing are reasonable. Indeed, they are very good and Fadhil was patient in explaining the things to me since I can be quite an indecisive person. When I told Fadhil and his assistant, Abdillah, the things that we wanted to do, they would advice us carefully as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Even though Sundays are their off day, they accommodated to my request to meet them on one of the Sundays to discuss some of our renovation needs. Rather than setting a barrier between us, Fadhil would use layman terms which are easier for us to understand, and it makes it easier for us to relate to, so it felt more like talking to a friend rather than just someone whom we’re working with.

  16. Comparing Chapter One with other interior designers, what Chapter One could offer us was the best of the lot and we had confidence in them that they could do a good job. Jonathan and his team work very efficiently and they are definitely reliable and trustworthy. Since my wife and I are usually busy travelling or at work, we didn’t have time to check on the renovation but we could entrust the job to Jonathan and everything went smoothly. We can see that Jonathan is very committed to his work. Their prices are also alright as Jonathan would try to accommodate to our tight budget. It had exceeded our budget a little but it is still manageable. We are very happy with how Jonathan solved all the hiccups that arose during the renovation, and ensured that the work will be rectified and is done properly. My sister-in-law is also planning to renovate her place soon, and I am planning to recommend Chapter One to her as well.

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