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| Address: 371 Jalan Besar , #03-01, Singapore 208998 & 305 Changi Road Singapore 419783

| Tel: 6810 0262 (Jalan Bersar) 6742 0128 (Changi Road) 9389 0002 (Hotline)

| Website: http://dbstudio.com.sg/

A Construct of Trust.

Long before DB studio came into creation, we fueled our passion by crafting designs and building homes and offices for friends and relatives. In 2014, after five years of well-pleased patronage, our company came into fruition. Now, we live and breathe to construct interior design to suit every detail to our customer’s needs. We thrive on turning dreams into reality.



Trust is paramount, and is the basic foundation for our designs & buildings, which we apply through to all our relationships. We develop relationships for life by delivering excellence in all our endeavors.


With us, you are not a product of your environment. We ensure your environment will be product of you. Your inspiration, your imagination, melded into reality. With us, your dreams, and aspirations will be fortified in the places you live, work and play.


To be the trail markers, setting the standard and leading the way in our industry.  

6 Responses

  1. We visited a few interior designers but we particularly liked DB Studio. We worked together by letting our ID know what we wanted and they created the designs based on this. We appreciated that they listened to our feedback and understood what we were looking for such as storage. Their follow up follow action up is satisfactory and we can reach them as and when we face any issues. We have recommended our ID to some of our friends who are in the preliminary stage of working with them.

  2. DB Studio was recommended to us by some friends. Overall we found their work good and we let them handle majority of the renovation. They was accommodating to our ideas and came up with some ideas for us as well. In particular we really liked the feature wall they did for us. Their after sales service was also satisfactory as we would come down to check up on any issues we faced. One area for improvement is for our ID to perhaps come up with more designs.

  3. Like most people looking to renovate their house, we shortlisted a few IDs initially. We found DB Studio, responsible, meticulous and creative and hence decided to engage them. They were quick to understand to what we wanted and we appreciated their eye for detail. We suggested some ideas we wanted, however there were some things we had no clue about and they were quick to provide recommendations. One thing in particular we liked was our master toilet which was done up in a hotel style. Follow up action from them were good as well and they efficiently responded to any of our queries and checked if everything was in order so we didn’t face any issues. Overall we had a satisfactory renovation process and have even recommended DB Studio to friends.

  4. After a friend’s recommendation, we decided to engage DB Studio. Generally the renovation process was smooth. As we were renovating a clinic, we had specific requirements and felt that they were able to meet them. For example the door needed to be of a certain size and our ID managed to get this done. Our ID also provided a lot of designs and helped in the selection of colours and wallpaper making the entire process more efficient. The after sales service was pleasant as well. For instance, We required some alteration after the renovation was completed and our ID came down on a weekend to rectify the issue. On the whole we were satisfied with the service and even engaged DB Studio for another renovation project.

  5. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Jason. He puts his best foot forward in making sure that the renovation is up to our expectations. Jason took the time to find out what we like before designing our home. He tried his best to accommodate to our needs, with an end goal of making us satisfied. Jason has been very helpful along the way to help shape our ideas by giving us a lot of professional advices. He would constantly throw in suggestions on how we can improvise on the designs.

  6. Having stayed in Norway for 6 months, I know what I want for the style and design of my house. After meeting with DB Studio, Jason and Joel were able to both understand and come up with a design that matches what I have in mind. Communicating with them is never a problem as we felt that both of us had chemistry. This enabled us to share ideas and solutions openly whenever we faced any issues. It is also great that they are very creative and are more than willing to help me create a kitchen that is the envy of many!

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