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| Address: 31A Mosque Street Singapore 059509

| Tel: +65 6221 5578

| Website: http://edgeid.com.sg

Edge Interior Pte Ltd provides one stop exquisite design and build services in Singapore. Established with passion and commitment to develop exhilarating interior design, we also differentiate ourselves with a focus on detailing works.

Together with years of experience, we implement our technical knowledge and keeping up with the latest home renovation materials into making interior designs that meet the demands of the individual clients. Our team will ensure coordination is in line together with timely delivery with the best quality. We take pride of our after sale services which provides owner a peace of mind.

It is always a pleasant surprise, a revelation and a wonderment at the new creation, which can only be captured from Edge Interior Pte Ltd.

14 Responses

  1. Great team with great design, creative concept for the house

  2. I used a platform to send a request for quote for interior designers. I don’t remember what avenue I used but Edge Interior got back to me with a quote that met my budget. I liked their designs as well and hence decided to engage them. I told my ID, Sharon, what I wanted and she understood the look I was going for. We were both on the same wavelength in terms of ideas, which was essential. I was relatively busy during the renovation period and hence trusted Sharon to handle majority of the renovation. She would regularly update me on the progress and advise me on what she thought would and would not be good for the house. In particular I really liked the cement wall that was done which has a beautiful finish. Follow up service has been satisfactory however I have not faced any issues yet and hence have not required any touch up. I would definitely recommend my ID to homeowners.

  3. Our neighbour had engaged Edge Interior for their renovations and that is how we were introduced to them. We chatted and they were prompt in their response and arranged a meeting to fit our schedule. Within 2 weeks of the first meeting, the IDs, Alvin and Sharon, were able to provide 3D designs based on the rough ideas we provided them with. Additionally they provided suggestions on what we can do for our house as well. Overall we are satisfied with the renovation and found everything was done relatively fast. In particular we like this folding door that allows our living room area to be partitioned. The quality of the carpentry work was good but we required some touch-ups. Even after the renovation, Sharon and Alvin were prompt to follow up with us and able to arrange a time to rectify the issues we faced. For example initially we did not realise the SCV console would be so enclosed in the cabinet. Hence they were able to cut a hole on the side such that the wires would not be so obvious.

  4. I came across Edge Interior’s profile through Qanvast. Initially I had shortlisted a few interior designers but I think there was that chemistry between Edge and I, hence I decided to engage them. Overall the renovation went quite well with cost being good as well. My interior designer, Sharon, listened to what I wanted and was responsive. For ideas, it was a 2-way partnership such that I told her what I had in mind and she suggested ideas. I felt her ideas were very creative and suited my house well. After the renovation, Sharon followed up and was responsive in rectifying minor issues that I faced such as misaligned cabinets. One room for improvement I feel is the project management. In the initial phase of the renovation I had to occasionally chase for some things, however eventually the pace picked up.

  5. I spoke to my neighbour and they recommended Edge Interior to me. What I liked about the interior designers, Sharon and Alvin, was their ideas and also they were not too pushy. I gave them a brief overview on what I was looking for and they were able to suggest designs accordingly. There were 2 specific things they did for my house which I really liked. Firstly they managed to do a tall mirror, flushed all the way to the ceiling, which helped enlarge my space in the living and dining room. Secondly, they installed a door in the corridor such that we could partition the area when turning on the aircon. I felt that the follow-up was average. My ID was not as enthusiastic as when we started off renovation and her replies took slightly longer than usual. However she did manage to touch-ups for me where required. I have actually already recommended Edge Interior to one of my secondary school friends.

  6. My wife’s friend had previously engaged Edge Interior for their renovation. We were attracted to the photos of the end result of their place so we went ahead to meet up with Edge Interior to discuss our renovation as well. We had good chemistry with Sharon and she was the only designer whom we have met who provided us a brief 3D drawing even prior to us engaging them. Sharon has been extremely helpful throughout the renovation because we got some of our furniture from other parties as well. For instance, we wanted to install a wallpaper from another company but Sharon was accommodative and helped us to coordinate everything since we couldn’t be on site all the time. For any touch ups, we can just let Sharon know and she would fix them for us. On their part, the renovation works are pretty much completed now but they’re willing to help us with the furniture as well as we are still waiting for some items to be shipped from an e-commerce site.

  7. My husband and I just came back from Greece and we were drawn towards to whole concept of incorporating Greek elements into our home. We talked to quite a number of interior designers but none of them could really deliver the theme that we wanted well. My husband and I went to a Greek restaurant along Bukit Timah Road and the restaurant manager suggested us to give Edge Interior a call to speak to them about our renovation preferences. So we met up with Alvin from Edge Interior and he was open to the concept and expressed enthusiasm in executing the Greek theme for us! Alvin took a lot of initiative and provided us some design ideas which we really liked. There wasn’t a need to keep checking with Alvin because he was always on time and would come down to our place most of the time. Alvin is a very responsible person and we could hand most things to him because we believed that we can trust him to make wise decisions for our renovation.

  8. Ram

    When I was looking for interior designers, my colleague told me to check out Qanvast and I was actually very impressed with what I saw on Qanvast. There were a lot of design ideas and the app and site were user-friendly where I could just submit a Quote Request and they will help connect me with some interior designers. Out of all the IDs that were recommended to me, two of them were very responsive in following up with me, with one of them being Edge Interior. Both of the interior designers are good in the rustic Scandinavian designs which I like, but I ended up selecting Edge Interior because they were quicker and could give me ideas which I thought were more creative. Edge Interior definitely gave me the best bang for my buck. They were creative in what they had to offer whilst accommodating to my budget. Speed is important so I liked how quick Alex reverted back to me whenever we made some changes to the renovation plan. It was also great how seamlessly Alex worked with his contractors. We are about to complete our renovation soon and it has been a great experience working with Edge Interior so far.

  9. Edge Interior came as a recommendation from Qanvast. I decided to go with them as I could sense Alvin’s enthusiasm in handling my project, and also his design suggestions were good despite that the quote was slightly higher than the rest I’ve met. Alvin proposed a few good design suggestions and he was accommodative to my requests. He’s also a flexible person and isn’t calculative. There were some slight delays to the renovation which I felt could be avoided if things were handled properly on his end. But overall, everything was still smooth.

  10. I was really comfortable talking to them as compared to the other firms. As I didn’t want to meet up with so many designers and end up being more confused, I went with Edge Interior as they could also meet my budget. I have to fly abroad often, and my designer, Sharon, accommodated to my schedule by arranging for a meetup late at night at my place to discuss on the proposal. She also provided regular updates on what is going on, and even recommended that I approached her suppliers directly so that I can skip her commission. Sharon was also quite enthusiastic in designing my house. She did it the way I wanted – a design that is soothing and pleasing to the eyes. I will definitely recommend her to my BTO community.

  11. It was through Qanvast that we got linked up with Edge Interior. Their portfolio was exactly what we were looking for, something along the modern contemporary style. They were able to adopt our ideas into their proposal. We did encounter some bumps along the way but the designer who handled our project was very proactive and receptive to using our ideas, and ultimately coming out with a design concept that suited us perfectly. We were really impressed on how he was able to modify his designs to our frequent requests for changes without jeopardizing the practical and aesthetic aspects of the house. Their design is really unique and yet practical.

  12. It was through Qanvast’s recommendation that we were matched with Edge Interior. In total, we met up with 4 interior design firms but we eventually decided on Edge Interior because the interior designer is very experienced and sincere! He could incorporate all our ideas and we were impressed by how he was able to sketch out a 3-dimensional drawing on the spot during our discussions. In terms of the quotation, it was priced very reasonably. The designer was on site daily to supervise the works of his contractors so I didn’t have to worry about anything. The workmanship was really good despite the tight timeline that I had for them. They did the impossible to handover the place to me within a short 4 weeks as I was in a rush to move in after selling off my old place. Overall, the renovation was a fast, smooth and worry-free experience so I will definitely engage them again for our upcoming renovation and recommend them to my friends and family.

  13. Alex from Edge Interior definitely went above and beyond in our renovation! It was such an ease to work with him as I was travelling frequently and my wife is busy taking care of our 2 children. He gave feedback on every single area of our renovation and suggested ways to maximize space. He even replied promptly to us over the public holidays or weekends and that really set our mind at ease. We are so happy that it is such a stress free renovation for our entire family.

  14. In terms of service and quality, we felt Edge Interior was the best choice out of the firms that we have shortlisted. It has proven to be a great choice because firstly Sharon knew what we wanted for our home and also how to have a home that will both be stylish and still suitable for children. We are also glad they managed to complete our renovation according to our tight schedule as we needed to shift in by a certain date.

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