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| Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #08-97 NORTHSTAR@AMK, Singapore 569880

| Tel: 66592672

| Website:

Integrated in 2009, Euphoric Designs┬ámatured into an accredited interior designing firm defined by it’s innovative, creative works and utmost professionalism towards every clients.Our team of interior designers has diverse experience in handling various residential and commercial projects, and we are also venturing into designing corporate offices and retail premises in our island as well as our neighbour.

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  1. We were lucky to have Andrew as our ID whom was an acquaintance of my wife. Initially I was skeptical of having an ID whom is a friend directly or indirectly as chances are when things go tits up, things might go sour as well. So we started off by short listing various IDs and in the end it was still Euphoric Designs which offered the most competitive cost and refreshing ideas for my home. I was such a demanding and challenging customer and changed my mind on the design at the last minutes on a few occasions due to feng shui issues and my indecisiveness. Andrew more then adequately provided his utmost without a drop of professionalism, modified his ideas and drawings to suit my whims and fancies and most importantly delivered the goods as promised on time and within the budgets which is critical for any home owners.
    He respects our ideas and incorporates his ideas together with ours and the end what you have would be a home which is uniquely different. Its been almost 7 months now since my home was delivered and I still in awe whenever i step through the main door. Friends and colleagues have commended positively on the workmanship and designs.
    The best thing is that Andrew services does not ends once he has delivered your home. He fixes any defects which may arises later without any questions asked. I also have 2 toddlers who tries to destroy my house from time to time, and i am glad that Andrew does these repairs for me as well. And he has even sent his painters up to plaster and repaint my walls even the cracks on the newer HDB flats are an inherent construction issue.
    Biz is growing for Euphoric Designs and Andrew might be a little busier now. Be Patient and you will reap the rewards as me and my family have. Thanks for making our dreams of having a resort home come true Andrew and i owe you a beer, Cheers.

  2. Andrew was the very first ID we met, and unlike all 20 other companies and 8 other Interior Designers whom we met (to make comparisons) with after him, he was the only one who bothered to came on site. That alone earned Euphoric major brownie points.
    He took in our ideas, gave his, we worked out any differences, agreed to disagree on some conflict of opinions, then Andrew and his team got on to work on our house and it turned out to be everything we wanted and hoped for. At the end of the day, They managed to produce a home worthy to be featured in Foursquare mag and a coupla times is Renopedia.
    It’s been a little more than two years now, our home still looks great. Should we ever move and need renovation again, pretty sure we’d come back for Euphoric

  3. Our new BTO flat came early and me and my wife was stress out to find the perfect ID to design our home. So we went to alot of interior designs firm and finally ended up engaging Euphoric Design. Our ID is Alvin and the idea he gave us is different from what we have heard from those previous ID that we went to. He will think out of the box to make sure your house design will be “one of a kind” and not those normally seen in the market. During our renovation period, he will always update us on the status and keep giving us new suggestion to improve our home. Of course there is sure some hiccups here and there but Alvin will try to rectify it straight away. Thanks for helping us to build our dream home.

  4. We just engaged Andrew as our ID. The first impression that Andrew gave us was that he is a very professional and enthusiastic designer who really treat our house like his, he is meticulous about even the slightest details such as matching the colours of our bed sheet to recommending the colours for our sofa cushions etc.. We are very excited to start this exciting transforming journey with Andrew. We are very confident that Andrew will not fail our expectations. Shall share more once we gotten our “dream house” done!

  5. Thanks to Andrew Chan’s creativity and bold proposal, we have a home that is not restricted to a typical theme. Every part of our home has a different feel from retro to industrial to elegant. The best of every theme that just gel up so nicely. It is totally different from what we envision our future home will look like and we love it! Even our friends have their thumbs up! Be daring and trust Andrew when he suggest something out of the norm. You don’t get that from every designer.

  6. After speaking to various IDs, we decided to go with Euphoric Designs, Colin. He may be young but he has good knowledge, creativity and experience. He is patience and detailed. Most importantly he will share with you what is nice and what is practical. We are very glad that we have engaged him to renovate our house. My husband has to go overseas to work and I am fully in charge of the reno. I am expecting and there are alot of restrictions for me. I couldn’t go to the house during reno and I can’t travel much. Colin is very thoughtful. He kept me updated on the status and he made sure that everything goes according to what we have discussed and he will check with me on the small details and gave me advice. He will come over to meet me instead of me travelling to his office. He helped me to settle everything, even things that are not under his care, i.e. cement in the toilet bowl left behind by HDB contractor. He ensured that the reno is on schedule or even earlier than schedule. The workmanship is good and his service is excellence. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks Colin for all the hard work. We love our house design.. Happy Lunar New Year to u and team!

  7. On first impression, Colin Loo doesn’t look like your typical ID. He doesn’t dressed to the nines and wasn’t very eloquent. However we were really glad that we engaged him for our home. His sincerity, commitment and the drive in wanting to do good and to do well had impressed us. He was responsive to our calls and messages, forthcoming and was creative in injecting new ideas while respecting our decisions. Thank you Colin, for making our renovation process as fuss-free as possible and we looked forward to working with you again in the future

  8. After visiting and speaking to various ID firms, my husband and I decided on Euphoric Designs. At that point of time, we met Colin who was extremely patient and attentive to what we wanted of our future home. I could not thank him enough for putting in time, effort and commitment to see through with this project. As tiring as renovation can be, Colin’s company throughout this process had make it more enjoyable for us! Colin’s passion in his work is evident and we are very thankful for all his hard work in building our forever home

  9. I have came across Andrew from my classmate. We have search around more than 10 ID firms and none satisfied our requirements Finally Andrew idea and design concept let us feel comfortable without hesitate we engaged him. We went to visit his existing customer house to view at their carpentry works. We are pleased by the quality of work and material are good. Both my husband and I knew nothing about renovation. He taught us a lots of things and went through reno process with us which we can be stress free without any worry.
    During the whole proces, we started to understand each other better and most importantly comfortable with one another.
    We are really grateful and indebted with Andrew for his work to give us a warm nest. To be frank majority of the color selection was selected by him haha. We trusted his good taste, frank, honest and a reliable guy to work with. He always encourage us to spend wisey, give us lots of brilliant advice and ideas.
    Triple thumbs up to Euphoric Designs.

  10. Got to know abt euphoric designs through squarerooms magazine in 2013. Eventually short listed them as one of the ID that we will like to visit. Andrew was our ID. After the first meet up, he was sincere and even prepared a brief 3D image while explaining the quotation to us during the second time. He is creative and daring in designs. At the same time, Andrew is helpful and gives sound advice on where to cut cost and help us save money too. Most importantly, we felt that Andrew had already quite a vision/conceptualized idea of how our house will be like after listening to us the first time. Renovation has started… And I can’t wait to see to see my home! ­čÖé

  11. Me n my Ah Lao had a wonderful and amazing experiences with Andrew (Our ID) .. He always provides genuine n solid suggestions which fits within our budget and results in an amazing house that we have now! Both asthetically and durability thumbs up!! We are happy to have known Andrew and his assistance with our love cove!!

  12. Very professional and imaginative. Due to me being located overseas, my designer Colin was very accommodating. I for sure didn’t make life easy for him however, after numerous Skype calls, remote access and timezone differences, reno for my dream home is starting soon! Plus his ideas were AWESOME! (note the accommodating part) Can’t wait to see it in person! Kudos to Euphoric design for making this whole experience a stress free and a really joyful one.. Will DEFINITELY recommend to my family and friends!
    Cheers mate!

  13. We fell in love with Andrew’s ideas for us. Great workmanship and at reasonable prices! Thanks for your patience and great customer service!!! Will definitely recommend u to family & friends..

  14. Glad to have engaged Euphoric Designs. Bold and creative design by Andrew and good workmanship at a reasonable price!

  15. I love wilson zhuo’s design. Its such an art

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