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| Address: 479 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387551

| Tel: 6742 8208

| Website: http://www.fuseconcept.com.sg/

Conceptualized and created for more than a decade. Fuse Concept Pte Ltd as an interior design house since 2001, aspires to provide quality design consultation and turnkey project management to residential and commercial design.

Fuse Concept is guided by its philosophy “Simplicity & Quality”. Through our journey, we have fuelled ourselves with wide range of exquisite, exclusive and extraordinary designs. Our dedicated team of creative designers believe on the principle that the client’s needs and expectations are paramount.

Envisioned the way which things can be transformed and improvised, our concepts create maximum functionality with minimum resources. Replacing unnecessary objects with indispendable forms and transform empty space into your desired dream home!  

33 Responses

  1. JS

    We decided on this company after looking through 4 designers. They came as a recommendation from a friend. I like the carpentry, it is up to my standards. They were responsive to sort out minor defects in the work.

  2. We picked this company out of 4 choices because we feel that they provide the most original ideas. Instead of persuading us to go with template designs, they worked to give us what we want. I am particularly fond of the feature walls. Though there were issues with hinges that got rusty, and a door that expanded, they solved the issues within weeks. The designer keeps in touch with us to follow up with our needs.

  3. At first I was recommended to 2 designers. I went for the one whom I thought was enthusiastic, and had thoughtful suggestions for me. The items I am most fond of are the cabinet in my living room, and feature wall that doubles up as a dining table. My designer was prompt, turnaround time was short. Though there were electrical wiring, paint, and flooring issues, they were resolved within 3 weeks.

  4. We decided on this ID from 8 choices, more so because of rapport that we have with our designer. Prices offered were similar but with Fuse Concept, I feel more comfort, knowing that they are the ones handling the job. They respond quickly to changes in quotation. I like the walls between the living room and kitchen, and the bifold window above.

  5. I did research on 2 companies, and like what i saw from their portfolio. I decided to engage this ID as he can give me what I want for the price. The carpentry in my kitchen is unique. My designer is young, eager and responsive, and that’s good.

  6. We chose this ID because our designer is meticulous and receptive, he throws in his ideas while at the same time accepting our preferences. During our second session. he prepared a 3D drawing of the living room that is pretty impressive. In addition, he maintains a detailed schedule of work, is always contactable, and ensures good follow-up with the contractor by always providing updates. We wanted a Scandinavian theme for the house. I like the wooden laminating on our flooring, and white brick wall. It is thoughtful of him to take the effort to make a proposed altar blend into the feature wall. We love the dressing table, and bookshelf hanging in the air opposite the walk-in wardrobe.

  7. We picked this company out of 4 choices, because our designer is enthusiastic and sincere. In the presentation, she is attentive in what we wanted for our design concept rather pushing a template to us. She takes a personal interest in the project and is responsive to our queries. We took down a wall for a walk-in wardrobe, and had a marble slab mounting point for the television. It’s fairly well put together, better than what I expected.

  8. We found this company through a referral from a trusted friend. I really like the flooring, and kitchen island. Our designer put a lot of heart and effort into it. Ours is an old house, he spared no effort in trying to get the beams straight and the structure as good as new. Service is prompt and responsive to any issues.

  9. We shortlisted 3, but decided on this one largely due to the creativity. Our designer is detailed and prompt to respond to queries. Flexible, accommodating, transparent in charges. It’s a wise choice, they guide us step by step, ensuring we know of hidden costs to look out for. I like the entire feature wall, from door to balcony with one unifying element.

  10. We picked this company because their reputation is strong in the industrial style, among 7 choices we got from visiting expos. They bring our vision to reality, with the 3D concept and real thing matching expectation. The service is really good, we had doubts but they patiently replied all questions with swift response, with creative input. They help us to get recommendations for furniture shops for good deals.

  11. I got to know them from a referral, and dropped by the showflat. I like their concept of design, especially the tearing down of kitchen walls, for an open concept. The carpentry is well-made.

  12. I saw their works – it’s important the ID aligns with what you are looking for in terms of design style and ideas. After shortlisting 7, we picked them. The kitchen with its complete carpentry is what we customized the most, other furniture we sourced ourselves. My experience is better than stories I heard about direct contractors.

  13. I like their ideas and concepts, from the 8 firms we considered. We collaborated on the concept. They give fast replies and solutions. I like the study room, kitchen and master-bed room. They convey the warm and cozy feel that I wanted.

  14. My hubby and I have demanding jobs, so we had a specific brief and a clear idea of what we wanted. We shortlisted 4 companies, but this has company has one of the most prompt response. At the first meeting, the designer didn’t say much but listened to us for hours, offering options that didn’t occur to us, taking a personal interest in the project. I love the color scheme, it gives out a warm feeling, with wood flooring throughout the house. The finishing and carpentry is really good, such as the shoe cabinet along one wall, a hidden store room under the staircase with a bookshelf inside. While we had issues with laminate that was located closest to stove, it was replaced quickly. We are really impressed by our designer’s project management. While he drew us a 11 week schedule with an idea of when to anticipate what, he eventually exceeded our expectations by handing over in 10 weeks. His responsive services made the entire process quite painless.

  15. I chose Fuse Concept because I felt that the designer is the best of out the other 3 companies and I am most comfortable with her. Their price is also reasonable comparing to the other IDs. I especially like the hall design which has a featured wall. We had some problems with the drawers and the flooring, and they are very prompt in their actions.

  16. We chose Fuse Concept out of 3 choices. The staff approached me politely with many ideas to offer. The carpentry is good, and I like my living room divider and feature wall. The designer is a young but experienced designer, I am pleasantly surprised with her help.

  17. We went to the expo and shortlisted a few firms. We chose Fuse Concept because we quite like their portfolio and we felt that we can work quite well with our interior designer. She was proactive in following up with us. The distinguishing feature in our home is the walk-in wardrobe in our master bedroom. We were very happy with our designer’s service. She was very proactive, helpful and quick in responding to our queries. She suggested places where we can go to look for furniture, which will suit our budget and concept. She even accompanied us to the shops to select the furniture and negotiated for good deals. Any defects were rectified very quickly.

  18. We got to know this designer from a friend’s recommendation. After the works were completed, the favourite part of the house is the living room, I think they did a good job there. Very happy working with them.

  19. We were looking for ideas with nothing in mind, and chanced upon this company while looking for the industrial look. We did contact contractors but they didn’t seem to know what we want. Fuse Concept conceptualized everything for us, it comes as a whole, the flow of the house is right when you enter. I particularly like the feature wall in the living room. The designer has en eye for creating things that blend in with the furniture, with quick turnaround time. She also personally went looking for the furniture that fit in well with our home. When we reported defects with the main drainage pipe, she made the effort to find out what was the issue first before concluding that the issue lies with HDB. She’s interested to address it first even if it’s not their problem. I would give them 6 stars if I can.

  20. We shortlisted 5 companies, but decided on Fuse Concept mainly because of the service. It’s prompt and the follow-up is good. Wallpapers are my favorite part of the renovation, done in Scandinavian style.

  21. We picked them from 5 shortlisted companies, as they convinced us with an impression that’s good. The distinguishing feature is that the carpentry work is very good, I like our feature wall, kitchen wall cabinets, master bedroom cupboard. The designer delivers what he says he will, according to the time line. Because he is young, we were hesitant at first about having him handle out project. However, his follow-up and coming by to take pictures, providing immediate solutions to problems soon assured us. For the amount we paid, I’m very happy with the workmanship and service.

  22. I’m looking for a designer who understands what I want. We shortlisted 2 but one didn’t get back to us. I like the feature wall, and our kitchen wall that’s made of plaster cement, giving an industrial raw feel. Ernest service from Fuse Concept makes the experience pleasant, the designer provides good ideas, I pretty much like his concepts, most the time he can produce what I want.

  23. We found out about this company through referrals. There were 2 companies shortlisted, but the presentation Fuse Concept did for me captures what I wanted. My favorite part of the house is the detailing on bathroom tiles and master bedroom, giving the home an extra flavor. The feature wall brings out the warmth in the room, in a simple yet unusual way. That makes it feel unique. My designer was responsive, and showed enthusiasm to get things done.

  24. We decided on Fuse Concept from 4 companies. Fuse Concept listened to what we want, though some of our ideas are big, the designer is receptive and came up with ideas to cater to our wants. Our favorite part of their work is our hall, feature wall and the tiling. We initially wanted concrete tiling but he suggested something more appropriate. We got a quotation way before we were getting our keys. He was patient, while waiting for our house to be ready, he would still come up with ideas. He went furniture shopping with us, and updates us regularly on the process. When we visit the site, we may take photos and feedback if we had any concerns. He will respond quickly to those. Even after completion of the job, we receive recommendations from him whenever he comes across any furniture that is suitable for our home.

  25. Fuse Concept’s style comes across as different, from the 5 other designers we approached. They are attentive and responsive, taking ownership of the project. It was a pleasant journey, I do not need to worry about the renovation. That is good, because most friends shared bad encounters. I like the theme we chose, a Scandinavian, woody feeling. It’s cozy feeling to come back home. Our friends were surprised at the pleasant experience we had, that can be attributed to the chemistry between our designer and us. We communicate very well and our designer understands what we want. I am pleased with the quality of the handover, with little to none defects to rectify.

  26. TT

    The rapport with our designer, and attractive design convinced me to engage this company out of 5 we selected. Our home is done in the modern concept that I like. The theme and concept come together. I especially like the feature wall, it’s clean and not common like what you see elsewhere. Mine is a simple design yet different from typical houses. Our designer comes personally to check on the quality of the work after rectification.

  27. We shortlisted a few companies and met them to brief them on what we want. The designer from Fuse Concept understood our brief very well and came up with a proposal that met most of our needs. We love many parts of our home! Our living area is probably the area that is both comfy and yet met our family needs. There’s a unique metal rack that is custom-made to hold my hubby’s collector toys, well-concealed storage area that the designer designed so beautifully that you won’t realize it’s a storage area and it allows me to hold my stuff, our marble breakfast top that allows my family to have breakfast together on weekends etc. He’s very patient and listens to us. He handled the project very well and is still in contact with us!

  28. I found out about Fuse Concept through a trade fair and decided to engage them out of the 5 interior designers that I shortlisted as I really liked their designs and because the designer left me with a good first impression. I must say that I am extremely satisfied with their service! The designer is capable of thinking out of the box and he often comes up with unique ideas that amazes me. My master bedroom is rather spacious and I wanted the designer to utilise the space properly. He ended up designing a walk in wardrobe for me which I absolutely love. He even made the door inconspicuous which I really like. He was really attentive throughout the entire renovation process. He never hesitates to answer our queries and tries his very best to meet us whenever he can. I really trusted him with my home and I am really happy with how everything turned out.

  29. We saw Fuse Concept’s works on magazines and Renopedia. They were one of our preferred IDs as we really like their designs. After meeting up with 3 IDs, we like the design, the work style and how they can fit our budget. It was a smooth experience working with our designer. Her project management skills were really superb and the renovation works were according to as planned, including the handover. We didn’t have to drop down often as she constantly updated us on the process. She is also sharp enough to rectify mistakes before we spotted them and she will notify us once it’s fixed. But what really stood out for us was she gave us a list of furnishing places to shop, detailing what is good or bad about that place, the service, and helped us narrow down to the shop that best suit our style. This was really helpful and she helped us to save a lot of time. I was pregnant when we were doing our renovation research so this was really a sweet gesture and it left a deep impression on us.

  30. Ready smiles, friendly, attentive, good coordination skill and great interior ideas! That’s Chris Liew!

  31. Thanks Chris Liew, for a wonderful reno experience! job well done

  32. Thanks Fuse Concept and Yenny for making our dream home come true!

  33. Thank you Eddie, for the GREAT after sales service!!!

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