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| Address: 71 Ubi Crescent, Excalibur Centre, #01-11 Singapore 408571

| Tel: 6348 3313

| Website: www.imagecreative.com.sg

Established since 1995, Image Creative Design is an award winning interior design company in the home renovation business and has achieved the distinction of being the first and only interior design company in Singapore to be awarded the SUPERBRANDS AWARD since 2004/2005

They are well respected in the interior design and remodeling market all these years. Its humble beginnings with a sales force of only three, the brothers successfully expanded Image Creative to an established company owning a 6,000 sqft flagship showroom cum office with a present sales force of 80 interior designers, one of the largest home renovation in the market.

Image Creative Design has been able to cater to a broad spectrum of consumer home renovation needs, ranging from public housing, private condominiums and landed properties to a wide variety of commercial undertakings. It has remained resilient through the years and enjoyed sustainable growth.

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