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| Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-37, Vertex Building, 408868

| Tel: 9769 4773

| Website: http://juzinterior.com

Regardless of your lifestyles and cultures, Juz Interior inspires to deliver unique interior design solutions through unique ideas and imagination. With our long-term home renovation commitment, knowledge, experience and professional interior design expertise to assist our clients, be it residential or commercial, we will ensure that your imagination is delivered.

2 Responses

  1. Lim

    Jess from Juz Interior show her commitment and share tips during the whole renovation process. She even gave us a schedule table on the works that will be carried out.

    Although there was some miscommunication and misunderstanding along the way, she deal with it professionally. We managed to complete the whole renovation in 6 weeks.

    After the handover, she still answer my calls and arrange her guys to fix some small issues.

    Highly Recommended to engage her for your renovation needs.

  2. We are actually quite demanding clients as we made a lot of changes throughout the whole renovation. However, the team was very professional and accommodating. They are great with all the small details and we are very pleased with their work. It’s amazing how they are able to complete our renovations even with all those changes. Simply Amazing! Thank you.

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