Luxespace Interior

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| Address: 34A Haig Road, Singapore 438739

| Tel: 91077693

| Website:

Luxespace Interior is the leading Singapore and Malaysia based interior design Firm.

We specialize in all kind of Landed Property, Condominium, Showflat , Commercial, Hospitality and Food and Beverage renovation Works.

<For appointment>, please contact: David Kang at +65 91077693                          

5 Responses

  1. We chanced upon Luxespace’s clean and modern designs online and stumbled into their studio one day. David, the boss, impressed us with his personalised attention, and after listening to our wish-list, his on-the-spot design was the brilliant answer to our search of many months.

    Thereafter, working together to realise our dream home with David and his two dedicated and super-nice colleagues, Tsai Ting and Miki, was like being with best friends – respectful of each party’s needs, understanding and accommodating, professional and yet so informally helpful in every aspect, whether related to the job scope or not.

    We certainly recommend Luxespace to anyone who looks to building your sweet home not just with functionality and quality in mind, but also lasting friendship at heart.

    Koh and Sheryl

  2. adi

    Very satisfied with the end result despite some small inperfections but nonetheless with the budget we had, they pulled through with flying colours. Small team but great people and great ideas. Thanks so much guys. P.s Miki thanks for tolerating our nonsense.

  3. Kes

    Exquisite Design

  4. 我很喜歡你們的设置 很美麗 很潮流 很高贵 赞

  5. Great Reno work .
    I like the bathroom .

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