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| Address: 116 lavender street #01-03 Pek Chuan Building | Singapore 338730

| Tel: 65381711

| Website:


Interior Design

Matrix Interiors specializes in a variety of interior design requirements. Our clients include homeowners, commercial establishments, and corporate offices. We also have experience in the real estate and hospitality industries.
We possess strong management capabilities that allow us to handle projects of all sizes and proportions. Our designs are original and unique to the needs of our customers. Through an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to source out for different types of materials and furniture. Otherwise, we conceptualize and manufacture installations that are tailor-fit to the design requirements.


Matrix Interiors also handles renovation projects. Our in-house designers are especially adept at space-planning, ensuring the most efficient use of available area. We work with clients hand in hand, from conceptualization and all the way to completion.

Home Styling

This service was created especially for homeowners who would like to have some extra oomph in their personal space. This type of project contains very minimal renovations, instead focusing on basic design elements. We work with different colours, textures, and materials to make a space look and feel new again.



Our goal is to become a renowned interior design firm, recognized for its creative and collaborative approaches to every project. Matrix Interiors aims to be a trusted design partner to homeowners, commercial establishments, and corporate enterprises throughout South East Asia.


We strive to create inspired spaces where people can live their lives with ease and comfort. We want to help our clients achieve their goals through combined efforts in planning and executing one-of-a-kind interior design.


Finding Creative Inspiration

At Matrix Interiors, we are in constant pursuit of creativity. We look at the world with open eyes, gathering inspiration from various places and things. This reflects directly onto our body of work, with interior design ideas that are full of zest and life. However, our biggest inspiration is YOU. We do our best to understand your needs and desires, making that the primary foundation of our creative endeavours. We create interior designs that work to fulfil your purpose.

Working as One

Collaboration is important for the success of any project. We believe that effective interior design solutions are created from adding and subtracting ideas until only the best ones are left. We work closely as a team, not only amongst ourselves but with our clients as well. Instead of imposing ideas on you, we strive to stay in tune with your thoughts. Your inputs are of great value to us.

Keeping your Trust

A service provider is a company that you work with until the completion of a project. We, at Matrix Interiors, do our best to be so much more than that to our clients. We want to be a trusted confidant, one who continuously listens and understands your needs. We extend our services to you even after a project has been completed. Our goal is to maintain long-lasting work relationships by ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.


2 Responses

  1. Getting a home of my own was nerve-wrecking and Jason from Matrix proved to be the happy pill that made most of my headache go away. Due to my busy schedule, I would definitely appreciate an ID who’s able to assist me in the renovation process and more than often, I would go with Jason’s recommendation as I trust that he knew what I had in mind. There are so many ‘industrial-Scandinavian’ home theme but i would not want something that is of a common template such as the craftstone feature wall or the false ceiling, yet Jason manage to come up with alternative designs to enhance the home while staying true to the theme. finally the masculine bachelor pad was ready in 4 weeks and i’m a very happy client. Getting raves from friends and colleagues about the home was worth every $ spent. it was a right move to engage Jason because his after sales service is topnotch, his replies are prompt although it’s way late at night and we kept it close to the budget.

  2. A dream home – finally what we can call of our own.

    Did some research and met few IDs. Somehow, Im not sure really why, but my husband had the confidence and confirmed the deal with Jason, from Matrix Interior, immediately without hesitation (yes immediately) when we met Jason for the very first time in his office.

    As we are the home owner for the first time with less knowledge on renovation terms and to understand the progress, Jason have the patience to explain in detail, show the materials, answer professionaly on our queries and especially, prompt in responding and action (in texting too). Always on time for appointment as well!

    Importantly, he will actually follow on our budget but as much as possible will still try to maintain the “theme” we requested for. That is what all home owners wanted to, right? Aside from the regular update on the progress via WhatsApp group, he will sometimes still text for some ideas of good and affordable furnitures which will match with our home and stuff.

    Overall, the renovation took for a month (for 3 rooms bto). It was a good and fast arrangement and we did handover last week.

    Many Thanks Jason for all the professional assistance. You are just awesome

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