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| Address: 1 Pegu Road #01-03 Singapore 328358

| Tel: +65 6256 2586

| Website: http://www.metersquare.com.sg/

Armed with highly dedicated designers with more than 20 years of experience, Meter Square had offered their professional interior design service to more than a thousand home renovation customers to turn their dream home and work place into reality, delivering properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.                        

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  1. From a Happy customer of Meter Square. Pre renovation: We were already shortlisting 3 of the ID out of the 10 over IDs whom we have met over the past one month. The decision was tough as we knew the choice that we made will be sub optimal as we were not totally satisfied with what they can provide for us as a client except to be the project manager. What we were looking for in a ID is really a designer ID. As we have already have a concept in mind, and even pictures to substantiate, the shortlisted firms gave us quotations based on our design, with only minimal inputs here and there. Then I was looking at Meter Square website and really fall in love with their Scandinavian designs! Emily contacted us and after the first meet up we decided that she is the one who can help transform our empty raw home to a lovely and cosy love nest! Emily took time to meet up and understand our requirements and expectations of the house. What impressed us was that even before we placed any deposit with her, she did her reserach and showed us roughly the design she has in mind. Cut long story short, works is still carrying out in our house but I have already fallen in love with it. Stay tune to find out how the end product will ultimately look like.

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