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| Address: 1 Pegu Road #01-03 Singapore 328358

| Tel: +65 6256 2586

| Website:

Armed with highly dedicated designers with more than 20 years of experience, Meter Square had offered their professional interior design service to more than a thousand home renovation customers to turn their dream home and work place into reality, delivering properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.                        

42 Responses

  1. From a Happy customer of Meter Square.

    Pre renovation:
    We were already shortlisting 3 of the ID out of the 10 over IDs whom we have met over the past one month. The decision was tough as we knew the choice that we made will be sub optimal as we were not totally satisfied with what they can provide for us as a client except to be the project manager. What we were looking for in a ID is really a designer ID. As we have already have a concept in mind, and even pictures to substantiate, the shortlisted firms gave us quotations based on our design, with only minimal inputs here and there.

    Then I was looking at Meter Square website and really fall in love with their Scandinavian designs! Emily contacted us and after the first meet up we decided that she is the one who can help transform our empty raw home to a lovely and cosy love nest!

    Emily took time to meet up and understand our requirements and expectations of the house. What impressed us was that even before we placed any deposit with her, she did her reserach and showed us roughly the design she has in mind.

    Cut long story short, works is still carrying out in our house but I have already fallen in love with it. Stay tune to find out how the end product will ultimately look like.

  2. IDs from Meter Square really exceeded our expectations on many levels. May is passionate, cheerful and innovative while reno is thoughtful and charismatic. They delighted us with many creative designs and we are very pleased with how they managed to make a dull vacant space into a comfort and classic house. They were also able to complete the house within our rushed time frame and to top it off, the workmanship is fantastic and the cleanup was spotless. For their hard work, we would like to thank both May and Reno from the bottom of our hearts and would recommend Metersquare to any of our friends without hesitation.

  3. Thank you to both Reno and May for a smooth and on-time delivery of my new home. I have worked with several IDs in the past and have not come across the same dedication, commitment and creativity like the both of them. Their ability to respond to issues quickly and eye for details were very important to busy executives like me. Greatly appreciated their work and making my mover a less stressful and wonderful experience. Look forward to see more wonderful works on you web page.

  4. It’s been about 10 months in our beautiful home that I finally get the time to pen down this testimonial for Daphne – someone whom I have never forgotten to put up this testimonial for. When purchasing big ticket items; seeking long-term durability, you have to look for someone of reputation, is reliable, and how this project partner can work together with you over the course of the months. The end project is a home for your soul, a shelter, and I call it the best place you ever want to be. Daphne was someone who listens, encourage creativity, and not afraid to piece together your scattered thoughts. It is important for home owners to give ideas first, and for designers to complement the ideas with their experience, simply because you want YOUR home! Daphne had done that and it was a tremendous pleasure working with her. She puts clients first, understands you, is responsive, reliable, and requires very minimal pushing from clients – it was a very assured journey for us. She doesn’t make empty promises and cajole you to believe things that won’t work. In that sense, she is extremely upfront so everyone is on the same page. 10 months on, and Janice and I call our home a Sanctuary because we love it so much and things were very much how we wanted. Hence, every time we look again at our home, we feel great sense of gratitude to Daphne and her team for putting it together for us. I hold no reservation in recommending Daphne, and in 5 years for my 2nd home, I’d still choose Her. Thank you Daphne, you’ve been a great person to work with, and WE LOVE OUR HOME!

  5. Last year in January 2014 my family and I decided to finally relocate from Beijing to Singapore. As we had planned for that for some time already we had purchased a property already back in 2009 and rented it out. The plan was to relocate in July 2015 so we had a good head-start to arrange for the tenant to move out and look for a designer/contractor to renovate/design our apartment to our specifications. I found Meter Square through a link in an expat magazine. I checked their Portfolio online and liked some of their modern design approaches right away. I actually checked about 15 designer companies but Meter Square came closest to what we had in mind for our new home. I contacted them by email in March 2014 and got a friendly response immediately asking me for some details about address and size / type of the property. Considering the distance between Beijing and Singapore the task of coordination was quite challenging. We arranged a first meeting in March when we sat together and discussed our expectations and ideas of design with the limitations of the apartment after an onsite visit. As we were always limited with the time to visit Singapore Jocelyn Shu of Meter Square, who was our Designer for this project had the meetings and visits organized very well to make the most of the limited time. After we went back to Beijing Jocelyn came back to us by email with her first draft of ideas for the new design and amazingly enough she managed to satisfy us already with about 90%. After just a few modifications we agreed on the proposed design. To get the work started we flew to Singapore again in April as the work was supposed to start by end of April and would take about 2 months to finish. We had to sit together to decide on all kinds of materials as we renovated our apartment basically from scratch, hence it included marble floor, whole kitchen, new bathrooms, woodworks of all kinds for built in closets, beds, shelves and so on. Again time was limited to 1 week but Jocelyn was excellent prepared for our meeting. We met for a whole day to decide on all the materials that were to be used in the apartment from marble, over wood, countertops, colors, wallpapers etc. The meeting was very efficient and we manage to finish the selection that day. The next days were spent going to the companies to select the kitchen, the lights, the marble, curtains and so on. Again, all was very well and efficient organized that we didn’t waste any valuable time. A word on the marble selection, as we went to a store first to select it, but by previous experience Jocelyn also pointed out to go to see the actual site where they cutting the marble to see the actual blocks of marble they would use. Luckily we did, because the blocks look quite different than in the shop and we decided on a different type which suited our taste much better. After one busy week we went back to Beijing and work started by end of April 2015. Jocelyn kept us up to date in regular intervals by sending pictures of the progress and also letting us know which things they were working on so we were always on top of everything even though far away from Singapore. We finally relocated in July 2015 and stayed the 1st week in a hotel. Mainly because our furniture would arrive just in that week and also Jocelyn wanted us to have the apartment inspected and check for possible necessary touch ups. In that week we received all the furniture which was partially send from overseas and partially bought new in Singapore with the help of Jocelyn coordinating delivery. She actually arranged for a lot of deliveries prior to our arrivals for stuff we bought which we appreciated very much as it was difficult for us to manage from Beijing. We moved in after one week and have to say that we were very happy and satisfied with all the work that was done. Meter Square works with excellent companies in charge of all the works that was done such carpentry, electricity etc. – really good work with very minor touch ups that were fixed instantly after we mentioned it to Jocelyn. We can sincerely highly recommend Meter Square for not only the Design but also the craftsman’s work. I moved many times in my life but this was definitely one of the better if not best experience I had so far. Keep up the great work and thank you for an excellent job.

  6. I first met May when I was on the hunt for an interior designer for my BTO flat. At that time, my friends (who were also on the lookout for an ID for their condominium apartment and have also engaged May’s services) invited me to go with them on a Meter Square house tour to take a look at the quality and workmanship of their completed project. During the house tour, I found May to be very forthcoming and enthusiastic in showing us around the flat, explaining in detail about how she had done up the place. She presented herself as a confident and experienced ID who was able to offer sound advice and answer my queries regarding home renovation. On top of that, the carpentry work of the house was done really well and the owner was very much satisfied with how the house turned out. After going around and surveying quite a number of interior design companies, my husband Robin and I decided to entrust our home renovation to May as we were convinced that she was the best choice among all those whom we spoke with. During the course of the renovation, she was highly professional and patient in listening to our needs and concept that we wanted for our house. Being first time house owners, there were many reno-related aspects that we were unaware of and May walked us through these matters during which her expertise in this field was clearly evident. During the initial meetings and brain-storming sessions, May was able to accommodate to our ideas while at the same time, infusing her good eye for design aesthetics – working within our budget as well. The process of our renovation was really smooth-sailing and I cannot thank May enough for making the experience such a pleasant one. May took our busy work schedules into consideration and never failed to provide us with regular updates on how the renovation was coming along by sending us text messages and photographs. Without a doubt, she has definitely helped to eliminate many hassles for us which we greatly appreciate. Our house was done up quickly (within a month actually) but standards of the work done was not compromised – this only reflected May’s efficiency and her capability of keeping to a timeline which she promised us, that we would be able to move in without having a long wait time. We have already moved in for about three months now and so far, family and friends who have visited our humble abode have been singing praises of the cosy house that May should take credit for. She has created a modern living environment infused with industrial elements which my husband and I had in mind right from the start. We are really glad to have made the right choice – it was great working with May and we would definitely recommend her to our friends who are on the lookout for an ID!

  7. As first time home owners, we were very excited about creating our dream home. For us, the rapport and mutual understanding with the designer was a very important deciding factor. Before we engaged Daphne and Meter Square as the ID, we met up with several others, but none of them could understand our ideas and provide and insightful comments like Daphne did. Since our first meeting, we were very comfortable discussing our ideas and details with Daphne and she had been very patient in addressing our multiple queries throughout the whole renovation process. Daphne and her team did a wonderful job! The coordination between MS and their contractors was seamless and we actually managed to complete the renovation within 3 weeks! We attest to the professionalism and quality of work delivered by Daphne and her team and greatly recommend home owner to engage her in creating their dream home. Thanks Meter Square, Daphne and team for helping to realise our dream home! 🙂

  8. We took a long time before selecting the ID for our 5-room BTO flat as we had quite specific ideas in mind. Eventually, we were pleased to have Jocelyn value-add with her creative inputs, while sticking closely to our original concept. Due to budget constraints, many rounds of discussion were conducted before the final design was decided. Thanks to Jocelyn’s affable and patient nature, the entire process was a breeze despite the many hours involved. She gave us useful advice on limitations and other practical considerations. When not meeting up face-to-face, she was also prompt in her replies to our many queries. Like most renovation journeys, there were the inevitable hiccups that occurred during the course of work. However, the issues were quickly resolved credit to Jocelyn’s timely intervention. Meter Square’s contractors are punctual and their workmanship is generally excellent. Overall, our first renovation experience was a pleasant one and as satisfied customers we would recommend Jocelyn to our friends.

  9. It has been a pleasure working with Emily on my new place. From our first meeting when she sought to understand my preferences and needs, I could sense her dedication to her clients. Her design ideas are generally well-thought through, and she is thorough in explaining concepts to us. Notwithstanding the short time frame that she was given to complete the whole ID works and the fact that I was on overseas trips during the period, we worked well on the timeline that was drawn up. During the actual renovation stage, she did a good job liaising with the various trades, such as lighting, carpentry and wall paper, and ensured quality finishes. I truly appreciate her willingness to work around my schedule, such that the whole process in doing up my place was relatively fuss-free for me. The pride she takes in her work is evident when she promptly addressed my queries on matching of furniture or schedule of work, sometimes even at late nights and over weekends. Her easy-going demeanour meant that I grew to see her more as a friend, rather than a consultant-client relationship. Thanks Emily for the great work! My family and I really like the feel of our new place!

  10. Unlike many others, we did not take the time to shop around for an ID. Based on a friend’s recommendation, we met up with Emily and decided to take the plunge. Throughout the renovation journey, not once have we regretted this decision. Emily is a dedicated and sincere ID. She responded to numerous queries promptly (even at odd hours), offered solutions to the problems we encountered and provided us, first-time renovators and home owners, the all-important assurance that we need. She is able to think not only from the perspective of an ID, but also from our perspective as home owners. Many times, we find ourselves thinking “Thank god we have Emily to help.” Emily has definitely delivered in terms of the design, quality of workmanship and overall cost control of our renovation project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Emily for her efforts in making our dream house come true. A definite recommend!

  11. After visiting many home décor shows and speaking to several interior design companies, we chanced upon Meter Square on Lookbox Living 2013 and decided to contact them. Our project was taken up by May. Right for the start, she was very easy to talk to and she could understand our needs well. From conceptualisation to execution, May was able to offer us professional advice without imposing her ideas and always very prompt in responding to our queries and requests. Additionally, she also gave good recommendations on our furniture choices, along with suggested places we could shop around for better deals. Once we received our keys, May followed up closely with the renovation progress. She has a wealth of experience coordinating with the various parties involved to ensure the project was completed ahead of time. Most people would probably be concerned about workmanship when a renovation project is finished too quickly. However, May was attentive to all details and ensured every piece of work was completed in good order. She also personally checked the work completed and arranged for her team to follow up with areas she felt ought to be improved. Last but not least, we are very impressed by Meter Square’s after-sale service. When we needed to install a wrought iron gate, we contacted May. Although our project is over and done with, she responded to our request as promptly as she always did and checked on the work done after installation. In summary, we are thankful we found Meter Square and May. We have since recommended them to our friends and will not hesitate to do so again. Many thanks to May and her team!

  12. A big thank you goes out to Daphne and her team at Meter Square for creating our dream first home. The seamless teamwork between the various contractors had made the renovation process a breeze. A big shout out to Daphne for coordinating her team and ensuring that work was carried out on time. We first approached Daphne without much knowledge of how to go about the renovation process. We were glad that Daphne was patient and knowledgeable to ensure that this process was stress-free and pleasurable. She showed great space usage and her grasp of colours and materials made choosing the combinations a painless one. Daphne was also timely in her follow ups and ensured that work was done with quality and efficiency. She would always send in pictures of completed works so that we are aware of the progress of the renovation. She is also able to match our budget but not compromising on quality. Daphne comes highly recommended. Thank you for your great service and the end result is immensely satisfying. Cheers!

  13. Dear Management of Meter Square, We are satisfied customers of your ID firm and will like to write in for our ID who did an excellent job as a designer, project manager and someone who value adds to her clients by going the extra mile and giving insightful advices for them. This letter serves as appreciation and commendation towards your interior designer, Ms Emily Quek – for the job well done! The following summarises the excellent 4-month experience we had with her: 1. Knowledgeable She knows pretty much everything! Electrical works, lighting, plumbing, fittings, HDB rules and regulations, technicalities, measurements, furniture choices, modem, SCV, sound bar, kerbs… 2. Customer-focused / Design-focused She LISTENS. And she knows her stuff. 3. Detailed Over our countless meetings, with discussions/ideas/changes thrown back and forth; she never failed to remember the final decision of every single discussion! She remained ahead and on top of things, supervising and ensuring project progress was on track. 4. Committed She set up a “WhatsApp” group chat to entertain all our concerns/queries/requests, at any time of the day! These included:- design, measurements, TV, washing machine, kettle, fridge, bar stools, SCV box, photo frames, mirrors, dates and timings, and pretty much everything under the sun! 5. Goes above and beyond She met us several times on her off-days, to discuss work in the office as well as to source for materials. On one occasion where we worked till late, she skipped her lunch so we could complete our shopping. Nearing the end of the project when we ran out of time, she volunteered to source for the remaining items on our behalf, updating us with pictures for our confirmation. She is truly an asset to your organisation. We would highly recommend her to other customers! Yours sincerely, Owners of a 4-room BTO flat at Senja Road

  14. Both my husband and I are having much pleasure experiencing in our first new home and would like to thank May and her team for making such a significant contribution to it. We had met 20+ IDs over a period of 10 months before collecting our keys and we are happy to have made the wisest decision to have engaged Meter Square and May in building our new home. Other IDs couldn’t give us the confidence after explaining the design we wanted but we felt May could understand our needs and ideas. She managed to work within our budget and gave her ideas that we never thought about. She knew I had many ideas and choices for furnitures and she was helpful to meet me and help finalise them. Both of us were so busy with our work and the only time we check on our homes were during weekends. But May constantly sent pictures to us to update us on the progress .Though we didn’t monitor her team closely, the final workmanship was up to our expectation and even better. We had friends praising the workmanship of the carpentry. We would be happy to show our home to any perspective clients and offer a strong recommendation. We enjoyed working with May during the whole process and became friends. We highly recommend Meter Square and May. No regret

  15. May and team, Thank you very much for your relentless commitment throughout from conceptualisation to completion. We are pleasantly surprised that you are able to capture and translate our thoughts into design. Your project management ability turns the execution of the project like clockwork and we don’t have to “chase” after you. Yes, there was a moment when one aspect of the project tested your professional ability, you excelled and went beyond our expectations. Thumbs up. To your customers, You can be assured that that Metersquare will be committed to your project and they are true to their words. You can get more value for the price you pay especially the 3 years after hand over warranty. I do have some minor repairs, and Metersquare is still committed till today. Their service is impeccable. It might seem to be a step of faith to select Metersquare, but you will be rewarded and pleased with the outcome. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

  16. A big thank you to May and her team for turning our dream home into reality! Almost 10months before we received our keys, we began the search for an ID to avoid a renovation nightmare. We met up with several IDs and finally decided on May. It is the best decision we made for our new house! We were impressed by her knowledge, professionalism and talent for colors and space planning! She was able to give us insightful advice and develop a design that met all our requirements while keeping the cost within our budget, without compromising on quality. One of the many things I appreciate her most is her eye for beauty which was valuable in putting everything together tastefully. During the renovation process, May was very prompt to keep us updated on the progress. Her experience and strong project management skills made the entire process totally stress-free. Even after the renovation was completed, she continued to render us efficient service to rectify any post renovation issues. We highly recommend May and Meter Square!

  17. We got to know about Jocelyn through magazines and website testimonials and reviews. Reading about glowing reviews from her clients made us more determined to engage her as our ID. After our first meeting, we were very impressed with her. Her passion and knowledge in this field are her greatest assets. She is an extremely patient and professional ID. During the design phase, we went through many discussions and she was able to provide many creative ideas which were also very practical. We are extremely pleased with the end result. Jocelyn is a very responsible, reliable and thoughtful ID. We are very fortunate to have met such a diligent and helpful ID who made the renovation process a pleasant one. We will not hesitate to recommend her to any of any friends/relatives. Thank you Jocelyn for everything!

  18. DBSS Project: Tampines Centrale 8 When we first started out to find ID for our project, it was difficult. We do expect higher quote for our one-of-the-kind design. But Karen gave us the best design with a quote that was around our budget. Although we were sceptical whether she & her team can pull this project off, our fears were unfound. Their workmanship is excellent & the project was delivered within our timeframe. Karen was accommodating to our demands, although she was conservative with her promises. She was able to make things happened eventually with her efficient teams. We had been to many Ids but Karen provided us with the best rapport coupled with a value-for money quotation & delivered a home-sweet-home.

  19. Being our first home, there was alot of worries and anxiety over making sure we get the dream home that we wanted. Emily made the process and journey a pleasant one with her openness to our ideas and requirements, while providing useful and relevant advice when we were in doubt. During the actual renovation works, we were regularly updated on the progress by Emily, and it was very fulfilling watching our home come together bit by bit. Feedback given on aspects of the work done was acted on promptly by her and her team, ensuring a good handover process. We like our new place a lot and would like to thank Emily and Meter Square for helping us make this a reality!

  20. I chose May (and Meter Square) as my interior designer, and it was one of the best decisions I made. She is highly experienced, knowledgeable and great at what she does. She is also very nice! I was referred to May by both my colleague and client, who spoke highly of her. Trusting their judgements, I quickly approached May and begged her to meet up with me – I was desperate enough, as my rental lease is expiring and I have to move out soon. It was kind of May to spare some of her time for me, especially in this situation, despite her busy schedule – and for that I am grateful. From my first meeting with May, I knew I was in good hands. She understood what I wanted, and I liked her design taste and what she suggested to me. I let May handle the whole renovation; I was so busy with work deadlines and travels that I didn’t have a chance to check on the progress, but I could count on her. And before long…tada! it’s done! The renovation finished much earlier than I expected – everything was in order, tidy and smooth. As far as cost was concerned, it was all within my budget. May, you did a fantastic job and I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my new home. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

  21. We would like to express our utmost appreciation to the team at Meter Square, especially to our designer, Jocelyn. Jocelyn’s vast experience and creativity allowed her to understand our needs and achieve our desired outcome. The renovation process was also a breeze with Jocelyn’s meticulous and dedication to the project. Thanks again to Jocelyn and Meter Square for building our dream home.

  22. May is a responsible and experienced interior designer who understands our needs and can always customized her design in accordance to our preference. A child care center needs not just a conducive environment for the children, safety is another important factor in our centre as we want our children to grow and learn in a safe environment. May takes care of all the smallest details and creates a safe child care centre for our children. May has good hands in maximizing the space in our child care centre; she “creates” space. I especially love the way she advised us on the color selection from cabinets to flooring. The combination of colors makes our centre look clean, neat yet refreshing. Last but not least, May does not compromise on quality. Quality works means good investment for long term usage. Thank you Meter Square for making our dream and ideas come true! Thank you. Your sincerely, Sherla Tan Happy Customer of Meter Square Director Bloomberry Babies & Kids Pte Ltd

  23. I had searched around which is the best ID for our new 4-rooms BTO flat and happened to meet Meter Square in one of their roadshow in Marina Square. We decided to choose Jocelyn as our consultant. My first impression to her was sincere and patience person. She is willing to listen what customer wants and try her best to suit with all the requirements, even able to suggest better idea for us to decide which color & design. We are very comfortable with her, also impress with her skill to draw 3D which close with the actual layout. She was very creative with her brilliant idea and very responsible. We “fall in love” with her design, although we choose quite a number of carpentry works in our house, but we never regret it, simply because it’s very nice workmanship. On the process of renovation, she updated the process, and keep you informed about the schedule. Thanks to Jocelyn to make our first home so beautiful. We really appreciate with all professional services from Meter Square. Last but not least, we are so glad to choose Jocelyn as our ID. Thank you Jocelyn.

  24. hey guys, just wanna intro my ID to all of you since I’ve just finished a session with them.. they might be a new company but the designer we are working with has plenty of experience with a big name firm… check them out, Meter Square,…. can go look for May Chang, the designer I worked with.. so being a typical singaporean, my fiancee and i went shopping around for IDs with a strict budget, plenty of fanciful things in mind and wanting the best workmanship we can find.. we enquired with many big name firms and some boutique firms.. either we cant click with their so called designer who cant even draw a table, or their price is out of our budget.. till we were recommended to May by a friend.. we checked their recently renovated place and were impressed with the considerations she had for them as well as the workmanship.. so we approached her and rest is history.. we had the non-obligatory first chat session and was impressed with her understanding of our requirements and also her design which all fell below our budget.. our experience so far is great! we talked and discussed, and she took all our points into consideration.. we are a couple with plenty of ideas and concepts so for a designer to sit down and listen to us rather that impose their ideas is important to us.. most importantly, she could draw!! of course she advised if our ideas were not practical or have an even better idea.. so far our 3D drawing looks brilliant and we are really looking forward to the actual place being done up.. just wanna share with fellow springers a rare find i feel in terms of ID..

  25. Emily is patient and creative. She provided us with bright ideas, especially for my kitchen. She also gave us solutions when we faced errors in some renovation work. Overall, we are very satisfied with her service rendered to us. “Great Job, Emily!”

  26. Overall, we are pretty satisfied with our home. Emily is very responsive to our requests. She is also patient with our multiple changes and always willing to give her ideas and suggestions. Although the schedule was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we are glad that the home was in time for us to move in. Emily was also helpful when things like carpentry and tiling needed rectification. We would definitely recommend this responsible interior designer to our friends.

  27. Hi Daphne, We would like to extend our gratification to you and Meter Square for helping us realize our dream home. The service rendered was excellent from start till finish. Workmanship was good and most importantly, the advice and design consultation given to us was key in shaping our ideas. After-sales service was wonderful. Not forgetting the contractors, they were also very professional and helpful. Two thumbs up!

  28. Emily has been a great help. She is highly responsive to our needs and wants, and has extended awesome support, assistance and advice to make things work best for us. We are very happy that it’s not a hair-pulling experience but an extremely pleasant one for us.

  29. There are salesmen and there are designers. We met many salesmen who can’t even draw but then we met May who impressed us with her artwork and her ability to transform our ideas onto paper. The designing process went really well with May being very easy to work with and made all our ideas better than they were! She coordinated the project really well even though there were so many contractors involved. We had updates everyday and were kept in the loop of the progress of the renovation. Being first time owners, we were clueless about everything but she took us by the hand and walked through every step and even recommended quality and good suppliers for lights, curtains and furnitures. We are extremely happy with work done by May and Meter Square and our future homes will definitely be designed by them!

  30. We are lucky that my husband’s colleague recommended Meter Square as our ID. We think our almost midnight meet ups are all worth it. The design was exactly what we pictured out or even more. During the planning, everything was planned properly even up to the last detail. Emily, our designer, seems to know very well what she is doing and has been updating as accordingly via google+. She takes very nice photos by the way. We can say that she is also very patient with our enquiries. Would also commend Emily on her tireless efforts, hardwork, and her coordination skills with the suppliers and contractors as we think it’s difficult to meet with our demands. Although the handover was one week later than we initially discussed (because of CNY), she was able to advise in advance to prepare. We also don’t want our cabinets to be built in a rush. The paints on the wall are smooth. The workmanship for the carpentry on the cabinet is excellent. We will recommended Meter Square to my friends thousand and one times.

  31. Having heard about Jocelyn on other forums and testimonials, we had purposely requested for her on our engagement with Meter Square. We were not disappointed with her reputation. She is extremely professional ID. Jocelyn has ensured our requirements are met and she follows up with good ideas. She often shares her strong past experience which was useful in advising us who are first time renovators. During the design phase, Jocelyn uses her initiative to come out with a design better than we initially conceptualize. She has strong project management skills which we see her co-ordinating with the sub-contractors well. Jocelyn has been diligent in following up issues we raised during the implementation phase. We have strong confidence in her and we believe she will continue to perform strongly in future projects. Thanks Jocelyn for making our home beautiful. Cheers!

  32. Meeting our design needs and coming up with practical solutions without compromising on our dream decor style is something that May & her team have helped us achieve. With 3 growing children and a limited space to work with, May understands exactly what we need and more importantly, able to integrate her designs into our preference for modern, contemporary, clean-lines. The ability to create space & storage solutions when there seems to be no more space left to work with (space management) and “out of the box” solutions are something which May excels in. Example: cabinets extension being blended into the dining room walls,platform bed for the boys (instead of usual pull-out beds) and an English-theme for my daughter’s room with matching wallpaper and curtains to complete the look. Two thumbs up! Meter Square is also very well supported by a team of sub-contractors which displayed excellent team work while working on this renovation project, both pre- and post- renovation. Thank you, Meter Square!

  33. Like the testimonials written by the satisfied clients from Meter Square, my wife and I are happy to add in our testimonial of their renovation services to our new BTO flat. Unlike other interior designers which we met, Meter Square listens to our requests and ideas before coming up with the drawing for our consideration. My wife and I are delighted when we saw the first drawing provided by Meter Square. In fact, the completed flat is the first drawing that we have received from them. Meter Square has not only provided an excellent workmanship to its carpentry works and we were also kept updated by the staff who sent us images and text messages of the renovation progress daily. If there were any rectification works to be done, Meter Square will have it fix within 3 working days. Lastly, talking about work efficiency, the flat was completed two weeks before the projected deadline given by Meter Square. We had great time working with Meter Square and we will definitely be recommending Meter Square to our friends, relatives who are looking for an interior designer for their new home or renovation services. Thumbs up!

  34. We couldn’t be more than thankful to choose May & Meter Square as our Interior Designer!! May has been a pleasure to work with. She is patient, knowledgeable and creative. Most importantly, she does not impose her ideal designs on us. She listens to what we want and further develop it with brillant results. May is responsive and any follow-up was quickly attended to. Admist our busy work schedule, we are really blessed that the whole renovation progress was a breeze. May, thank you for the great job!!

  35. Our engagement with Meter Square was by chance and so was Boyce who was assigned to us and they certainly did not disappoint. We have received many praises from family and friends for the practical design and décor style as well as the workmanship for carpentry works. Boyce’s level of commitment to deliver is impeccable. Do not be fooled by his youth as this young chap can pull his own weight with his creativity and practicability. Certainly a young and aspiring interior designer whom we believe will continue to grow and deliver great projects when given the right opportunity. Thank you for transforming our home into a warm and cozy living space! We hope that this project has been as rewarding for you as it has been for us.

  36. We would like to Thank Jocelyn for the excellent job. We are glad to have her as our interior designer. She is very patience with us when we have different ideas and changes. She also provide vibrant and exciting ideas for our new home. She gave us good advise and made every process easy along the way. She is very dedicated in handling the tasks and kept us inform about the progress. We are happy that she was able to meet the handover date. We would definitely recommend Jocelyn & Meter Square Pte Ltd to all owner who wanted to renovate their homes. Thank you Jocelyn.

  37. As with many like minded ID seekers, we started the journey with high expectations, reading up on reviews and reaching out to as many IDs as possible. It got tiring after awhile and we were very close to make an offer. However, our hopes to engage an ID who could provide fresh and practical ideas with reasonable rates and most importantly that feel of sincerity to help (ok, I know this is quite a tall order) were never quite fulfilled. Then Meter Square (MS) came along and we were like, ok let’s give it one last shot. What took us on average 3-4 meetings to get a good understanding of our requirements happened in just one hour. We made the offer to engage on the appointment and never turned back. What we were particularly impressed was the pro-activeness, level of commitment to deliver within an extremely tight time frame and most importantly not being afraid to tell us our idea does not work, while making us comfortable throughout the process. As the saying goes, a picture (see pictures) tells a thousand stories; ok maybe not as many here but it has been a memorable experience working with the MS team. Jocelyn…. Thank You.

  38. We would like to thank Jocelyn for a job well done. As first time home owners, we are clueless about a lot of things but Jocelyn made job of renovating our home stress-free. She provided us with lots of great advice, frequent updates on the progress of out renovation and even after completion, the after-sales service was excellent. We definitely recommend Jocelyn & Meter Square to any one looking for an interior designer.

  39. Renovating a new home is a huge challenge and undertaking for me. I was very happy to partner with the Metersquare team (especially Boyce and Daphne) for this project. They are professional and knowledgeable, most of all, willing to listen and exhibit great team work. I had my initial discussions with Boyce and he was able to immediately get the overall design concept I like and translate that into the end product we see. I am especially pleased and impressed with the kitchen design. The selection and mix of material and colour scheme are flawless. I would not have like it any other way. Despite the fact that the layout/shape/size of the kitchen is “angular”, the team was able to accommodate my desire to create an island while ensuring there is comfortable walking space. They measured and deliberated carefully where every cm counts. Thanks to May for guiding this process. I love the quality of the carpentry work- I have an eye for detail and am most happy with the finishings. The cabinets, islands, wardrobes and patching up the timber strip floorings. We had difficulty with the cement screed walls – to achieve correct colour results with the newly re-erected wall and the existing walls. The team reworked until we finally achieve the results we are happy with. I am very satisfied with the doors they recommended to create the look of the apartment: the bathroom doors, balcony glass door, bedroom doors etc. The material recommendations were spot on. The matte wood surface for the kitchen and living room went much better with the dark granite tops. The matte wood surface also contrasted well with the “cement screed” laminate for the hanging kitchen cabinets. I thought that was a brilliant move. When I first embarked on this project, I do mentally prepare myself to expect hiccups and even difficulties. So it is important to choose the team that is patient, reasonable and good problem-solver. I would like to thank the entire team (design, carpentry, electrician works, wall screed/painter, plumper and air con installation) for the excellent work. Thumbs up.

  40. It was a breeze working with May. We’ve heard many nightmare stories of miscommunication and incompetent IDs, but we are so glad that May was none of these. Throughout the renovation process, we did not have to worry about a single thing, and we could leave her to run the show, knowing that our house was in safe hands. She was also very generous with her suggestions and gave us many tips and ideas on how to decorate and spruce up our home. It has been a really pleasant experience working with May & Meter Square’s team, and we want to thanks her for doing such a great job

  41. I think the only way to accurately describe our experience with Meter Square is to say that it was “stress-free”. Jocelyn was very patient with us and our questions and was quick to provide suggestions. We had a very tight budget but she managed to make the most of it and was helpful when it came time to choosing finishings and fixtures. She met up and stayed with us long after office hours were over and made sure that we felt comfortable with our choices. When it came time for the actual works to be carried out, Jocelyn was quick to set dates and update us on any issue that required our attention. We especially appreciated the fact that she would always have a solution to any problem even before telling us about the issue and most importantly waited for us to make our decision before fixing the problem herself. She made us feel that no project was too big or, in this case, too small for her full attention and scrutiny. Overall a very good experience. We consider ourselves lucky to have found and engaged in an effecient and honest company & designer for our very first home. Anyone else would be just as lucky 🙂 Thank you, Jocelyn 😉

  42. We would like to thank Meter Square and Daphne for creating our dream home. Although we already had something in mind on how things should be, it was certainly helpful to have Daphne to guide us in areas like space maximisation, colour coordination and more importantly, it was hassle free as she coordinated everything that needed to be done…including integrating a major marine tank by another vendor. Despite many research on the various companies available, we decided upon Meter Square in part due to its contemporary design and we are glad we made the right choice. Thanks for everything!

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