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| Address: 1 Pegu Road #01-03 Singapore 328358

| Tel: +65 6256 2586

| Website: http://www.metersquare.com.sg/

Armed with highly dedicated designers with more than 20 years of experience, Meter Square had offered their professional interior design service to more than a thousand home renovation customers to turn their dream home and work place into reality, delivering properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.                        

11 Responses

  1. We engaged Meter Square Consultancy Pte Ltd ("MS") to carry out partial renovations to our home between 2012 and 2013. Our design consultant as Jocelyn. Jocelyn's work attitude was impressive from the get-go. Unlike other interior designers whom we had approached, Jocelyn made the effort to visit our home and give design inputs before formal engagement. She was responsive to queries throughout the course of the project. Her unfailing courtesy and cheery disposition helped to smooth over some of the difficulties that arose. We also appreciate that while Jocelyn's designs accounted for our specificities, she remained on hand to steer us in the right direction when required. Overall, Jocelyn's work ethic was commendable. During the renovations, MS' contractors were competent and efficient. Workmanship is great and high-quality materials were used. Minor defects were made good promptly and with good cheer. We are pleased with the end-result. We now have much more storage space and our home is more aesthetically pleasing than before. The design generally fulfills our requirements. We may consider engaging MS again in future.
  2. Having done our research via online forums and trawling through the weekly expo trade fairs and interior magazines to find the 'perfect' ID, we realized that a trusted source was what matters. In the end, we were referred by my ex colleague to May, who has been a most helpful and patient ID. She was able to give practical advice on important details such as the ideal height of our TV console, which if we had found a contractor might not have given us the right advice. The project was smooth with minor hiccups which May helped to get resolved promptly. Thanks again to Meter Square for realizing our 'dream home'!
  3. The purpose of this letter is formally commend Meter Square Pte Ltd for the excellent service they provide in renovating my house. I believe many people have headaches over which contractor to use because they are scared of delayed schedule, poor workmanship or over-priced quotation? Due to timing issues, I was only able to complete my renovation in less than 3 weeks before I shift in and most contractors I approached told me it would be a challenge considering such a short timeline. But my headache was solved when I decided to use Meter Square Pte Ltd as my ID. My first impression of them was good because they were punctual in appointments and were also meticulous during their first site visit to my house. I am very happy with their overall service because Meter Square never delay in their commitments from design drawings to renovation. They planned their schedules very well and were able to provide me in detail the renovation progress. In short, I only need to communicate to them my requirements and a button is just enough to keep things moving. Despite the short time frame, my renovation was able to complete ahead of schedule and there was no debates over workmanship or slip slop work. In closing, I believe that the team truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing excellent service and support well during the renovation period.
  4. We are very happy to have engaged Meter Square as our ID. Jocelyn did a very good job to ensure all our requirements are met and remain contactable even after office hour. She also visited the site regularly to ensure all jobs were being properly carried out. And also did a detailed check before handing over the house. We are very thankful for her excellent service.
  5. Hi, here's our little testimonial... we mean every word of it :) My family and I would like to commend and show out appreciation to Meter Square for a job well done. When we first decided to renovate our existing HDB flat, a primary concern was finding the right people for the job- someone with fresh ideas who could also incorporate our personal design preferences into a broader concept, and ensure the work was carried out smoothly. Meter Square impressed us with their attention to details and exceeded all our expectations: everything was done systematically with no delays, we stayed within budget and rectifications have been quickly resolved. We will readily recommend Meter Square to any of our friends and relatives looking to spruce up their homes. Thank you!
  6. Recently, we had engaged Meter Square to partial renovate our house and Mr Boyce Tan is our designer in-charge. He did a very good job in renovating our house. It offered outstanding advice in design & decor, efficiently facilitated the whole renovation process and helped us to get our dream house done up without bursting our budget. We are very glad that we had chosen him to renovate our house. Thank you, Mr Boyce Tan
  7. Friendly consultant. Prompt response from our request and provide good advice to our home design and other things (like colour combination) and daughter's room. Very accommodating to our tight timeline to finish the reno in time. Superb service!
  8. May and her team did a wonderful job from brainstorming to building up the design. In between the processes, the patience and advices given were supportive. Now, we are living in a dream designed home that we had been longing We appreciate the professional teams from Meter Square and their marvelous services rendered to our family.
  9. We've had the pleasure and privilege of having the team of Emily Quek and May Chang as our interior designers for the renovation of our penthouse apartment unit. From the start, while Emily and May offered us many creative designs, they have also listened attentively to our own ideas, and gave us many valuable inputs. They've never once missed out a single detail of our requirements. Overall, our experience has been very positive, and their service attitude have far exceeded our own expectations. Thanks very much for a job well done!
  10. I would like to express my many heartfelt thanks to Daphne for helping us with our home renovation previously. She gave us a new dimension of ideas that we would never have been able to think of if we never engage her, especially the shifting of the toilet walls that made the two toilets perfect fits. The quality of the jobs were excellent as well and I can see that the contractors engaged were very professional and all the time I felt assured when I hear them communicate about the renovation. Importantly also, I would like to highlight the fact that she made the effort to engage all my future neighbours and made sure they were comfortable with the activities being run within that period and all my neighbours were very happy with her as a responsible ID in charge. Overall my wife and I were very impressed with the quality of the job done and the whole experience was very pleasant.
  11. Our initial decision to award the contract to Meter Square was largely due to the 'X' factor between Emily and us. Although Meter Square didn't give us the cheapest quote, we went ahead with Meter Square because we're impressed by the way Emily organized her works- systematic and she pays attention to details. Like most renovation works, we ran into many problems along the way but Emily was always there to get things fixed. She has exercised great degree of patience when I blown my top when hiccup in work schedule occurred. Her mild mannered behaviour and accommodative attitude will aid her in scaling new heights. Today marks the completion of the project and we are very happy with the end result. Most importantly, we will remember the pleasant working experience we had with Emily. Lastly, we like to say a big Thank You to Emily.

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