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| Address: ARK @ Kaki Bukit 68 Kaki Bukit Avenue 6 #03-07 Singapore 417896

| Tel: 92254568

| Website:


Nest Spatial Design is a boutique spatial consultancy firm that specializes in creating and designing interior and exterior spaces. Beyond the standard interior design, we believe in creating ‘experiential design’ with each space they are given.

Nest works with each client by listening to his or her needs and understanding the purpose behind each space they are working with. This ensures that the needs of the user for that space are met in both functional and artistic ways.Similar to the structure of Mother Nature where birds nurture and feed their young in a nest they built using the materials they find in their environment, Nest believes in creating spaces where lives can be nurtured and memories can be created.

The Team

Helmed by Project Director, Javis Ho and Creative Director, Chad Toh, the team at Nest Spatial Design comprises of a core team of 8 staff members and more than 40 contractors, builders and craftsmen. Together, the management and core team has a combined total of more than 50 years of lifestyle design, project management and client engagement experience.

The team believes strongly in clear and constant communication in every project through every phase. The foundation of clear and constant communication internally within the team and externally with each client ensures that every project milestone is achievable and delivered within the stipulated time frame.

The team also works on the company’s philosophy of ‘experience design’ and not simply interior design. Every team member endeavors to ensure that the space they are working with is able to create the appropriate experience for the client.

Creative Director, Chad Toh

Chad has more than 8 years of experience in commercial, residential, and retail space design. He is well versed in designing both interior and exterior spaces and believes that spatial design is both an art and a science. The art of creating spaces for living and the emotional experience that goes with living or working in that space, as well as the scientific and technical aspects of designing functional and usable space for the intended user.

Chad is also experienced in building material management where he experiments with different basic building materials and finds way to extend or re-work its application through creative and functional methods. His keen eye for detail and design has also led him to build custom-design furniture for his clients.

His cumulative project value to date amounts up to more than S$20 million and he has designed and worked with intimate spaces such as a studio apartment right up to sprawling bungalows.

13 Responses

  1. I first got to know about Nest Spatial after seeing that they have done a good job for my brother’s house. The design was unique, the price is reasonable, and on top of that, the workmanship is great. The designer whom I liaised with, Chad, was able to comprehend my needs and come out with a design which was exactly what i wanted. Besides a slight delay in one of the craftstone works, everything else was great.

  2. We have been using Nest Spatial’s services for our past projects. Their service and quality of work are great. They are also very responsible and are willing to go an extra mile to settle any problems we had.

  3. My wife was researching for interior designers and saw some good reviews of this company. We decided to engage them because Chad, the designer, was able to incorporate our ideas into his designs and we are very satisfied with the preliminary floor plan designs which he showed us. Chad is very friendly and patient throughout the renovation, and he is always supervising his workers and updating us on the progress. After sales service was superb. We contacted him 1 year later to feedback about some minor issues and he came down to help us resolve the issue

  4. We got to know about Nest Spatial through internet reviews. We met up with their designer, Jarren and the reason why we chose to engage them is because we are very comfortable communicating with him. We feel that communication is vital for a good renovation work to be carried out and Jarren is great in that sense. He has a lot of ideas on how we can enhance the house and yet, he was not pushy with his suggestions. We are very impressed by his attention to very minor details. He helped us look out for defects and took the initiative to get his carpenters to rectify them. All in all, we are very satisfied with his service.

  5. Loh

    We like how Jarren is very easy-going, friendly and not pushy. He provided us with a lot of different suggestions and ways on how we can improve things for our renovation. He is also not a calculative person.

  6. My sister referred us to Jarren. We engaged him as he left us a very good impression, he is practical with his designs and the proposed materials to be used. He is not pushy over his ideas and always do his best to resolve each and every problem one by one. His after sales service is great, he replaced a new kitchen glass panel for free even though the damage was due to my own negligence.

  7. Nest Spatial was referred to us by our first interior design firm who was unable to meet our renovation completion date. We met up with the designer, Chad from Nest Spatial. He is the most innovative, hands-on and creative designer we have ever met! He showed us his existing works, provided us with unique yet functional suggestions. His price is very competitive and within our budget. To add on, they also have an in-house carpentry workshop so they were able to handle pretty much everything about the renovation. It was during a peak period when my renovation was carried out, hence resulting in a slight delay due to a lack of manpower. Nevertheless, Chad was always there to expedite the works as he is a very hands-on designer. A lot of visitors that came to my house have commented they love the design of my house so I’m really pleased with it.

  8. Personally, we felt that Serene is the most reliable and responsive interior designer among all the IDs that we met. She is very fast in her response, and it would usually only take her a minute to respond to us. She is able to answer all our queries on the spot, like explaining to us the technical specifications, costings and comparisons between Compact Glass and Quartz Kitchen top. Even when we were out of town for 14 days, we did not have to worry when we knew that she will take good care of our home renovation. She is able to hand over the house within the timeline of 6 weeks. We are very impressed with her service and professionalism.

  9. Serene was referred to us by my husband’s friend. She is very accommodating towards all our requests. During the renovation, she constantly updated us on the progress with pictures she took on site. She would give us feasible suggestions whenever necessary. We are very comfortable working with her and appreciate how she helped pave a problem-free renovation for us.

  10. A few of my friends’ houses were designed and handled by Serene and since all of them gave positive remarks of her service, we decided to check the ID firm out. We really liked the design concept that Serene came up with and the workmanship is awesome as well. During the first meet up, she is very friendly and we found her to be very sincere. Her response time was great as she answered all my calls without fail. Since my expectations can be rather high, I prefer to visit my place to inspect the progress and if there were areas which I thought could be improved on, I will share the pictures of the problematic areas with Serene. She would normally get the problems rectified within the next working day so I am very impressed with her efficiency! After sales service was equally good too, as she was prompt in coming down with her contractors to rectify some electrical problems.

  11. Serene is a very sincere designer and her quotation was reasonably priced. She has good knowledge up her sleeves and hence, was able to come out with a design based on our needs. Her service is tip-top! I didn’t have to do much during the whole renovation process because she coordinated everything well while keeping me updated on the progress. There were no problems that she couldn’t solve, and she could always provide ideas better than what I could’ve thought of.

  12. Since we were looking to renovate our commercial place, we came into contact with Nest Spatial after seeing that they have a few commercial projects in their portfolio. Their concept is clean and nice. Chad was able to complete the renovation within a short time frame. He is an accommodating guy and flexible with his designs. There were some minor defects but he was able to got them resolved.

  13. It was through our landlord’s recommendation that we engaged Nest Spatial for their service. They are able to commit to our timeline and pricing was within the reasonable range. They have been responsive throughout the renovation and were committed to the work. The designers’ easy-going characters have made our work relationship a cordial one. We had some minor defects but they were resolved pretty quickly.

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