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When it comes to designing, Project File’s driving philosophy is simple, to create design that works. We are determined to create a space that boasts both aesthetics and practicality. To achieve this, we are ready and willing to give full attention to detail, proportions and scale. Thus said, Project File refuse to limit ourselves to a specific style. We like to think out of the box.


Project File Pte. Ltd. is made up of a dynamic group of young professionals committed to create designs that works in the interior design world. Ever since we established in 2001, our strategy has always been to study each project in a systematic process whilst carefully analyzing each detail and eventually wielding it to capitalize on its’ full potential. Although we are just a small budding company, this is where our strength lies in which we are able to provide a personal touch and services, catering to every client’s unique requisites. As the saying goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

With a combined experience of 30 years, our two directors, Alan Choo and Kelly Choong, have the expertise, skills and professionalism in both interior design and also architecture. Sharing a strong passion in design and similar business direction have motivated them to work together as a team in order to build a good reputation in the design world while offering professional services for the company.

Project File holds strongly on all our relationships with our clients because we believe in understanding our client to understand their needs and at the same time encouraging innovation and creativity from both parties. Our excellent service record have served us well with our loyal clients throughout the years. It makes us proud to be able to serve our clients for the past decade and for many decades to come. As proof of our success, we have been featured in countless design and lifestyle publications in Singapore as well as overseas.

11 Responses

  1. They understand the clients’ needs, and were able to provide awesome service. I have and will recommend their services to my friends.

  2. I have entrusted Joey Khoo with my projects, because his ideas are creative, practical, and they demonstrate an excellent use of space. In fact, currently he’s working on a design for someone I have recommended!

  3. I think they did a good job, providing the project with unique ideas.

  4. They completed the job in a timely fashion, within budget, and shown creativity in working on the project.

  5. I found out about Project File through the internet. After shortlisting 3 interior designers, I decided on them as their designer Joey understood very well what we wanted and I really liked his designs. He had good ideas and they translated very well into my home. I really like my two feature walls, one brick and one concrete. He was able to capture the modern theme I wanted for my home very well and he made my home spacious as well. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my house and Joey’s services. He was very helpful throughout the entire renovation process.

  6. I have experienced a good information and idea exchanges with Alan for my renovation needs. Alan was great and I really liked the designs that he had proposed to me. He managed to meet my timeline and hence, was able to do the handover as scheduled.

  7. We had various concepts that we wanted to do for our home and Alan was very open and receptive to our ideas. He would explore possible options after listening to our preferences and from there, he provided us a 3D drawing. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the 3D drawing because the designs were very innovative and his ideas were something beyond what we have imagined. Alan invested a lot of time to discuss with us about how we can tweak and further enhance the ideas. There were minor hiccups here and there along the renovation, mainly in regards to the work coordination with various contractors, but Alan managed to sort everything out for us. we provided ample of time for them to perfect the things for us and we’re generally pretty happy with the outcome.

  8. My wife and I came across Project File’s projects in a magazine and we found that their designs suited the style that we were going for so we went down to their showroom to approach them. Prior to meeting Kelly from Project File, we spoke to a few other companies but Kelly stood out because her approach was unlike any other designers whom we have met. Before getting down to the designs, Kelly would take her time to understand our hobbies and lifestyle so that she could come up with something which is specially catered to our needs. Kelly understood that we had a budget to work with and gave us helpful tips on how we can stay within our budget. She would suggest alternatives that we can consider, and that helped us have a clear sense of what we were paying for. Kelly was meticulous in a way that she could spot any issues even before we have noticed them ourselves. All in all, Kelly and her team have done a fantastic job and they have exceeded our expectations!

  9. We chanced upon Project File’s portfolio through online searches and when we went down to their showroom, we were impressed with their designs. After seeing their past works, we were convinced that they are capable of executing the style that we had in mind. Nigel was our interior designer and we could communicate our ideas well with each other and he was able to capture what we really like. My wife and I had clear ideas of what we wanted, so when we shared our ideas to Nigel, he could refine them further and give us professional advices. From there, we managed to establish a strong working relationship together. In addition to him being a reliable interior designer, he is also very flexible to our needs.

  10. CK

    Alan was always open to ideas whenever we proposed something to him. It has been a bit of a challenge for the interior designer to enlarge the spaces in our home but Alan was on-the-ball about it and he was able to create a more spacious outlook for our home. Alan is a very hands-on person so he has been very involved throughout the entire process. The renovation took slightly longer than expected but overall, we are happy working with Alan and the outcome came out to what we expected it to be.

  11. Comparing Project File with another interior designer which I have engaged previously, Project File fared much better and they were certainly more professional. I felt comfortable talking with Nigel from Project File and overall, it has been a pleasant experience working with him. It didn’t take long for Nigel to understand my renovation needs and he came up with a proposal which fitted my lifestyle. Nigel was also very attentive and flexible in accommodating to my requirements. Despite having a tight timeline to follow, I was impressed by how they managed to complete the works ahead of the the deadline that we have agreed on. The renovation went smoothly

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