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| Address: No 8, Kim Keat Lane, Singapore 328865. (Next to Whampoa Market, off Kim Keat Road)

| Tel: +65 63528809

| Website: http://www.skycreation.com.sg/

At Sky Creation, we measure success through customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being partners with our customers and it is our imandate to serve our best in terms of quality products and services. We embrace the values of customer service, in recognition that our customers are our best assets, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.Integrity is also exemplified in every aspect of our business.

2 Responses

  1. Our renovation works will be starting next week and we would just like to give your designer Sky Lim our deepest appreciation for all the work he has done for us till now. He is no doubt the most detailed, thoughtful and meticulous person I have met and there is no one I can trust more to handle our project. Till now he has given countless ideas, solutions, cost saving methods and responded attentively to our queries and concerns (which is a lot as we are generally the type who like to know everything). His patience is unparalleled and no doubt when the project starts, there will be issues and problems arising to solve and discuss, but I am certain Sky will be able to help us through well. Thank you!
  2. We would like to thank Cherish for her efforts in building our dream home. She was really patient through the process and was accommodating to our changes along the way. Thank you for helping us to meet our dateline.

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