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| Address: No 8, Kim Keat Lane, Singapore 328865. (Next to Whampoa Market, off Kim Keat Road)

| Tel: +65 63528809

| Website: http://www.skycreation.com.sg/

At Sky Creation, we measure success through customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being partners with our customers and it is our imandate to serve our best in terms of quality products and services. We embrace the values of customer service, in recognition that our customers are our best assets, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.Integrity is also exemplified in every aspect of our business.

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  1. As we rejoice in the festive season in our renovated apartment, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kaze, the interior designer, we have engaged from Sky Creation. Our BTO is located at [email protected] We selected our unit through the Sale of Balance Flat Exercise. Hence, only the standard flat option was available. Floor finishes were not provided in the dry areas of standard flat while doors were provided. With the recent adverse news coverage of companies going into default leaving consumers in a lurch, we were certain that we needed to engage a trustworthy interior design firm. Prior to Sky Creation, we had visited numerous major players of the industry but were not impressed by the one size fits all mediocre design consultations. When we came across Musée open house of SkyCreation, we were impressed by their portfolios yet skeptical due to multiple unsuccessful experiences with the other firms. We met Kaze at the open house and were brought around the open house by him. He gave us an insightful overview of the various designs and materials available in the market. He was also able to incorporate various creative concepts which we neither see nor experience at other firms due to their specialization in carpentry. After the tour, Kaze requested for our floor plan and desired concept. To gauge his capability and creativity, we gave him a very vague idea of what we wanted. As mentioned earlier, since we did not have floor finishes, we were affected by the pre-packed cement screed requirement of HDB. Thus, we requested for homogenous and vinyl flooring quotations for comparison. About two weeks later, he presented us the quotations which were within our budget range in spite of the considerable amount of carpentry. The pre-packed cement screed pricing is mind blowing if we were to opt for homogenous flooring. Therefore, we went with vinyl flooring and appealed for Smooth Floor Rendering (SFR) from HDB. By the second 3D design, he was able to establish a rapport and be on the same track as us. He surpassed our expectations with his second 3D design as he was able to have a good grasp of our preferences. His quick wittedness and attention to detail made working with him a breeze. Prior to key collections in the first week of November 2015, we informed Kaze about it and he offered to help us check the defects for our flat. Even though it was a complimentary service, Kaze arranged to meet us the following day after we did our door opening ritual. We submitted the SFR appeal form to HDB on the same day as the key collections but the SFR works were completed a month later even though we filed a request to move in before Chinese New Year of 2016. The quality of the SFR is terrible. The floor was neither leveled nor smoothened in spite of multiple procrastination from the sub-contractor of HDB Woodlands Branch. In order not to jeopardize the renovation schedule and quality, we decided to fork out the additional budget for Kaze to rectify the uneven floor. Prior to forking out the additional budget, we spoke to other contractors to seek second opinion. However, most of the contractors were not confident in resolving it. In an effort to stay close to the renovation budget, Kaze went the extra mile to attain better pricing to rectify the problem. Eventually, he resolved this matter to perfection. Prior to the commencement of the rest of the renovation works, Kaze prepared a schedule of events and brought us around to shop for fixtures and fittings. Even though we engaged other contractors for lighting and air conditioning, Kaze liaised and coordinated with them on behalf of us. His helpfulness, integrity and promptness were the major determinants that have driven us to write a compliment for him. We were impressed by his integrity to highlight the defects that we have overlooked as well as the promptness to attend to the defects that we have raised. He did not doubt or come out with excuses to shirk responsibility. Our requests were almost handled instantaneously. On top of that, despite of some unforeseen changes and requests in between the renovation works, Kaze assisted us with it and tried his best to make it possible. All in all, despite the hectic schedule, the quality was not compromised. The substantial number of certifications that SkyCreation has been awarded is indeed well-deserved. Once again, we would like to wish everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year. Special thanks to Kaze and SkyCreation:)

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