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| Address: Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central, #03-3575 Singapore 150163

| Tel: 6270 1108

| Website:


SPACE: the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimentional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

CONCEPT: that which is conceived, imagined, or formed in the mind, idea, thought, image, conception.

Today, space and time are no longer just conditions in which we live in; they have become modes in which we think, live and have fun in.

At Space Concepts Design, our outstanding designers will capture the essence of your spirit, and coupled with a creative transformation of the space you have at home, transcend it into a living piece of art.    

9 Responses

  1. Space Concepts Design exceeded all my expectations. Deciding on the look and feel of a family home means that the designer has the daunting task to mix and match the views and opinions of various family members. Through their experience and creative input, this process was relatively smooth, where everyone in my home is happy and comfortable with the finished outcome. They were very attentive to my family’s needs and were always on hand to react to any changes we would have. The construction phase always get messy but they always has personnel on hand throughout to manage the timeline and quality of the work. Furthermore, even after completion of the project, they were conscientious to access and execute any refinements for us. Overall, it was a very good experience. I would (and in fact already have) recommend them to my friends and plan to engage them again for subsequent projects.

  2. Space Concepts has done a good job in renovating our home. They are responsive and accountable during most of the phases. When problems arose, they were prompt in resolving the issues. Even when we wanted some last minute changes, they were obliging. It was generally a good experience.

  3. Joanna is actually a personal friend of mine and I decided to sign up with her for my home renovation after comparing the quotations and designs between her and a few other interior designers. Despite my project being quite a big task with a lot of things to do, Joanna managed to complete my renovation within a short period. The best thing is that I could call her anytime for any queries and updates along the renovation process. She is a great person to work with!

  4. I found out about them online and out of the 3-4 contractor IDs which I have dealt with in the past, Space Concepts Design is definitely one of the better ones that I have met. I can be very fussy when it comes to the things that I want for my place but they were very patient, tolerant and basically the team was very easy to work with. The are no issues throughout the renovation and they made sure that all the matters are addressed when there was any issue.

  5. I came across Space Concepts Design at an exhibition. Overall, it has been a good experience working with them. When I give them any ideas or feedback, they were very receptive towards them and would take the ideas positively. Overall, the contractors have done a good job renovating my place as well.

  6. I have been talking to Space Concepts Design and another ID but decided to go with Space Concepts because they appeared more convincing that they can deliver things as promised, which they did, so it has been a good choice engaging them for my renovation works. One thing which impressed me about them was the colour scheme that Space Concepts has chosen for my home which I really like. There was a slight delay in the project but there was no other issues other than that.

  7. Got to know about Space Concepts Design through online platform and they were one of the fastest to get back to us. I chose them becase they listened to our ideas unlike the others. Not only that, Space Concepts were very dedicated and sincere. Our renovation was very rush, we needed to move in within 7 weeks and they did it for us without any issues. I came back on public holidays and late evening on weekdays during the renovation to check and to my surprise, the team were always there working hard to deliver my home. I was really impressed. Even up to date which is the 2nd year after my renovation, they are still very responsive to me when I need help! Alot of my relatives have given praises to the concept of my place and I have recommended them to some of my friends too.

  8. I was browsing through the portfolios of a few IDs until I finally came to Space Concepts Design’s portfolio, which captured my attention . Their designs were in line with my concept so I decided to give them a call. What made Space Concepts stood out from the rest of the IDs was that they would try to understand my lifestyle before proposing ideas. They were upfront in telling me the cost but they still managed to cater to my budget nevertheless. I was going to buy some lightings and bathroom fittings from my own sourced suppliers but they recommended a few other suppliers who not only sell the same designs, but who provide even more choices to choose from. I wanted to have a unique TV console shelf, and they came up with good ideas of incorporating black, white and grey to that area, which I really liked! When I added more ideas to my home at a later part of the renovation, I was impressed at how they managed to make everything blend in together perfectly.

  9. Space Concepts was recommended by a friend so I decided to give them a call. Following that, they came down to my place with her team to try to understand more of my needs. In contrast to other contractors or IDs that like to do things according to their own ways, they were very receptive towards my ideas. They was willing to bounce off ideas, told me the pros & cons to my concepts and that had given me a lot of alternatives and options to choose from. It was that personal touch from them which was really impressive like how they made an effort to be on site most of the time. For my renovation, they have given me a timeline of the works to be done and everything was actually completed earlier than as scheduled. Space Concepts are an excellent company and I have been recommending them to many of my friends ever since I’ve completed my renovation with them two years ago.

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