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| Address: 38 Jalan Pemimpin, M38, #04-08 Singapore 577178

| Tel: +65 9383 2720

| Website:

Space Define Interior is the brainchild of Daniel Loi and Derrick Boh, born out of a passion to create chic, liveable spaces where function and space planning is key in the design process.

Fresh, vibrant and dynamic, we are passionate about infusing charisma into the space
you LIVE, WORK and PLAY. Always listening and offering customised solutions, Space Define Interior aspire to breathe design into your lives.

Offering a one-stop interior design solution hub for you, Space Define Interior specialises in:

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  7. Me and my husband found Space Define. We liked the works they did so we decided to give it a try. We had time constraint for the renovations as we needed to move in before/by our lease ends. We emphasized this to our interior designer Megan and she nailed it without any hiccup ! We moved in happily on the date we planned
    We like Megan’s attitude and she always get what we wanted. She was quite patience especially during discussion as me and my husband changed our mind/decisions quite frequently . We really appreciated her effort to make the move in date possible. Once she even stayed back late for discussion till mid night !
    We are happy and satisfied with her works and attitude, including her follow up after renovation done.

    Well done Megan and keep it up! Definitely will recommend you to our friends!


  8. After a few fruitful discussion with my ID (Derrick), not only we have come to an accommodation on the pricing, but also the design and materials used. And much to my surprise, not only is it done on a professional manners, it was fast and acute and there wasn’t any silly or funny mistakes and every issues we have was iron out by a simple call to our ID who doesn’t even hesitate to advise us even if it’s at odd hours. Most importantly, the support was great, design was classic and we are not once under the impression we was being patronize.
    As of now, the reno is undergoing and we had our painting and false ceiling up. We are now waiting for the carpentry to finish their work and then our various tops with glasses etc and the finish touch up and we will be done!!!
    I would definitely recommend Space Define to any of my friends out there.

  9. We are happy with Megan Zhang’s work. She is responsible and a pleasure to work with. And has a great eye for details! Lorita and Soeren

  10. Very patient and professional. Derrick had been fantastic – ensuring that the project is on time – often at the site to supervise. He is also conscious of taking good care of the property to ensure there are no unnecessary damages.

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  17. Eve

    I got to know about Space Define after browsing the app and was recommended some interior designers. I chose Ethan from Space Define because he able to understand the ideas I conveyed to him and present them in picture form. It felt really comfortable discussing with him our ideas. Given the time constraints, the workmanship is good and he also followed up on the minor defects. What I really liked about the ID was that he makes the effort to explain all the details to us, which made it much easier for me to comprehend.

  18. I came across Space Define on the Internet and felt their advertisements were quite attractive. Someone recommended Ethan to me and when I met him I felt he was attentive and understood my requirements well which is why I decided to engage him. I told him what I had in mind and Ethan recommended designs accordingly. Overall I felt the renovation went well. In particular I really liked the stucco effect Ethan recommended for the feature wall. Overall I am very satisfied with everything and would definitely recommend Ethan and Space Define to future homeowners.

  19. A friend had initially recommended Space Define to me and I decided to go down to their office. I felt the office was quite professional and their designs were of a certain standard. Ethan in particular was very friendly and we were on the same wavelength, hence I engaged him as my ID. He understood my requirements well and designed according to what I wanted. Throughout the renovation he provided good recommendations and did not hard sell anything. For example he suggested the Blume drawer system which I really liked. The follow-up has been good as well, Ethan has been attentive and rectified any issues. For instance there were some touch-ups required on the HDB tiles and he was able to bring the contractor down to address the issue. One room for improvement is perhaps Ethan has been slightly forgetful recently but this is understandable as he has been quite busy. I have already recommended him to a friend who also engaged Ethan for her renovation.

  20. Initially Space Define was recommended to me by a colleague who passed me their contact. As I was scrolling through the Qanvast app I saw Space Define’s profile as well. Initially I had shortlisted several IDs including Space Define and had first meetings with them where I got quotations. Even though Space Define’s quotation was slightly higher than the other IDs, I selected them as I felt there was quality in their work. Derrick, my ID, was helpful and also shared his suggestions throughout the house. For example he recommended the latest design for the kitchen hinges which I liked. He was even able to suggest flooring material based on my budget. I was quite busy during the time of renovation so I left majority of it under Derrick’s care and popped by to check up during the weekends. I trusted Derrick who constantly reassured me about the works and updated me along the way. Initially I decided not to do any work in one of my toilet’s but once the renovation was done I realised it looked quite off as compared to the rest of the house and hence wanted to change it. Derrick was able to accommodate this change even though it would take time and require a lot of work to be done. The follow up was good as well with Derrick promptly rectifying any issues such as some scratches that were made when we were shifting in. Overall I am very satisfied with my renovation and would definitely recommend Derrick and Space Define to future homeowners.

  21. I found out about Space Define through my online research. The interior designer, Geo, is experienced, friendly and funny as well. His designs suited my husband and my taste. I really liked the ideas and colour scheme he suggested for our house. Throughout the renovation process, Geo promptly got back to us whenever we highlighted anything. His follow up was satisfactory as well with Geo rectifying any issues on time.

  22. My cousin had engaged Space Define for her renovation and that is how I found out about them. In the initial meeting I already felt comfortable with the interior designer Joann and hence decided to engage Space Define for my renovation. I had some ideas on what I wanted and when I told Joann, she was able to add on suggestions accordingly. I found Joann responsible and responsive throughout the renovation. In particular I liked the overall design that was suggested for the house. Joann’s follow-up was prompt as well and there are still touch-ups being done in the house. All in all I am satisfied with the entire renovation.

  23. We went to a friend’s housewarming and we were impressed with how nicely renovated their place was! The workmanship and designs were really good, looking very much like a showroom. After seeing how impressive the actual work was, we got to know that Derrick from Space Define was the one who has done up their place so we went on to arrange a meeting with him. Our impression of Derrick was great from the first meeting itself, because he was very professional, detailed and was able to give us technical aspects to things that we might not know about. He had given us some creative ideas without compromising on the practicality of them. Derrick is an extremely commited person as he has been very engaging throughout the renovation from updating us any changes in plans or giving us improvement suggestions on what he thought would be good for our home, including things like deciding on the colour scheme for our home when we couldn’t decide on one. He has the penchant for recommending the right Misty wall paint which in the end turns out to be the best choice after all. Like his choice of paint and concept, he is, creative, warm and industrious. Since we had our own plumber to work with, Derrick didn’t mind that and coordinated everything very well with him. Even when we had some issues that the plumber refused to rectify, Derrick stepped in to get someone else to fix them so we were amazed at how dedicated he was in the whole renovation. Our place is a resale unit so there were quite a lot of things that needed to be done, but everything was completed despite the tight timeline and they made it possible for us to move in within a month’s time. We have been through 3 renovations now and we would conclude that the experience with Derrick is definitely the best one by far. We would rate him a 10/10!

  24. We saw their portfolio on Qanvast website and we really like their designs so we went to talk to them. Had a very good experience with Megan. Ours is a resale unit so there was a lot of work to be done. Since our lease was ending, we had a tight timeline to move in. Megan did not overpromise things and managed to deliver in time so that we can move in. Megan is a very experienced designer where she gave us a lot of ideas. The colours and designs that she proposed suit our style.

  25. I first got to know Space Define when I found out that they renovated a few of my close friends’ homes. After looking at their works, I was confident that they would be able to do a good job for my home renovation as well. Working with Space Define has been a really pleasant experience. I could trust them to fully take care of the day-to-day works on site. They even took the initiative to incorporate some additional ideas into my house which they feel will suit my taste (without any additional charges!) For instance, they took the initiative to install trendy door knobs for all my doors even though they know that they would incur additional costs for that. Very good service during and after the renovation was completed, as they were quick to respond and resolve any defects that we had.

  26. It was an ease to work with Geo because he understood what me and my wife wanted in terms of storage and the overall feel of the home. He was proactive in giving her opinions on what will work or what won’t. He also recommended very good storage solutions for our home and even helped us figured out how to have the huge mirror transported and installed in our living room!

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