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| Address: 86 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427803

| Tel: 6345 6783

| Website: http://www.theinteriorlab.com.sg/

The Interior Lab – The Chemistry of Arts. Where creativity, innovation, and unique designs come together to create your dream home. Helmed by industry veterans Freddy Tan, and Nelson Lin, The Interior Lab is an interior design company based in Singapore. With more than 8 years of experience under their belts, the two directors lead a team of young, creative, and passionate designers.

11 Responses

  1. Good coordination that comes along with good workmanship. Selection of materials were easy as perspective dimensional drawings were accurate. Highly recommended firm to go if you have no time to coordinate.
  2. Very knowledgeable and always available whenever you have something to ask. Knows what is going on and will arrange to find out more information if he doesn't.
  3. Responsible constructor, he did a good and creative job :)
  4. Ng
    Freddy has done a good job in proposing and coming up with ideas on designing our new home. He coordinates his workers well and progress of the renovation runs smoothly. He update us with the progress of the reno by sending us pictures of work done while we are working. He is friendly and approachable.
  5. I would like to use this comment page to thank freddy for his work & time spent on my house reno. Revamped 2 of my bathrooms, kitchen and others. His sense of colors and material match is very good furthermore workmanship was great, professionalism was shown through out the interior design process and once again time line for our move in date was met which i think it is very important for those who are experiencing a limited time to shift into the new house.
  6. Simply love the workmanship of my carpentry works & after sales service provided by Freddy & is co workers. Definitely a good person to engage.
  7. We were very glad we got Freddie Tan as our interior designer. There were no problems with communication and he will work/suggest what is in your budget. If there are any concerns or additional stuff we want done, we can easily contact him and he still accommodates us even months after the renovation was completed.
  8. Nelson was really patience with us despite us not knowing what we actually want. He response well to any Hiccup arise from the renovation. And most importantly he had a great after sales service. Thumbs up.
  9. Good work coordination and reasonable price.
  10. Freddy & his workers especially the carpenters, are very experience. I am very satisfied with his quality of work & design. His carpenter has also done a very good job for all my carpentry work especially my living area TV feature that needed some sprayed painted effect on the wall paneling itself. A good & responsive interior designer. keep up the good work!!
  11. With Freddy overlooking the project, I had my mind at ease. During the conceptual phase, he provided 3D pictures which was excellent for visualization. Further more, he was giving great ideas and worked with my other contractors (aircon and curtains) to do the necessary adjustments boxed up and concealment. And he does it with professionalism. I believed the others contractors are more than willing to work with him. Further more, the prices are reasonable. But what\’s more important in a Reno works? Is the after Reno service. Though a house is beautifully done, without after service is just a vain pot. Freddy provides the best and immediate responds to your after Reno service. Any rectification is done almost immediately. No worries of a run away contractor here. Absolutely perfect service.

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