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| Address: 288 Balestier Road #02-02, Singapore 329731

| Tel: 6226 0110

| Website: http://www.unimax.com.sg/

At Unimax Creative, we understand that your property is important to you — which is why we want to turn your desired space into reality. As your design and build partner, we take care of the details to realise those dreams.

Through a non-obligatory sales consultation, we seek to not only understand your needs but to also present our visions for your dreams. Promising no hard-selling, hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises, Unimax Creative adheres to a transparent work process where every detail can be discussed to your satisfaction.

Demonstrating confidence in our creations and our commitment to be your long-term partner, we promise you our support for 8 years under the workmanship warranty.

9 Responses

  1. I visited my friend’s house and I really like the overall concept of her place. I got to meet up with their interior designer, Jerry. Overall, workmanship is good and the design is unique. Jerry is a very patient guy. He was always listening to our needs and he would try to align his ideas according to our requests. Whenever we have any doubts or uncertainty, he will explain to us slowly in layman terms. We are pleased with the result and we have had visitors commenting that our house is beautiful.

  2. I consulted Unimax as their showroom is near to my office. The main reason why I shortlisted them is because they are able to commit an 8 years warranty period after the project handover date. I was able to communicate well with the interior designers as they were very flexible in terms of design ideas and were able to propose ideas that are to our liking. They would frequently provide us feasible ideas and advise us based on their past experience if they feel that our choice of selections are not too suitable. They even took time to find out the measurements of the furniture and kitchen appliances that I needed to buy.

  3. I was browsing through Facebook and saw some of my friends’ nicely done up homes which I later found out were renovated by Unimax. I decided to go ahead with Unimax as they were the only one who was able to propose something that suits my style. Overall, the designer is good but I feel that he could have better managed his contractors to expedite some of the works. Nevertheless, service was good and their after sales service is still good up till today.

  4. We met Wilerd in a tradeshow at one of the expo. He is a very detailed and convincing interior designer because of his sound knowledge in the technical aspects of interior design. He is a responsive person and will go all out to get things accomplished.

  5. Our experience with the interior designer started off pretty well. However, at the later stage of the renovation, we felt that she could have done a better job at some areas. We had to do a lot of follow-ups with them as well as doing our own site inspections. It could be that she is still new and inexperienced, or perhaps it could be us who set our expectations too high. Nevertheless, there was another designer whom we worked with from the same company, and the designer did a great job.

  6. We first met the designer, Fion, during a road show at an expo. Fion is very friendly and she shows great enthusiasm in her work. She has been responsive to all our requests and queries throughout the renovation, and even replying to our messages at late nights at times. Overall, we like her service and her positive attitude towards her clients.

  7. We enquired within a couple of interior design firms before deciding on Unimax. Everyone was trying to sell us something but Unimax differs as their intention was beyond the purpose of just securing the job. We felt that it is important for designers to be neutral across suppliers instead of being biased in terms of pushing certain brands or products. We were confused by how everyone was telling us different things that we needed so we started second guessing everyone. On the other hand, Wilert Goh from Unimax, has great ideas and a keen service attitude. As an example, he met us at Chan Huat to show us the type of lightings we should get for different areas, as well as helping us get a better price. As far as we are aware of, Unimax does not have a working relationship with Chan Huat. We changed our minds a few times but Wilert was very patient and accommodating about it. The renovation process was delayed for a while because we had to wait for the contractors to come in and touch up certain areas but that aside, everything went well.

  8. We compared the quotations and proposals from a few interior design firms but ultimately felt that Unimax’s portfolio was in sync with our ideas so we decided to engage them. I am a hands-on person who knows exactly what I wanted. My request was for more storage space in order to achieve a clutter-free home and Unimax was able to do that, by customising the carpentry to my expectations. Both my wife and I had some difficulties choosing the colour for the carpentry but Fion, was able to narrow down the colour schemes to ease our selections. As I am very particular with angles and how wide a door can open, Fion will always advise her contractors to do all minor adjustments according to my requests.

  9. We got to know Unimax through a friend because we liked their design concept after visiting our friend’s home. Trusting our friend’s recommendation and judgement, we decided to work with Unimax as well. They were responsive and good in their follow up. Overall experience was good with no major hiccups and their workmanship is good as well.

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