Unity Interior Design

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| Address: 73 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub, #06-59, Singapore 408733

| Tel: 6440 3430

| Website: http://unityinteriordesign.com

At Unity Interior Design, Home Renovation are always intrinsically tied to the way we live, work and play. It is always centred around the person, and never about design for design’s sake. Founded Annie Lau, Wynn Neo, Ken Lim and Sam Gwee, followed by a strong team of 12 creative designers, whom are committed to creating living environments that mould themselves to its users. Regardless of project type – residential or commercial, small or large – the aim is always to provide sustainable solutions that make daily life better. Unity renders professional interior design services and solutions for every phase of an interior design project where clients’ ideas become reality.

16 Responses

  1. Kef and Samuel were the IDs for our house. It was a great experience working with them unlike the many stories we had heard about how the renovation process could be a nightmare. They were very meticulous, efficient, and never give us a problem wo a solution/ recommendation. During the renovation, Samuel also went onsite to supervise the contractors ensuring things were going smoothly per planned, and gave us constant updates. Even the handover was a breeze as sessions were arranged to ensure we align on the defects/ expectations so that rectifications could be done per request. Quality of carpentry was good too! Overall, we will not hesitate to recommend them to others!

  2. Kef & Kelly are our ID for our humble home. Both provide wonderful ideas, designs and most importantly the patience with us throughout the whole period from selections of colors, laminates, furnitures etc to even after Reno completion, they still attend to our some hiccups there and here with no questions asked. Excellent service!! Thank you, Kef & Kelly! We love our beautiful home with our 2 happy and excited kid

  3. We worked with Kef and Kelly for our new home. They were receptive to our ideas and changes and took our wish list to another level with their expertise. Thanks to them we have a wonderful new home to enjoy and we never fail to get compliments on how well it is done up.

  4. We have engaged Unity though its only the 2nd ID firm we went to.
    Reason was Samuel & Kelly come across as very sincere to us, and we were impress when they took the effort to do up the drawings/proposal just on our 2nd consultation.
    Now the house is done, we shifted in, and we are very happy that we make the right choice. Samuel & Kelly accommodated and kept to our timeline throughout although it was pretty tight. Workmanship was high quality, paint job was great, and the designs proposed by them turned out great.
    Minor problems here and there are always taken care of promptly. Though the last portion on cleaning for handover was not as perfect, Sam & Kel took the effort to come down on the weekend to help us clean up, that was very much appreciated. Additional things we require like drilling to put shelves, was never turned down by them, and the person that came down to drill for us actually took the whole entire day, where to find such patient and meticulous service.
    Furthermore, even after the whole job was done, we could still contact Kel for some minor issues, and she would gladly help us resolve.
    Great job and thanks to Kel & Sam!

  5. Kef and Kelly are our great team of ID who has the superb creativity and ideas.
    We always wanted a cosy yet contemporary home, Kef and Kelly took the extra mile to design a great looking outfit that really meets our requirement. It’s elegant, clean-cut, refreshing with a light palette. Both your services are commendable and always impeccable. We can always count on your superb advises and services to accommodate our request at anytime. Minor hiccups were dealt with on a timely manner with just a call, every design and renovation details are followed through with great care and attention.
    A big thank you to both of you and really appreciate your professionalism and dedication, you guys delivered !
    We are proud that our home has been featured in “LookBox Annual 2016”, home design magazine which speaks volume of Kef and Kelly’s excellent and creative work.
    We made the right choice to work with Unity ID and is a definite recommendation to our friends. Thank you Kef and Kelly

  6. First thing that really drew us to Unity was our ID, Kelly, who is friendly, sincere, down to earth and never fails to give good, practical advice. She is prompt, attentive and appears as though she never sleeps or goes on leave, as she responds to our messages even at midnight. We particularly like the fact that she doesn’t force any design or theme on us.
    ID isn’t all there is in a reno. The team behind Unity was excellent. Selection of materials was great, and good quality. Carpenters’ workmanship was good. Electrician team was meticulous with their work and paint work was done well. Even the tilers did a great job. We are overall impressed and happy with the result.
    Kudos to Kelly and team for delivering the project on time on target and on budget! Thank you Unity.

  7. Am the proud owner of the awesome 329A Anchovale scandinavian home

    Kef and Sarah has been very helpful in helping us in building our home, making the complicating renovation process easy & simple for us. As design was the key element for our home, we can always trust them to come out with the most creative ideas making our home unique and one of a kind.

    After renovation service was excellent as we had several defects but they spared no expenses to ensure that the quality of our home is that of what they promised.

    We paid for a renovation package but what we got back was a warm and comfort of a home that cannot be measured by money.

    Thanks guys!

  8. Hi Kef, Samuel,

    Would like to thank you guys for making our dream home a reality! Know that
    I have not been exactly an easy customer, given the many design elements
    that I was looking for in our new home. Its thanks to your continued
    patience and ideas that helps fit in everything, striking a fine balance
    between aesthetics and practicality. Both of you complement each other
    really well! Samuel, really appreciate your attention to details and being
    there to oversee everything gets done properly. Kef, thanks for all the
    advice that you’ve given from both a design and practical perspective!
    Working with the both of you feel really seamless indeed! Despite some
    hiccups and miscommunication along the way, we are really pleased with the
    overall level of workmanship and quality of the works, especially the
    attention to some details which we had overlooked. Most importantly, thanks
    for embarking on this journey with us and helping us realize our dream of
    having a unique and homely place that we can call our own.

    Thank you!


  9. I engaged Samuel Teo from Unity Interior Design for my 5rm BTO HDB. My husband and I really love the final outcome of the house. It looks very spacious, cosy and modern. My favourite part of the house has to the tiles feature wall in our living room. It made our house look a lot bigger than it is, which is a plus point!

    As a first time homeowner, we are very appreciative of Samuel’s value-added suggestions and advice. A recommended designer.

  10. I have the great pleasure to work with Kef and Qiyun for the renovation of my resale HDB flat.
    As with most first time flat owners, I dutifully did my homework and asked for quotations through Qanvast and similar apps. The quotations that I received varied drastically and therefore, made it difficult for me to plan for an appropriate budget for my renovation. To make matters worse, I was stationed overseas and could not arrange for face to face meetings with the IDs.
    Kef was introduced to me by a mutual friend and he was extremely patient right from the beginning. He guided me on the important things to look out for, what are the “must” change things and what the “good” to change things; all via what’sapp and emails. I was sold on Unity Interior Design during our first meeting when Kef and Qiyun prepared a mood board to present their ideas for my apartment, was a great help as I am weak in visualising. They were the only IDs which took the effort to do so. I was extremely impressed that they worked overnight to create the mood board as I had a last minute change in concept.
    Throughout the designing and renovation stages, Kef remained actively involved in my project despite his busy schedules. Qiyun was excellent in the day-to day follow-up under Kef’s supervision and guidance. Communications with me were on a daily basis with photos tracking the progress of the renovations until the end. When I returned to Singapore, a month after the handover, and spotted some small issues, Kef was very quickly to get his contractors to fix them.
    A big thank you to Kef and Qiyun for doing a fantastic job and I will be glad to be their reference for any potential customers. You are welcome to PM me.

  11. Kef & Kelly are our ID for our humble home. Both provide wonderful ideas, designs and most importantly the patience with us throughout the whole period from selections of colors, laminates, furnitures etc to even after Reno completion, they still attend to our some hiccups there and here with no questions asked. Excellent service!! Thank you, Kef & Kelly! We love our beautiful home with our 2 happy and excited kids…

  12. We worked with Kef and Kelly for our new home. They were receptive to our ideas and changes and took our wish list to another level with their expertise. Thanks to them we have a wonderful new home to enjoy and we never fail to get compliments on how well it is done up.!

  13. Our dream house is coming together beautifully and it would not be possible without the professional guidance by Kef and the detailed follow-through by Kelly. While I tend to worry too much over every detail, they made the renovation process a fuss-free experience for me.
    Kef, you have a keen eye for detail and your service is always impeccable. Kelly, you are sharp, efficient and work so tirelessly. Both of you did not complain when our meetings ran long past meal times or late into the night. And you have been accommodating to my numerous requests and changes. When hiccups occurred, you promptly followed up with the necessary rectifications.
    Really appreciate the professionalism you demonstrated in proposing the designs and the hard work you put in to coordinate the renovation. Thank you very much for your patience and dedication. We made the right choice with Unity ID.

  14. Kelly and Kef are superb IDs with great design vision and knowledge, allowing them to work their magic, well within our tight budget.
    The renovation process for our lovenest was quick and seemless with their own in-house teams of electricians and carpentry – of course without compromise on quality.
    Rectifications were minimal and timely dealt with.
    Special kudos to Kelly who was always prompt with inquiries and follow up actions.
    Unity ID is a definite recommendation for couples who are not looking for the run of the mill designs and value quality finishings.
    Kef and Kelly, you guys really delivered! Thanks!

  15. Both Kef and Samuel have been very dedicated to making sure things go right to our requirements and details (even if it means re-doing certain areas completed rushing to meet our preferred move in deadline). They have demonstrated a great sense of service by following up with the renovations personally every morning on site and with us and our questions even on weekends.
    With them, there is assurance that every design and renovations details are followed through, even after we moved in for 1 month and advised upfront. There are no hidden costs or use of poor quality materials for renovations that we found.
    We also did not faced any of those commonly heard scenarios which after signing up with interior design firms, things promised started to fall apart and quality levels dip.
    With Unity, though there have been some small hiccups along the process, we are constantly updated daily through Whatsapp. Credit also has to be given to Samuel for all the sound and practical suggestions in advance that we never thought of which indeed prevented several potential nightmares incidents which our neighbors had complained of after moving in.
    We will definitely approach Samuel for our next house designs and renovation process. In fact, we are lucky we have decided to work with them. It was in hindsight a very wise decision that we thankfully have made.

  16. Awesome! Kef and Kelly are responsive and catered to our needs and requirements while ensuring good quality works and timely completion. It’s a pleasure work with them.

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