EcoPluz Vinyl Flooring

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EcoPluz Luxury Resilient Vinyl Flooring (LRVF) differentiates itself with a wide array of high-performing and modernistic designs. It bears the sophistication and textures of the more expensive natural hardwood yet without the high-end price tag.

Our impeccable 6mm vinyl flooring – with its easy adhesive-free installation, surpasses with a strong yet soft underfoot luxury. It also comes with greater sound absorption and minimal maintenance. Likewise, its beneficial antibacterial topcoat ensures a long-lasting protection for your floor with better indoor air quality.

EcoPluz LRVF is superb in being water-resistant. Its durable and protective top layer can also resist scratches, drops and spills and even stains from family pets. It can also maintain a comfortable constant temperature under different weather conditions. Ideal for both residential and commercial uses, EcoPluz LRVF is the undisputed choice for all your flooring needs.


EcoPluz LRVF

16 New Industrial Road,

#01-08 Hudson TechnoCenter,

Singapore 536204
Tel: +65 6281 3668


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