Four Star DuoFeel mattress


You are an Individual; You are Yourself.

You have a preference on how you want to feel. Although being married means you have to share things together, it doesn’t mean that you have to share preferences.

With the all new Four Star DuoFeel mattress, you can share the bed together with each side having your own feel – Separately.

You won’t have to compromise on the comfort level, giving you a good night’s sleep. Now you both can have that good night’s sleep your way – Together.

How DuoFeelTM Works?

DuoFeel is a mattress range that is customisable on each side. This allows users to choose from 8 different firmness levels to their liking.

The amazing thing is that you will not be able to feel a difference in firmness level in the middle. It is seamless.

Four Star is also able to add the “Anti-Bedbug / Detense / Outlast” feature with an added cost. On top of this, we are able to tailor and deliver your perfect mattress to your home within 10 days upon purchase!

Four Star DuoFeelTM is the only mattress in Singapore that can have two separate feel in one seamless mattress and it’s only available at Metro CentrePoint. Hurry down now!

44 Kallang Place Four Star Building
Singapore 339172
Tel: 6296 5966
Fax: 6298 2570



3 Responses

  1. Was going to wait until after my holidays but when I saw this dormeo mattress on here was to good to miss it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had Thankyou Ideal World fo a great service and Dormeo for the mattress.

  2. Received my new mattress on Friday it is just fabulous I was very pleased when I saw what good quality it was love it. Quality & price of my new mattress I thought was excellent, really comfy would recommend this product to anyone.

  3. Best sleep ever, I knew I was buying quality with the name I didn’t even leave the plastic on. i knew I was going to keep it. The comfort though is second to none.

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