Star Living

  • Star-Flint DT
  • Star-Heron Bedroom Set
  • Star-Rue Junior Set
  • Star-Sandy Sofa Set
  • Star-Chess DT + Cotton-N Long Bench + Cathy DC + Ray Buffet
  • Mondi Infiniti-Tiffany Dining Set + Buffet + TV Sideboard
  • Mondi-Meryl Sofa Set
  • Mondi-Serene Sofa Bed
  • Star-Galaxy Dining Set
  • Mondi Infiniti-Tango Sofa Set
  • LUCANO-Lilac Mechanism Suite
  • LUCANO-Miranda Lounge Set
  • LUCANO-Phantom-N Dining Table+Napoleon DC
  • Zen Tradition-Swallow Lounge Set
  • Zen Tradition-Leona-N Lounge Set
  • Zen Tradition-Swallow Bed
  • JotterGoods-Task Table
  • JotterGoods-Camper Sofa
  • JotterGoods-Compass Table
  • JotterGoods-Draft Low Back Lounge
  • JotterGoods-Jotter Bed
  • DecoTalk -Batik Dining Set
  • DecoTalk -Bali Lounge Set
  • BEDz Store Showroom
  • BEDz Store Showroom 1
  • Logo-07-01
  • star liiving

Star LivingLogo-07-01
Star Living is an integrated retailer, manufacturer and exporter of household furniture.
Our principal business activities include:

a. Designing, manufacturing and retailing of household furniture and accessories; and,
b. Exporting of household furniture and accessories

With a long heritage since 1981, Star Living now has a strong retail presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China with over 43 retail showrooms, and an export network of over 45 countries. Our factories are set up in Dongguan, China and Johor, Malaysia.

The Group has a strong retail presence with a network of 28 retail outlets in Singapore, 12 retail outlets in Taiwan, and 3 retail showrooms in Malaysia.
We have also conceptualised a retail concept brand known as Star Living – a one-stop furniture and furnishing store, housing the Group’s seven distinct furniture brands, specially catered for the busy city dwellers in Singapore. Today, there are 6 such malls in Singapore.

In the retail business, we created seven distinct product brands to cater to seven varied groups of customers. Our seven brands are Star Living; Mondi Lifestyle; Zen Tradition; LUCANO; JotterGoods; DecoTalk and BEDz Store each having its own unique brand propositions. Our extensive product range includes living room furniture, dining sets, bedroom sets, junior sets, occasional furniture and mattresses and beddings.

Star Living has penetrated the international market and grown an extensive export base over the years. The Group’s comprehensive range of modern and innovative furniture and furnishing products are now exported to over 45 countries in Europe (including Eastern Europe), Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands.

We have consistently brought to market superior quality products in modern innovative designs that are current to market demands. Another success factor for the Group is our unrelentingly good customer service. We constantly revitalize our collections and services in pace with the latest global trends and market development.

Star Living

52 Sungei Kadut Ave
Star Building I
Singapore 729675
Tel: 6365 8832
Fax: 6368 1930 / 6368 1932
Website: http://www.starliving.com.sg

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