FIND AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM CONCEPT FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN OR HOME RENOVATION IN SINGAPORE WITH RENOPEDIA. There are more Than 50,000 Satisfied Homeowners. Contact and engage a Renovation Contractor in Singapore or Interior Designer in Singapore via our platform today!

No.1 home renovation Singapore website that offers databases of renovation contractor and interior designer in singapore to homeowners. Singapore’s best of home interior design in singapore and renovation.

FIND AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM CONCEPT FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN OR HOME RENOVATION IN SINGAPORE WITH RENOPEDIA. There are more Than 50,000 Satisfied Homeowners. Contact and engage a firm via our platform today!

The most successful and fastest growing online home renovation portal 

Headquartered in Singapore, Renopedia is the most successful and fastest growing online home renovation portal. Today, Renopedia enjoys partnerships with more than 300 interior design companies and home renovation merchants. Renopedia’s success can be gauged by the strong market reputation. 

Renopedia's Statistics

We take pride in having strong online statistics figures. It is our fan’s appreciation that has helped us to achieve these figures. Firstly, we have 1 Million visits over all our platform. Secondly, we have also achieved 700k weekly social media engagements. Thirdly, we have achieved the milestone of 160K Facebook Page likes. Lastly, Renopedia has also achieved 50k Instagram followers.  In addition,  more than 90% of our visitors are Singaporeans.

50,000 Satisfied Homeowners

Join over 50,000 homeowners in receiving a curated list of reliable firms. Undoubtedly, these firms are handpicked just for you. Thus, you can click the button below for FREE RENOVATION QUOTES. By doing so, you will also receive E-MAGAZINE, CHECKLIST and Free Travel/Home Insurance. In addition, you can STAND A CHANCE TO WIN UP TO $80K!

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The most successful and fastest growing online home renovation portal 

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RENOPEDIA – THE MOST ENGAGING ONLINE HOME RENOVATION SINGAPORE MEDIA is the leading HOME RENOVATION SINGAPORE website where you can start searching for your home renovation inspirations. Whether you are looking for renovation materials, or looking for just interior design inspirations, this is the right place for you. Similarly, you can also find thousands of home renovation photos, videos and blogs.

Over 1000 Featured Home Renovation Projects

In addition, we also showcases the most beautiful home interior designs such as Scandinavian, Industrial, Modern, Contemporary, Victorian design concepts.  Definitely, we can also assist you by providing you with free renovation quotes. Thus, this will save you the time and hassles.

No.1 home renovation Singapore website that offers databases of renovation contractor and interior designer in singapore to homeowners. Singapore’s best of home interior design in singapore and renovation.
No.1 home renovation Singapore website that offers databases of renovation contractor and interior designer in singapore to homeowners. Singapore’s best of home interior design in singapore and renovation.


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Home Renovation Singapore | Home Interior Design Singapore

No.1 home renovation Singapore website that offers databases of renovation contractor and interior designer in singapore to homeowners. Singapore’s best of home interior design in singapore and renovation.

Search For the Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

A dream home should fit your lifestyle, style concepts and suit your budget too.

“At Renopedia, we have faith in making individualized living spaces.”

This is because we address the stylish tastes and way of life requirements of the individuals who live in these living spaces.

Renopedia Team

Our team had involved in the home renovation and interior design industry for more than 10 years. Therefore, we worked hand in hand with renovation contractors in Singapore or interior designers in Singapore

Furthermore, we had came out with a series of renovation packages. Definitely, these packages are designed to suit different budgets. 

“Over the years, we had worked hard to assemble a system which incorporate best interior design companies and renovation professionals.”

Thus, you can rest assure that they can offer homeowners the highest level of customer service and quality goods. 

Choose the Right Interior Design Package for Your Home Renovation

Renopedia developed a system that incorporate the best renovation contractors and interior design companies in Singapore. Renopedia is well-put to furnish customers with interior design package.

“These interior design packages are custom-made to their ideal lifestyle needs and spending plan.”

Looking for HDB pros who can cause squeezed apartment suites to feel roomy? Or you are looking for interior design companies with unmistakable retro chic or innovator style signature? Fret not, we can locate the best renovation contractor for your home interior design in Singapore.

Comprehensive Renovation Quotations without Bursting Your Bank

The most costly thing you can purchase in Singapore is likely your home. Given that sort of venture, we can acknowledge for what reason you’d need to make your home as attractive as would be prudent. However, doing a home renovation in Singapore is going to cost you dearly.  

“Renopedia is an accomplished home renovation media who has worked with budget that range from budget to extravagance.”

Renopedia is very much put to give you sensible renovation quotes and interior design plans that empower you to precisely assess what your costs will be. 

After that, we will find out which renovation packages best suits your lifestyle needs, style concepts and budget. 

Free Renovation Quotes

The renovation quotes are custom fitted to your requirement. Similarly, it will give you a reasonable thought of what it will cost to revamp your fantasy home in Singapore.

Not only you can get an understanding of your budget, but you can also get a chance to win up to $80k worth of Home Renovation.

Search Best renovation Contractors in Singapore with Us

A dream home is difficult to get in this era without proper planning. It should be best fitted to planned budget and lifestyle of yours. Otherwise, you would be stuck in exaggerating budget constraints.

Definitely, our Interior Designers in Singapore design individualized living spaces to address all types of styles and requirements for all the homeowners. Most homeowners have been taking our assistance for years.

Renovation in Singapore

We have been serving people for more than a decade. Thus, our dedication and style of work make us different from other home renovation media in Singapore. Our Interior Design Partners sit with the client and take detailed requirements to design everything as per their choice.

Furthermore, Renopedia had garnered various recognition as well to win the trust of people. In conclusion, we had made your search easier for a renovation contractor or interior designer in Singapore.

Hdb, bto, condo, landed property renovation package in singapore

We worked with our home renovation partners on introducing different hdb, bto, condo or landed property packages in Singapore.

This is to serve people for renovating their home interior in Singapore. Therefore, we are known for providing the best renovation packages in Singapore from our interior design partners to all homeowners.

“We had worked hard over the years with our partners to incorporate the best interior designs in Singapore.”

Thus, most of our home renovation contractors in Singapore or interior designers in Singapore are mostly the leading companies in Singapore. A great customer service is ensured with quality advise.

Interior Designers Singapore or Renovation Contractor Singapore are trained. In addition, they have been paying attention to the requirements of the clients.

“We incorporate the best interior designers in Singapore for your project.”

Undoubtedly, Renopedia has taken the responsibility of providing you well-furnished space. These spaces come with a reasonable home renovation package in Singapore. These packages are also designed to give an ideal lifestyle as per your requirement.

Competitive Comprehensive Home Renovation Option In Singapore

Ordinary people might not very into interior design. However, they want to renovate their home with all the possible trends. In addition, they need suggestions and some tricks as well. How much renovation magazines are playing an essential role in interior design? You are going to find out more in the below section.

Why do we need to take help from number 1 online home renovation magazine in Singapore?

For Latest Home Interior Design Singapore Trends

Usually, with renovation magazines, it is easier for people sitting on their couch to see the latest trends. This can be done with a single scroll. If you are very much motivated to spruce up your home appearance, then online magazines would-be savior for you.

For Shortcuts

It has been seen that people exaggerate their budget for long term implementation. Moreover, they don’t know about some shortcuts.

Perhaps some of you may come to know about alternatives through experiences. Therefore, online renovation magazines like Renopedia are helping out people with so many tricks and tactics. Our aim is to make your renovation budget-friendly.

For Guidelines

Do you know the detailed guideline when you start to excute the project? Many of you may haven’t paid attention to this before. Magazine sites help out people for complete know-how on several things. Guidelines have all the dos and don’ts that will turn out for you great.

For creative ideas 

If you are very much innovative and want to explore more than your imagination, then websites like Renopedia can give you excellent results.

You will come to know how interior designer in Singapore is pulling off the design which was in your mind. You can get some detailed knowledge for this creativity.

For Color scheme

Home Interior design Singapore is known for masterpieces. They are also known for creativity that had already blown minds of so many people.

People have bowled over by architects and color schemes. When it comes to color schemes, then it doesn’t matter you are designing your residence or workplace. These magazines are going to surprise you.

Interesting facts to know about the home renovation in Singapore

People who are living in Singapore need to know about how to deal with home renovation here. However, if you are moved recently, then you need to know some interesting facts for home renovation. This is to get rid of any confusion in your mind.

Expensive Home renovation in Singapore

Well, here average home renovation will take your budget up to $50,000. Whether you go for quality home renovation or just for average, you are going to pay an excessive amount.

Thus, keep this thing in your mind whenever you go for interior design in Singapore. In conclusion, the best interior design in Singapore might be an expensive one.

Double resale amount

The apartment for resale is going to double because of your home renovation. The majority of people are related to this business enjoy benefits. Bigger flats have bigger budgets, and it will make your amount double in the future.

Quick renovation in Singapore

Typically, home renovation in Singapore won’t take much time. This is because home renovation are completed maximum in 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, interior designing is faster in Singapore as compared to other countries.

Experts from Renopedia will give you a detailed timeline for work completion and free pricing quotes.

Right interior design styles

Interior designers in Singapore pay attention to the right interior styles. In Singapore, people rely on a maximum of three interior styles, for instance, Scandinavian, Minimalist & modern. You will have all types of interior designing options. All you need to know what do you want in your apartment for styling.

Hiring An Interior design company in Singapore

Finding a Home Renovation contractor in Singapore becomes more challenging when you have to find a trust-worthy interior design company in Singapore. Moreover, it is this search that makes you freak out.

Renopedia has work with a vast team of interior designers in Singapore who have been providing their assistance to bring out your dream home appearance.

Don’t try these 5 things for your home renovation:

It might be a challenging task for many of you to decide what to do for renovation and what shouldn’t. However, by living in Singapore, you would come to know how to get an excellent result for the home improvement.

Don’t follow traditional home renovation rules

There was a time when people weren’t spending so much on the home renovation in singapore. However, if we do compare with the current era, you would see how much people are extravagant for this.

Thus, we need to make sure that we will not follow the traditional rules.

Take help from Renopedia. This is because we have listed detailed contemporary ideas to spruce up the look of your home.

Don’t fill your walls with wallpapers

Singapore has humid weather. Therefore, you will see discoloration on the wallpapers as well. This is a reason that interior designers don’t allow their clients to use wallpapers. Go for wall paints. This is because we can fill the damaged gaps quickly with this. It won’t be problematic for you.

Don’t be a victim of renovation scam in Singapore

Singapore is the most significant industry known for interiors and architects. However, there is a slight chance that you will find various scammers.

Some of them would show you something else and deliver you the different. Others may charge you the highest amount with hidden charges that you never knew. We don’t want you to put yourself in any trouble.

Go for the right interior design company in Singapore. These renovation companies in Singapore have great feedback on our platform.


Asses these things and find out if it is easy to do renovation in Singapore? If you find some good solutions for the home interior design in Singapore, then your job will become easier.

Furthermore, you will get to know how top interior design companies in singapore deliver excellent results.


Renopedia has been serving so many homeowners for years. In addition, we have also introduced numerous interior design styles. These interior design styles include contemporary interior design, scandinavian interior design or other interior design in Singapore.

Moreover, we shared with homeowners in Singapore tips and tricks. In conclusion, do trust our experts. They won’t disappoint you at all.

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