Great Deal: Lazada’s Whopper Discounts On Home Appliances

Lazada is now featuring some of the best discount deals on many of their products! It also includes home appliances that you can now buy at an affordable price! In this post, we feature some of our favorites to get you started!

1. A healthy lifestyle - Mayer NutriBlend 

Image Source: Lazada.sg

This Mayer NutriBlend is an awesome 1000W 1L Blender. Have you been thinking about starting that heavy fruit-juice diet that celebrities always seem to be raving about? Well, now you can get a head start on that with the Mayer NutriBlend 1000W 1L Blender that is now available on Lazada at a whopping 29% discount! With a one year local seller warranty, you’ll be able to chop, blend and drink your healthy beverages at a superb price! Feel like it’s too much commitment? Worry not; this mixer is for both those who prefer to always be on top of their working lifestyle and those who love to take things easy!



2. Create your own magical beverage 

Image Source: Lazada.sg

Love the taste of Starbucks, but you can’t replicate at home? Have you ever thought to create your own magical and tasteful beverage by this quality Delonghi’s Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Machine that you can buy on Lazada at an awesome 40% discount! With a flexible and practical coffee making system, this Espresso machine features a thermoblock heating system, a fast heating time, an adjustable cappuccino system and many more super accessories! So if you’ve ever wanted to buy your own Espresso machine, now would be the perfect time to get a move on it!



3. Heat your water in style - Philips Daily Collection Kettle

Image Source: Lazada.sg

Electric kettles are an everyday essential that many covet to have in their home. So if you’re tired of manually boiling all that water, it’s time to buy yourself a handy kettle from Lazada. The Philips Daily Collection Kettle is available on the Lazada site with an amazing 44% discount. It consists of a food-grade stainless steel plating, triple protecting against overheating, dry boiling and steam sensors along with a 2 year local guarantee. The timing has never been more perfect to shop for a handy kettle for your homes!



4. Cool your homes at an affordable price - Daikin System 3 Air-conditioner

Image Source: Lazada.sg

Daikin is a world renowned leader of quality home appliances, and now’s the perfect time to get your hands on their System 3 Air-conditioner from Lazada at a whopping 18% discount! Air-conditioners are always a necessity when it comes to beating the hot and humid climate of Singapore, and if you’re on the hunt to buy yourself an affordable yet quality air-con, now’s the time to go for it!


Lazada is offering a lifetime opportunity to shop for all sorts of home appliances and décor deals! If you fancy yourself the perfect homemaker, this is the perfect time for you to take advantage of all the amazing discounts on their products!

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