3 Beautiful Floor Design Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation

Are you planning a home renovation? Are you looking for the best flooring ideas that make your home stand out impressively?

The first thing you should consider for floor designing is the material. Currently, wood, ceramic and porcelain are high in trend. Need a cost-effective idea? Cover your existing floor with a splendid piece of fabric!

Take a look at these stunning floor design ideas for your next home makeover.


1. Wood

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The unique textural character and warm tones of wood lend a natural touch to the home interior. One of the most popular latest trends right now is the distressed aesthetic. This look retains the wear and tear, the finish of paint and can cope with extreme weathers.

But if you prefer a neat and clean look, sand back floorboards and use wax or vanish to finish them. You can also use floor paint to enhance a room or for some creative stencilling.

Alternatively, engineered flooring adds a modern touch to your home interior. For a contemporary Scandinavian appearance, choose wide boards in limed oak or maple.

Fortunately, hardwearing porcelain tiles are also available in styles to mimic distressed wooden boards. These are even more resilient.


2. Ceramic & Porcelain

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If you choose tiles, you enjoy a massive variety of colours, patterns, and styles. Using this vast array of options, you can create any desired effect depending on the theme of your home interior.

Elaborate geometric-patterned flooring, paired with some generous decor of Victorian and Edwardian homes is ideal for adding a Victorian feel.

Experiment with a black and white checkerboard design that has a decorative border. This is for your hall, kitchen, and bathroom.

To pull a more bohemian look, choose Mediterranean-style tiles. The muted shades of colour in these tiles will complement the pared-back beauty of uneven walls and imperfect old houses.

If you are after a cost-effective and original look, think of patchwork with patterned tiles laid down randomly.  It is an excellent way to use stock ends of the tiles and having a flooring design to suit a plain scullery or industrial-style kitchen.


3. Fabric On Flooring

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Carpets, regardless of their design and fabric, add instant comfort and colour to your flooring. Choose a lively pattern to add a character, visual warmth, and personality to your home interior.

For your staircases and corridors, runners in stripes with different widths create a feeling of bigger space. Carpet serves as a great sound insulator also. Thus, these are ideal upstairs bedrooms with creaky floorboards.

Choose large flatweave cotton rugs for a simple, movable solution, while adding warmth and style to your space. These are ideal for different living spaces in open layouts. At the same time, these rugs cleverly add a dash of colour, texture, and pattern to an otherwise plain and uninteresting room, in a cost-effective manner.


Bonus Ideas For Your Flooring

Some other trendy and unique flooring design ideas include stone flooring, plant-fibre floor coverings, and adding affordable, low-maintenance vinyl and linoleum. Concrete also provides a great surface and creates a cutting-edge architectural statement.


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