3 Built-In Essentials For Your Kitchen

A kitchen should be designed not only creatively but with functional and practical purposes. With the right appliances, you can create the marvels of your cooking without any hassle. Be sure to read till the end to find out where you can get these appliances with amazing deals!

Before purchasing the kitchenware for your home, here are the 3 main built-in essentials for your kitchen.

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1. Hobs For The Perfect Meal

A delicious home-cooked meal begins with the right kitchen hob that plays a big part in your food preparation process.

Know Your Hobs

There are 3 main types of hobs to choose from.

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Picking Your Hobs

Looking for more control over the flame for better cooking?

Bosch gas hobs offer precise flame adjustment to independently control the inner and outer flame rings. This lets you easily control your simmering and frying.

Do you own pots and pans of different sizes?

If you do, consider Bosch induction hobs which have an automatic pan recognition that identifies the size of your pan and only heats up the base of the pan instead of the entire zone. This means greater energy efficiency and savings for you.

2. Help With Hoods

Most often overlooked, kitchen hoods are one of the most important kitchen appliances. Hoods are specifically designed to remove excess smoke, steam, grease and fumes while you cook, making sure that your kitchen & the rest of your home smell clean and fresh.

There are 2 types of commonly used Hoods - Slimline Hood and Chimney Hood (60 or 90cm). Generally, 90 cm hoods are the most common size for household.

Slimline Hood: Thin and flat in design with a slide-out section. Ideal for integrating into your kitchen cabinets to look almost invisible.

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Chimney hood: Wall mounted hoods are generally mounted above the hob, on the wall between the wall units. It fits nicely into the line of your kitchen while providing effective ventilation.

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 3. Oven Orientation

Getting the right oven depends on your style of cooking and your preference in the taste and texture of your food. Below are some questions you can ask yourself before purchasing an oven.

What kind of chef are you?

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Prefer not to mess with temperature settings when it comes to roasting?

Bosch ovens equipped with PerfectRoast feature precise sensors that measure and control cooking temperatures.

Wish to take out the guesswork when baking?

Baking perfect bread and pastries typically involves a careful setting of heating modes, temperatures and baking times. Baking enthusiasts can consider a Bosch oven with PerfectBake sensors that measure and regulate the baking process automatically.

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Dislike the hassle of changing oven tray positions when baking?

If you do, you will be delighted by the 4D Hotair technology. You can bake up to 4 different levels simultaneously to achieve the same consistency and results from top to bottom without ever having to change oven tray positions.

Watch this video to find out more about Bosch Series 8 ovens!

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