4 Features Every Homeowner Must Look For In A Ceiling Fan

Living in a hot and humid country like Singapore can be tough if your homes are not equipped with the best fans. In fact, ceiling fans have become such an integral part of the Singaporean culture that there are now fans available in various styles that can complement a number of different interior designs. Let’s look at 4 features every homeowner must look for before purchasing their ideal ceiling fans.


1. Customization

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Have you ever heard of a ‘customizable fan’? We bet not. But such fans do exist and can suit the individual needs of every homeowner to the fullest. You can choose different shapes, sizes and the number of blades in accordance with how much square foot area you need to cover. Usually an enclosed bedroom can be perfectly aired with a 3 bladed fan, but you can go for a 5 bladed one for an open living room or dining area. Moreover, you can even customize the length of the hanging rods for better anchoring and air circulation!


 2. Safety

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When it comes to ceiling fans, safety is of the utmost importance. Most of the times, the ceiling fan is installed smack in the middle of a room, so if it ever falls, there could be a lot of damage. This is why you must ensure that any fan you buy is tested against stringent safety regulations. They must meet all of Singapore’s safety standards, which means minimal shakiness and sturdy installation on the false ceiling (which is an important point of safety as it determines whether the fan will shake vigorously upon installation or not).

 3. Durability

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Imagine if your ceiling fan starts going wonky smack in the middle of an extremely hot day? Sounds like a nightmare, right? Most ceiling fans have minimal warranties and tend to not last for very long, which can be a huge hassle for the homeowner. This is why you should make sure that your ceiling fan comes with a warrantied lifespan of a number of years.

Moreover, the blade of your chosen fan plays an important role and preferably should be made out of polycarbon, which ensures the utmost durability. You should also take note that the ball-bearings of the fan motor should be smooth, which ensures that the motor will last longer!


 4. Practicality

 Image Source: PO Eco Fan

And lastly, the ideal ceiling fan for your home must feature the utmost practicality. It should be energy efficient so you can curb down on your electricity bills. A lightweight fan is also important to avoid lending extra load on to your false ceilings. Typical ceiling fans weigh around 10 kg, so that should set a bar for comparison when you’re out looking for the perfect fan!

PO Eco Fan is one such company that delivers the best of aesthetics and functionality in their wide range of amazing ceiling fans. They’ve got a wide variety of products that can be customized, are incredibly practical, durable and safe! They believe that, “you can’t change your house, but you can choose the fan to suit your interiors/needs.”

Moreover, all of their products are approved by Singapore Safety Standards and offer a 10 year warranty. Their fan blades are made out of polycarbon and can bend up to a 90 degree angle without breaking. The ball bearing motors of their fans are made suing NSK bearing from Japan which ensures that the motor lasts longer. And lastly, PO Eco Fan weighs about 5.6 kg, which is about half the weight of typical ceiling fans.

All of these qualities are definitely what all your dream ceiling fans are made of. You can browse through the PO Eco Fan catalogue to get yourself the best ceiling fans available in Singapore!

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