4 Kitchens That Prove Dark Can Be The Most Stylish Colour

The colour of your kitchen is one of the most critical aspects to consider if you are updating your home. Cabinets and countertops cover a substantial amount of area in kitchen and hold a deal of influence over how your cooking space looks. So you should always try to do something unique with kitchen design, and one of the best ways to do that is to use dark shades in the area.

From flooring design, kitchen countertops to cabinet colours, everything has an impact on your interior design. Whether it's a black, charcoal grey, dark wood or forest green kitchen, darker kitchen colours help to create a sleek and stylish cooking space that everyone will love.

Here are the four kitchen inspirations that portrays how dark hues can transform your space to look more stylish.


1. Charcoal Black Cabinets And Earthy Toned Shelf

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: ExQsite Interior Design

In this stunning kitchen design, the millennial charcoal black cabinets call for compliments. When paired with the wooden backsplash helps warm up a room in many ways. Enhance the style with addition of track lights in ceiling to give it an edgy and modern look.


2. An Effortless Balance Between Glossy Black, Dark Wood, And White

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ideal Design Interior

The dark wood cabinets can turn your kitchen into a home oasis. You can create a perfect balance between this wooden colour and glossy black. How?

The black is used only on the backsplash, while the upper cabinets in white to brighten up the space and give it a nice contrast against the dark wood and black accents.


3. Dark Gray Modern Cabinets

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Project Guru

The dark gray cabinets are perfect for anyone looking to have a simple and clean look for the kitchen. With a white countertop, it gives a nice contrast to the gray to brighten up the interior.


4. Dark Purple And Grayish Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

The dark grayish purple colour looks stylish and works well for your modern kitchen cabinets. In your open kitchen keep the upper as well as lower cabinets dark. You can use glossy touch for the cabinets to help reflect light and make the interior look brighter.

The lighter wooden floor provides a bright accent to the dark kitchen cabinets, creating the ideal ambiance for your home. Take the idea from the above image.


Final Thoughts

As modern decor trends become popular these days, dark kitchens are also on the rise. Dark hues have many functional finishes that can pair easily with any interior theme, and they can turn any kitchen space into an elegant veneer. So, design your kitchen in style with above mention inspirations.

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