4 Things To Do When You Met An Interior Designer

Launching a full-scale home renovation is no small feat. You have to take care of hundreds of small things before renovating a house; finding your aesthetics, pinning furiously on your online Pinterest account, browsing your Instagram for the latest greatest ideas and finally finding the best interior designer for your job.

Meanwhile, the most difficult part begins when you’ve hired an interior designer since you’ll have to collaborate with an actual professional, and it can take a lot of preparation.

So today, we’ll be telling you 5 things you should do when you find an interior designer!



1. Prepare

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Doing some homework prior to the consultation is essential and important as you definitely want you home to look like the picture which you have in your mind.

You have to put some thought into what you actually want your home to look like at the end of the renovation.

Find your ideal aesthetic and try to convey it in the most articulate form. You can search for ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. For all Singapore residents, you can browse through the Renopedia gallery to get a feel for what your actual end-product might look like and even go for our inspiration board for some weekly refreshers. This will give your interior designer a better idea on how to conceptualize the ideal interior design and spaces for you.




2. Time is money, and money is time

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

The most important thing you’ll discuss with your interior designer is going to be your budget, and after that, the estimated timeline of your project. Your consultant will understand what his constraints when you allocate a specific budget. He can then source the best items and contractors, who will give you a great end-product in a limited amount of time. Do not hesitate to discuss BOQ’s and estimates. They’ll keep you from busting both your budget and your timeline.




3. Break out the mood boards

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When the layout and basic designing is underway, you can make yourself more involved in the design process by making mood boards. Mood boards are basically rough collages of design elements and materials that you want in your home. A nice consultation with your designer can clear up a lot of misconceptions when you make your own mood boards.




4. Discuss special requirements

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

You should understand that every household and family have requirements that are specifically customized for them. A family of four might need some extra space for a Zen patio, or a special needs family member might need some extra accommodation with the design. So these are the things that you must tell your designer. Discuss the parameters of that requirement and decide the estimated cost. This will ensure a better, more positive final outcome that will make your life easier.


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