4 Tips for Going Minimal

4 Tips for Going Minimal

You might have come across random videos on your Facebook feed a few times titled; Going Minimal. Well, it seems like minimalism is starting to catch one as a relative trend. Modernism come contemporary may have taken a palatial turn along the way, the socio-economic fabric of today’s society is demanding enough to make you rip your own hair out – so much so that simplicity has been staring to seem like a more pragmatic option these days. Minimalism is not only an ideology, it is a way of life. You either stick to it, or you live the way of the modern. A minimalistic approach to interior design takes its root in the Zen ideology – that is, trying to achieve a true sense of calm. Knowing the difference between hardcore modernism and true minimalism seems like the key objective here, and today we would be discussing a few tips to achieve true minimalism to its fullest.

Let it Go

Elsa from Frozen might have been singing about her inhibitions but her words do ring true – minimalism is all about letting go. This entails not only the physical objectification of this world, but also asks for an uncluttered mind. The physical space becomes a metaphor for our mental stability. The tug of war with our conscience to let go of physical ornamentation is reflected in the interior space – in the end, the more you let go of your choices, the more it reflects in your interior space.

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Clutter is the ‘occupied’ sign of our mind these days. The modern world has so much to offer that sometimes, we lose ourselves in all the physical pleasures. When you go about embracing true minimalism, you are basically letting go of all the clutter that has been hoarding your thoughts back. The space becomes a physical representation of our mind – the more neatly it is compartmentalized, the lesser you have, the more it reflects in your attitude and your surroundings.

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Minimalism, in the end is all about grounding yourself – taking the root core of all your problems, balling them up and throwing them out. It is about centering your chi and the best way to do that is by surrounding yourself in an environ that articulates that concept into a physical space. This is why a minimalistic interior setting uses earthy tones – to ground your mind, as well as ground your ambience.

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They say an empty vessel makes more noise, but in the case of minimalism, it is definitely not true. The emptiness of the space reflects the metaphorical peace of mind. The less choice you have, the freer your mind is. Similarly, the less physical temptation there is, the more you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

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