5 accent lighting design tips and tricks from pros

While ambient lighting is easy enough to accomplish, accent lighting is where homeowners actually get in trouble. Accent lighting is all about embellishment, which is why it needs to be added with a certain oomph that would leave the user totally in awe. If you want to know more about how to accomplish this, then we’re here to share some great tips and tricks from pros below. Let’s take a look:


1. Floor lamps

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The thing about floor lamps is that they’re available in so many different styles and designs that you can literally pair them up with any and all types of interior design themes. Even when it comes to actual lighting, various lamps have individual set ups that allow them to illuminate the surroundings in unusual ways. From the multiple-bulb style to simple shades, there are so many ways you can beautify your interior designs with floor lamps.


2. One statement fixture

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Statement light fixtures are the ultimate go-to when you want to emphasise the beauty of an individual zone in your open floor layout. For example, crystal drop chandeliers tend to become that one cohesive focal point of a large room. Similarly, smaller statement light fixtures like pendent lights and sunburst chandeliers can be hung over dining nooks and breakfast bars to help these spaces make an instant impression!


3. Backlighting in-built furniture

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Backlighting is the accent genre that is carried out when a certain furniture piece feels too dull. It doesn’t really depend on the design, but the placement. When you feel like a certain shelf or table or nook is not carrying its visual weight, you can use backlighting to glam it up. It can even be an inbuilt dresser or a nightstand as well.


4. Functional accent lighting

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Study desks and executive desks need to have a proper lighting temperature for the user to be able to study or work with concentration. Accent lighting is the perfect way to ensure that. A simple strip of recessed lighting under the floating cabinets of your desk unit can help create the perfect working atmosphere while glamming up the space at the same time.


5. Purely decorative

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Accent lighting can also be used for purely decorative purposes. A great example of this is the under-cabinet lighting used in modern kitchens. They don’t really have a functional purpose, but they sure can make the space look absolutely gorgeous!


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