5 affordable décor items that look absolutely luxurious

Going for luxury does not mean that you need to splurge thousands of dollars on small accessories that might not even survive in the long run. Isn’t it just better to opt for affordable decorative items that can still make your interior designs look like a million bucks? There are several things you can choose from, but further we’ll be sharing 5 of our favourites for you to pick from!


1. Ferns in glass mason jars

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

Glass mason jars are totally a born-again interior design accessory. There are some amazing applications of this particular accessory, but none work better than making it the centerpiece of an important table. The transparency of this décor piece looks absolutely luxurious when coupled with the freshness of a small planter stem. Setting it in the middle of your coffee or dining table can definitely help you get a deluxe vibe.


2. Glass hangs and hardware

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

When it comes it kitchen remodels, everything is already so expensive that it can seem a bit much to pick decorative accessories that may bust you budget even more. In such cases, opting for simple and affordable décor solutions is the best course of action. You can search for vintage glass hangs to feature on your countertops, and even display the daily use appliances for a better effect.


3. Ladder shelves

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

Ladder shelves can be found a dime a dozen these days, and have therefore become a top choice accessory to furnish your homes with. The unique design of these shelves evokes an inherently luxurious quality that makes every space look extra special. You can set one of these up in a number of spaces in your home, including the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the bathroom.


4. Chic nightstands

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

Who says you need to have solid wood or metal nightstands to emulate a luxurious quality in your bedrooms? You can pick affordably trendy chic ones and get the same – if not better – results. They don’t usually have lots of storage space, but they make up for it by offering a great aesthetic value. When topped off with the right décor and lighting, such nightstands can be the perfect accessory to spruce up your bedroom interior designs!


5. Clear vases with a leaf

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

This one has become a timeless classic. Everyone has seen those beautiful clear decanters featuring a single, lush green leaf making an instant statement in otherwise minimalistic spaces, right? Well, this is one of the best affordable accessories that you can decorate your interior designs with. They look beautiful, conceptual, and gorgeous at the same time.


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