5 Amazing Design Hacks That Most Of The Professionals Use

It’s always important to educate yourself in the language of design before you take on a renovation. This ensures fluid collaboration with the designer and allows you to communicate on a whole other level. You can also spot some cool design hacks that only professional in the filed know of. So today, we’ve compiled a small crash-course for you to take a look at. These 5 design hacks a go-to of every professional and will definitely come in handy during your renovation!



1. Golden ratio

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The golden ratio is actually a visual check. It ensures that your design is actually balanced on a visual scale. It helps you figure out the proportions of a certain aspect. The golden ratio divides the space into two equal halves. So if you have a large design element on one side of your space, the golden ratio dictates that it be balanced by smaller design objects on the other side.




2. Color wheel examination

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You know the best way to avoid a clashing color scheme that can become an eye sore after execution? Consulting the color wheel before locking it down! The color wheel is a fan-favorite of all professionals. The basic idea is that if you select any primary color scheme from one quadrant of the wheel, it’s most probable contrast lies directly opposite it. This is the rule of ‘complementary colors.’



3. The rule of ‘3’

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You may have seen this design theory in effect a million times but never have put together the thought behind it. The rule of 3 dictates that objects of decoration used in three’s look the best. This is why there are always 3 pendent lights above the dining table, and three bar stools along the breakfast bar and 3 throw pillows on your couch! 3 is the magic number in interior design!




4. Rinse & repeat

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Repeating a certain design element can help the mind harmonize asymmetry better. So whenever you’re creating a gallery wall or going for mismatched pendent lights, always make sure that there are a few repeating shapes throughout your space for your mind to truly feel at ease in a room.



5. The 70-30% rule

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters

The 70%-30% rule is one of the most effective and often used one by professionals. It dictates that you can design an entire space by using 70% of one design style and then balancing it out with 30% of another design style. It’s a great spectrum to have when you’re styling or accessorizing your spaces.

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