5 Amazing Dining Area Design Trends To Follow

You might have noticed that with the passage of time, dining rooms have morphed more into dining spaces than separate rooms of their own. This has gradually happened over time because of the shrinking real estate, which has resulted in smaller homes.

Here’s how the story goes: as the real estate became smaller, the planning of our homes became more open and dispersed. Walls began to give way to open-floor plans and dining room became an intermediary space between the kitchen and living areas. This transition is started a few decades ago, recently the trend has finally caught up. So let’s look at these 5 dining area trends which you can follow.


1. The casual dining space

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The casual dining area consists of a small nook that you can accessorize with mismatched chairs and tables. It’s a great trend to follow, especially if you do not want your space to seem very rigid or formal. You can even decorate any adjoining walls with beautiful decorative shelving and cove lights to give this kind of a dining space and individualistic look.




2. The picnic table style dining nook

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

Picnic tables are an evergreen dining table formation, so why not bring them into your homes? Casual picnic table style dining spaces are unique and trendy. They’re also very minimalist, which means you won’t have to add in additional decorations. Just the picnic table style table would be enough. You can place this set-up in a small nook or even an open patio like space between the living area and kitchen.




3. Café style dining

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Restaurants and cafes are a dominating market. Everybody likes to eat out at least once in a while because of their friendly ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. Now you can imitate such dining spaces in your homes by using similar furniture and décor techniques. You can even set-up a café style menu board in your home dining space.




4. Awesome Breakfast Bars

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Breakfast is truly important because it is our very first meal in a day. It decides the rest of our energy to work or to study. Thus, this stylish breakfast and eat-in bars is a gem! Standing or sitting while enjoying breakfast at home definitely makes you feel energetic for whole day! Meanwhile, you can decorate this space by utilizing somoe attractive furniture and eye-catching color and material palates.




5. The adjoining dining space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead

The most common form of dining space that is trending right now is the adjoining dining area. This kind of a dining area is set up just behind the living room three-seater couch. It acts an intermediate area between the kitchen and living room. It is both space saving, cost-effective and beautiful.

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