5 Amazing Home Designs That Feature Attractive Color Schemes

We’ve all seen some typical interior design color schemes that have become common enough that everyone uses them in their homes. But if you’re going for something different and want a color scheme that is unique and unconventional, then today we will be featuring 5 interior designs that showcase some pretty unusual color schemes.


1. Multi-toned distressed and Paris green

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

This interior design features an amazing but unusual color palate. The distressed wood finishes that take up the whole cabinet space are multi-toned in color and textures while the light trimming of Paris green gives the whole setting a soft edge that looks absolutely gorgeous and distinct.



2. Yellow, oak and beige

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

For all those who appreciate a little tonal diversity in their homes, this one is for you. The use of the wooden tones from the same family but with different textures is a genius idea. The subtle backdrop of clay brown also makes for an interestingly dull backdrop that makes the rest of the color scheme stand out on its own.



3. Traditional black and white

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

You may think that this is the most common interior design color scheme, but it is important to note that very few can pull it off – especially in a small-style HDB setting. However, this living room design features one of the best executions of the traditional black and white color schemes that you’ll ever see.



4. Ivory and chocolate brown

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

Ivory is the shade of white that features a tinge of yellow in the mix. It’s a very complex hue that can be hard to use in an interior design setting. However, the use of dull brown is a great way to leech off the typical retro edge that comes with using too much ivory in one space. The two colors balance each other out in the best possible ways.



5. Slate and white

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Northwest Interior

While white and grey may not be that uncommon of colors, this particular shade and texture of grey is extremely unusual. The way it has been used in contrast with the white gives the whole design a very unconventional edge that looks very attractive within the context of the overall design.

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