5 Amazing Texture Recommendations To Make Your Home Looks Classy

Textures are an absolute essential when you’re trying to translate your color palate into the actual interior design. They give your spaces more character and keeps them from looking too juvenile. But choosing the right texture is an art form of its own. One false move, and your whole space can end up looking positively garish. Therefore, today we are going to share 5 amazing texture recommendations to make your home looks like a whole new level!


1. Marble

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: DreamCreations

The classic elegance of the white Carrera marble texture is definitely something to behold. It features a beautiful aesthetic that brings a little bit of the old-school elegance of the Greek and Roman era into our tiny modern homes. You can use this texture to make your house looks absolutely timeless and beautiful.



2. Textured laminate

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: DreamCreations

Textured laminates are the one of the best go-to materials of the contemporary genre. They are available in many varieties, and are able to emulate any look. They are also comparatively economical, and allow you to play with a lot of visual diversity. However, it is important that you don’t overdo with these textures, and choose combinations that look chic and sophisticated.



3. Wood

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Interior Diary

The naturally comfortable aura of wood is the perfect complement to many other materials. It exudes an organic beauty that can make any surface look exceptional. It is also available in a number of alternative materials choices like laminates and wood plastic composites. These are cheaper than actual hardwood but give off the same effect.



4. Paint

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Interior Diary

The smooth, high quality finish of a nice coat of paint is one of the best textures you can bring your home. Moreover, you get to play with customized patterns and color combinations with this material. A good finish can make your space look absolutely gorgeous without looking over the top even if you’re using more than one or two colors.


5. Accent wall tiles

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

Wall tiles are a gorgeous way to provide some much needed visual as well as tactile texture. They look absolutely stunning when used in small amounts on feature surfaces, so always make sure you keep that moderation in order to capture that attractive aesthetic.

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