5 Amazing Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

You may not realize it yet, but window coverings play a huge role in providing a wholesome aesthetic for your home interior designs. From the retro feel of drapes to the edgy look of the pelmet, window treatments play a huge role in the design of modern homes. So further, we will be sharing 5 window treatment ideas for your new homes.


1. Roller blinds

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D INNOVATIONS

Roller blinds are available in many textures and fabrics. They’re a great modern alternative for curtains. They come with an attached string that allows the user to pull them up and down without any hassle. They’re great for home interiors that are vying for a modern contemporary aesthetic.



2. Gauzy curtains

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D INNOVATIONS

Gauzy curtains are the latest greatest in the renovation fashion. They allow you to filter the sunlight, and you can even top them off with another, more dense layer of curtains to fully block out the sunlight if you want. Curtains work best when you’re trying to emulate the modern classic or neo-classical styles of interior design.



3. Venetian blinds

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Venetian blinds have a very industrial look – they emulate the office aesthetic, but if you know how to work around that, they can also look pretty stunning in a residential setting as well. They’re available in a number of colors and textures, and are easy to operate. You can consult your designer on what kind of a setting they can be most suitable for.



4. Roman blinds

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

Roman blinds are much more textures and soft-hued than roller blinds. They give their relative interior design setting a very homely aura, which is great for when you’re trying to emulate a cozy look in your home interior designs. Roman blinds are also very plain in looks, but they can look absolutely stunning in any modern or contemporary style of interior design.



5. Full-body window shutters

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

Window shutters are usually reserved for home exteriors, but once in a while, you can also use them for interiors as well. A full-body window covering can be hard to manage, but these shutters are the perfect way to do just that in your interior designs.

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