5 bathroom design hacks that’ll make life a little easier

Bathrooms are often overlooked while designing the rest of the home interiors, and tend to come last on the list of priorities for most. And even when it’s time to renovate them, there are some tiny tips that often get ignored in the process. So today we’ll be sharing some bathroom design hacks that are going to make your life a little easier!


1. Multi-tiered shelf

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Bathrooms are one of those spaces that always show the consequences of our sloth. We’ve all mixed clean towels with wet ones, jumbled all of our make-up accessories and messed up our toiletries at one point or another. This is why you need to consider furnishing your bathroom with a multi-tiered shelf where you can keep all of your essentials separately organized in neat little clusters! You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run!


2. Toilet paper bins

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This is one of those ubiquitous things that everyone just forgets in lieu of larger and more pressing matters (such as tile selections, fixture selections and more). Having a proper disposing system in your bathroom is important, or you’ll end up with a mess that is on a whole new level of gross. It may seem obvious, but do not forget to put a nice bin jus beneath your toilet paper roll!


3. A breath of fresh air

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If you’ve got a bathroom that doesn’t have a natural ventilation system, then you need to compensate with a bit of organic intervention. Having a pot of fresh greens (real or fake – whichever one is easier to maintain) is going to give your bathroom a totally refreshing look. In the midst of sleek tiles and fixtures, having something as an ode to nature will soften the edges of your overall bathroom aesthetic as well!


4. Lighting fixtures

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While not all of us can afford proper spa-themed chromatherapy tubs in our bathrooms, we can go for the next best thing: proper accent lighting. It’s no fun using a drably lit bathroom that is all functionality and no flair. You’ll never enjoy your hot shower or a good soak with such a dull ambiance for company. So always go for at least one flashy light fixture in your bathroom for an excellent mood effect!


5. Never underestimate your needs

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We’ve seen many homeowners who overlook their needs and ergonomics in lieu of aesthetics and good visuals. While ambiance is always important, nothing can beat your needs. So always make sure that your vanity sink is easy to use, that you have proper shelving units dedicated for all your essentials, and that you have enough room in the shower to stretch a little!


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