5 Bathroom Design Legends That Are Definitely NOT True

Practical spaces like bathrooms and kitchens can sometimes get more technical than aesthetic-oriented, which leads to the surfacing of so many unique – and untrue – legends that intimidate homeowners. So, if you’re planning on renovating your bathrooms, here are a few mistakes and myths that you simply have to know about:


1. Visuals trump everything else

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The minimalist Society

You see, many homeowners have this idea that the end result of their bathroom interior designs has to be visually superior – even at the cost of functional details. This is not something that you must trust. The truth is, a good bathroom must have the perfect balance of style and practicality in order to be truly useful. Do not compromise your daily use functionality for looks.


2. Remodeling = larger bathroom

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The minimalist Society

The biggest myth about bathroom design out there is that a remodel is going to make your space larger. That’s not true – until and unless you’re dismantling its original walls for an expansion. If that’s not the case, then the size of your bathroom is going to remain the same. You can, however, make it feel spacious by choosing light and reflective surfaces. Do note that this intervention is purely illusory.


3. You don’t need natural ventilation

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The minimalist Society

Natural ventilation refers to those small two-by-two windows (also known as ventilators) that are designed at the back of your bathrooms to let in natural light and air. While artificial ventilation is all well and good, nothing can beat having bacteria killing sunlight and light breezy outside air when the stagnant oxygen of the bathroom has nowhere else to move.

4. Installing overhead bar lights over the vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Visionary Interior

Overhead bar lights over the sink are so old fashioned. If you’re a woman, you’ll understand how the harsh glow from the light can totally disfigure the face with shadows when you look in the mirror while applying make up. These days, softly incandescent recessed lights and sconce-style fixtures on the mirror side are a popular trend in bathroom lighting.


5. Leaving plumbing & sanitation points to plumbers

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Visionary Interior

Here’s a thought for you: a plumbing and sanitation professional is not a designer. They may have experience in the field, but it’s not the right kind. Sometime, they’ll ask you to compromise on small design details and other times they’ll take liberties on their own. Don’t let them do that. Your designer came up with the layout with a vision – don’t let the technical laymen ruin it for you.


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