5 Beautiful Lighting Tips To Make Your Room Looks Super Glamorous

Lighting can be our best asset when we’re trying to change the way a space looks. It doesn’t need many physical renovation works. In fact, most of the time, all you have to do is install a new light fixture – or if you want to go the extra mile, then install a new false ceiling – to evoke a drastic change in the atmosphere of the same space. In this post, we would like to share a few lighting tips you can use to make your room looks super chic and glamarous!


1. The glamour of blue

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In many countries, blue colored street lighting is said to have reduced the crime rate, so no doubt that its effect can be soothing. You can definitely use an understated version of cool, blue light in your interior designs to evoke a calming ambience in your homes. You can even go for recessed lighting in the ceiling or under furniture coves to add a glamorous look to the atmosphere!




2. Creating the atmosphere

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Proper lighting is crucial, especially when you’re looking to enhance your color and material scheme. Many people underestimate the power of mood lighting, which is used to stimulate specific emotions in the user of the space. You can use this to create a properly stimulating ambience in any interior design.




3. Mood Lighting

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Mood lighting is especially set up to create a certain mood or atmosphere in a space. you can use mood lighting to stimulate the appetite, to create a sense of calm, or emulate a sophisticated aura in an interior design.




4. Decorative Lighting

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Decorative lighting can make or break your interior design. It can be carried out conventionally with the help of typical light fixtures of the decorative variety. Or you can use more subtle manner of designing. You can use cove lights in in-built furniture to create understated yet attractive lighting effects that can definitely make any setting loo sophisticated and glamorous.





5. Custom Lighting

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There are many spaces in a home that need to be designed with customized lighting. The bathroom is the perfect example of such a space. Most bathrooms in Singapore are very small, so lighting can make a huge different in the way we perceive that particular space. You can use zero-watt LEDs or even strip lights to create a glamorous effect in the overall bathroom ambience.

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