5 Bedroom Colour Schemes For All Sorts Of Users

Everyone knows that the bedroom is not only the most personal part of a home, but it’s also the most relaxing space. It’s where we sleep, lie down, and enjoy some much needed down-time after a totally hectic day. Therefore, the colour scheme that you select for it can have a lot of impact on how you perceive the space for a long time. Here are 5 bedroom colour schemes for all sorts of users and how they can change your perception of the space:


1. Powder blue

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Blue is one of those colours that is going to remain evergreen no matter what age we live in. Its light pastel version is not only gorgeous, but also an inherently soothing hue. This is why using it in your bedrooms can make for a pretty relaxing ambiance. You can embellish it with contrasting patterns, in-built carpentry, and beautiful lighting to create a truly tranquil atmosphere.


2. For the love of neutral

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The neutral palette is a busy-body that has taken the world by storm and is showing no signs of stopping even now. It’s a trendy colour scheme and there are a lot of ways you can interpret it in your interior designs. It’s also incredibly soothing – the earthy tones of the various hues creates a neat and understated ambiance that can help you enjoy your downtime even more!


3. Multicolour with taste

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If you consider yourself a fun person who loves al sorts of colours and want to emulate a multi-hued palette in your rooms, you better be prepared to emulate some neutral contrast. Bright colours are fun, but they can be too overwhelming when you’re tired or need some rest. So you have to balance them out with whites, beiges, and other relaxing colours for the best effect.


4. Bright whites

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The thing about using a dominant white colour scheme in your interior designs is that it can come off as too stark and cold. This is why you have to balance it out with plush furniture and some understated accent colours like powder blue and grey. You can also emulate warm lighting to achieve this effect as well.


5. For all the pink

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

You might think that pink coloured bedrooms are for princesses and little girls, but it couldn’t farther from the truth. In fact, pink is a totally sophisticated hue and can make your bedrooms look positively glamorous. You just need to pair it with the right furniture, carpentry, and textures to get amazing results.


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