5 Bedroom Design Ideas For Minimalists At Heart

If you’re put off by the idea of an extremely cluttery and overwhelmingly designed bedroom interior, then you’ll definitely appreciate the minimalist look. It’s simple, cozy, and elegant all without the hassle of too much useless décor and accessories. Here are 5 bedroom design ideas that’ll appeal to every minimalist at heart:


1. Just the one statement decor

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Just because you’re going for a minimal look does not mean that you should avoid any and all décor items. In fact, having at least one statement accessory is a total must so that your room can seem lived in. It can be a statement art or it can be a large photo board that is pinned with the memorable photos of your life. You can even decorate it with string fairy lights for a more homely appeal.


2. Have an organization shelf

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Having a typical bookshelf with its cluttered décor and accessories is a huge no-no for a minimalist bedroom design. Instead, you can simply go for an organizational shelf which is laden with baskets and other organizational paraphernalia. The ladder shelf that has been featured in this image is an excellent example of how you can emulate this idea.


3. Optimized storage units

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In order to truly avoid any extra accoutrements in your bedroom interior designs, it’s essential that you make your storage units (such as wardrobes) as optimized as possible. L-shaped wardrobes are very pragmatic – especially when your room is rather small and you need more storage space. You can also utilize the full ceiling height of your bedrooms by not leaving an empty space at the top.


4. Keep everything to-the-point

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If you want to keep your bedrooms very neat and minimal, then you have to be okay with accessorizing to-the-point. For example, if you’ve got a work desk in your room, then everything that is to be displayed on it has to have a functional contribution. Otherwise, it has no place within the room.


5. Create interest with simple materials

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Since you cannot play with a lot of décor for fear of breaking the pact of simplicity, you can make your bedrooms visually dynamic by using simple yet contrasting materials. So, if the floor is a deep cherry wood texture, the desk can be a rich mahogany brown, and so on.


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