5 Bedroom Furnishing Tips To Revamp Your Homes

Layouting the bedroom is quite a challenging task because while many homeowner thrive in making a great blueprint of their overall home, it can be difficult for them to manipulate smaller spaces. The bedroom has the additional set back of only having a few specific pieces of furniture that make up its whole ambiance. Here are 5 furnishing tips to revamp this space with flair and personality:


1. Don’t underestimate bed covers

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The first rule of bedroom furnishing is to keep your bed center stage. Like it or not, it’s the most prominent part of your room and if you try and undermine its importance, you’ll just end up making the space feel awkward. But more than anything else, you have to ensure that the bed covers are luxe and theme appropriate. Mismatching horrifically instead of strategically can mess up your entire bedroom aesthetic.


2. What to conceal?

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There are many aspects of the bedroom that are too personal to be revealed perpetually. These include the wardrobe and the entirety of the closet. While some people prefer an entire walk-in, not many Singaporeans can afford that luxury. So, in such cases, you can make the decorative and ornamental parts of your wardrobe (such as the hand bags and jewelry – maybe even shoes) visible while the clothes remain concealed.


3. Additional seating or not?

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Most secondary (sometime even primary) Singaporean homes are small by design, which means that if you want extra seating, you’ll need to be very strategic with the layout. If your rooms are larger then you can add a whole couch, but if you’re working with a small space, it’s better to stick with regular sized accent chairs and maybe a cluster of beam bags and stools to fulfill this requirement.


4. What’s with the accessorizing?

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The accessorizing of the bedroom is an extremely personal venture. While you can have a few mainstream decorative pieces that are totally abstract, you must stick with things that you actually like and use to make the space feel like your personal haven! So, if you’re a musician, display your instrument collection. If you’re an artist, display your art. If you’re a writer, put your writing on display.


5. Figuring out the feasibility

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At the end of the day, your bedroom is also an extension of your workspace – especially if you prefer working from home. So, if that’s the case then do not hesitate to add a small area next to your bed so that you can get things done with ease.


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