5 Bedroom Renovation Ideas For Every Singapore Home Owner

Are you bored with the décor of your bedroom? Do you want to have a whole new look for this special room in our lives?

Well, bedrooms should not be faded! They are the most important room in our houses where we get a chance to be entirely ourselves. And, the décor and feel of your room should give you a sense of comfort, peace, and happiness.

Here are some proven ways to spruce up the functionality and appearance of your bedroom according to the latest trends.


1. Maximize Storage

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Cott Interior

Are you struggling with clutter in your bedroom and not able to find your watch or face cream in scattered things?

Why don’t you create a separate storage space for everything, so that you can find them seconds?

Maximize the space of your wardrobe by placing everything in their particular space. Storage baskets are one of the most versatile ways to keep things like hats, hair clips, and many more in an organized manner.

Moreover, drawers in your closet will help you manage shoe, daily accessories, and hair styling tools. When wood is a part of your closet, you don't lose as much storage as a stylish interior.


2. Large Window Treatment

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Cott Interior

Large windows can make bedrooms look and feel awesome. During day time, it welcomes more natural light in the room and limits the need for electric lights. Also, it brings fresh air that makes the atmosphere healthy to live.

You can use blind for light in the day and dark in the night. The blinds make your room look more modern and updated. Also, they are well-suited for window treatment.


3. Create The Calmness Of Space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: MMJ Design Loft

Light colours are the best to make bedrooms look bright and breezy. Apart from wall paint, creative wall treatments such as antique lights and wooden panel will add interesting texture to your bedroom design.

Further white bedding and walls spread calmness that will give you inner peace and nice sleep at night.


4. Bring the Outdoors In

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: MMJ Design Loft

Green indoor plants help to purify the air and keep the atmosphere of home fresh from harmful toxins. You can buy any flower plant t put in bedroom, kitchen or dining area. Also, there are low-maintenance plants that thrive in diffused light and are perfect for the dining table or bedrooms.

As in the above image, you can use plants in the same way to decorate your home and to make more fresh space for living.


5. Multi-Functional Wood

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Having a multi-purpose wood in the bedroom will change the entire look of your room. You can use the wood for bed, wall décor, cupboards, and floor.

Wood will help you with space-saving furniture that will maximize the storage space in your bedroom.  The storage bed drawers are easy to use. Also, the top access to wooden storage bed frames allow you to store more things in a better way.


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