5 Bedrooms That Defy Convention

Typical HDB bedroom designs can be found a dime a dozen, but what sets conventional designs apart? What makes then unique and stylish at the same time? The answer is; when a bedroom has even a single element that defies conventional ideas, it is considered to be truly distinct and amazing. So further, we’ll be sharing 5 HDB bedroom ideas that totally defy convention!


1. All for one, one for all

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This particular HDB bedroom is all about breaking tradition. For those who’re looking for open floor plan inspirations and integrated planning ideas, this must be a dream come true. It features a kitchen come bedroom space all in one, and is perfect for those who live in a studio apartment they’d like to renovate!


2. Twin sized

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Having troubles with a big family and a small space? Worry not; here’s an awesome idea for you! You can simply fit in two twin beds in a single room and make it look stylish and cohesive with a centralized media wall. This is going to help you save a lot of space and create a united aesthetic that looks visually appealing as well.


3. Master wardrobe nook

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Master bedrooms usually feature a huge king or queen sized bed, which leaves little room for much else. The best way to tackle this problem is to design a small wardrobe nook away from the mainstream visuals of your room. This helps maintain the original identity of the master bedroom without compromising on the wardrobe space.


4. Platform beds

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The best way to create the best bedroom designs while maintaining the aspect of spaciousness is to go for platform beds. This technique allows you to manage a lot of circulation space while keeping the major furnishings away from the middle of the room. It’s one of the best ideas to implement in a contemporary HDB bedroom.


5. Utilizing headboard

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Utilizing the bed headboard is an excellent way to save space, create a lot of storage and expertly manage the visuals of your room without going overboard with the design. You can create matching themes and embellish with a lot of lighting. This is an excellent technique to create a truly customized bedroom interior.

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