5 Benefits Of A Living Room With Soft Colours

Have you ever thought about using soft colours to design your living room colour scheme? As the most public space in the entire home, the living room has to be a fusion of casual and formal. A soft colour palette can get you the best of both worlds. Still not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of a living rooms with soft colours:


1. Lots of textures to play with

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One of the best benefits of designing a room with soft colours is that you get to play with a lot of textures! You might not have known, but the neutral colour palette consists of a variety of shades that can be interpreted through different materials. From soft coloured laminates to stone textured table-tops and even marble accented media walls, there’s a lot that you can do with it!


2. The best of rope lights

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Rope lights and soft colours make a glamorous combination! The incandescent glow of hidden LED strip lights provide beautiful backlighting to any in-built design element or furniture piece that you want to highlight. Using this technique in your living room with soft colours would definitely add an understated charm and elegant sophistication to the overall ambiance.


3. Eclectic furniture

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Just because you’re using a soft colour palette does not mean that you can’t get creative with your furniture choices. In fact, soft colours give you much more leeway to embrace unique furniture choices! From elegant Scandinavian style sofas to stylish contemporary style dining chairs, you’ll have a lot of choice to pick and choose the things that intrigue you the most!


4. Spaciousness Personified

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Using soft, trendy colour schemes in your living room can make even the most cramped of spaces feel spacious. The light hues reflect the light abundantly throughout the room, which results in the room feeling generously designed. You’ll feel absolutely refreshed while lounging or reclining in this space.


5. Understated contrast opportunities

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Did you know? The contrast between soft colours is absolutely stunning. It’s elegant, chic, and striking at the same time. You’ll love the understated charisma using these colours for contrast will bring to your home interiors.


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