5 Benefits of The Daikin Smile Series Which You Must Know

Speaking of Daikin, we have to admit that this company is a pioneer in delivering only the best products for their clients. Here is why there are a lot of loyalty customers who truly trust the brand for decades. Daikin never disappoints us as we are always amazed by its quality and innovatively excellent home appliances that are fitting with respect to the country’s climatic, economic and cultural context.

In this post, we would like to share this wonderful Daikin 5 Ticks Smiles Series, which are brilliant, user-friendly features all compacted in one mega-package air-conditioning unit. Here are all the qualities of this Daikin Smile Series that you don’t want to miss!


1. Quiet yet powerful

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Daikin products are the best because they work at their most efficient pace without creating unreasonable noises in the background. Same for Daikin Smile Series, making it one of the quietest aircon in the industry at only 19dB(A) which is as soft as the rustling of leaves. Besides, it enables a quick cooling to the entire home with the quietest sound possible. So now everyone can enjoy in a quality cool, quiet and comfortable rooms without any hassle.



2. Smart Control Technology

In the current era where digital innovation is dominating the society, Daikin launches the Daikin Smile Series which features the best of technological invention.


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Now, you can control the Smile Series aircon with your smartphones:

  • Start/stop operations
  • Show outdoor temperature
  • Show/set room temperature
  • Child lock
  • Error notifications
  • Set airflow direction and fan speed
  • Password setting
  • Set operation mode options such as auto/cool/heat/fan/dry
  • Weekly schedule in which you can customize up to 6 desired actions daily (default automatic settings)

This feature requires installation of the D-mobile adapter and additional adapter card (accessory is sold separately). You may find out more information at any Daikin Proshop.



3. Sensory Adjustments

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Daikin Smile Series features infrared sensors that can detect movements in the room; thus, it has the ability to adjust the air-flow direction. Save energy, enjoy excellent cool and cold comfortable environment all at the same time.





4. 3D Air Flow

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Daikin

While conventional air-conditioners only allow for a single direction swing, the Daikin Smile Series aircon is designed to go to the extra mile.  It comes with 2 air-flow programs; a combination of vertical and horizontal auto-swing that distributes the air evenly. In this way, the cool air is widely spread throughout the space.



5. 5 Ticks For The Daikin Smile Series


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Daikin

Do you know that the Daikin Smile Series won the Good Design Award from Japan due to its simple yet effortlessly stylish indoor unit design? It is never too late to know it now, because Daikin Smile Series is pretty awesomely suitable that is dedicated to the layout of homes enhancement.


Let’s look at the benefits of this superior Daikin Smile Series,

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Daikin


  • Superior Performance: Only the Daikin Smile Series aircon is able to boast an enhanced performance that can easily cool up to 5 rooms with a single outdoor unit compressor.
  • Amazing Electricity Savings: This air-con is designed based on the inverter technology, which ensures more energy savings; meanwhile, the inverter compressor has the ability to provide stable cooling temperature.
  • Sleek and Stylish: The simple yet stylish build of the Daikin Smile Series is its best visual asset. It’s subtle enough to fit in any interior design, and has even won the Good Design Award from Japan.
  • Super Flexi-Usage: This Daikin Smile Series is definitely flexible enough to accommodate any future expansion needs or additional indoor units’ installation. You can also reuse the piping for replacement works. Besides, it allows for a smooth and quickly renovation process to daily life of users.
  • HDB Retrofit: The outdoor unit of the Daikin Smile Series is designed specifically for HDB fit size. This makes an easy installation through a limited space.


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Daikin


Frankly, Daikin Smile Series really features several amazingly advanced elements which make it the truly awesome aircon choice! It is definitely worth your time to find out more information; or make a great investment for you and your family – to get a quality aircon for creating better, cooler and comfortable rooms.

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